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Postby Phenoca » Wed Feb 18, 2009 2:57 pm

I'll post my Youtube-video... Once I edit-out my voice-cracks and such.

For today: My Alt has lost her 100th battle!
But not to fear - she also has 25 wins, and a draw (using my "Draw Deck" file).

Wonder what my main has... Oh yeah - my alt is now level 8 : )

Gosh - my main has 25 wins also! That's like... 50 wins total! + 0 draws and 30 losses (on the main).

This month my main is in the top 500, and my Alt is in the top 4000.
And I must upload the video with my suicide-deck. It almost worked...

But I am forgetting something : ) Today Land of Destiny celebrates 10,000 registered users. Huzzah@!!

Wish-List: Instant Revival on my Alt.

My main isn't played much because I am saving up Gran for Set 4.
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