Posting these for a buddy qq9932079

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Posting these for a buddy qq9932079

Postby gabotheplaya » Thu Nov 07, 2013 9:34 pm


A buddy of mine sent me some replays and since his (her?) forum account is broken, i'm positing these for qq9932079.

also, i can't save replays of my own because i don't have premium membership. :(

Replay #1: ... dd3abc4aaf
Its a version of LP-destruction which focuses on punishing agressive low LP files. It hinges upon 3x shock trooper, 3x ignition, 3x Mizalio SS and enough damage to force cems and trigger SS.

Replay #2: ... c4fc3c05b6
Its a version of the complete file destruction + cem retrieval combo. Its not the most efficient i've seen but its interesting and worth the watch.

Message to me from qq9932079:
<through google translate>
I am sorry, because I can not log in after revision own forum account. So there has been no way to upload data.
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