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Re: Priests v True Retear!

Postby Urizen » Sun Aug 01, 2010 9:49 pm

Image No, actually I didn't bring a spare......
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Re: Priests v True Retear!

Postby Pluu » Wed Aug 04, 2010 7:48 am

Clearly the mysterious stranger won at turn 7 and now, does not think why his enemy keeps on playing, in fact, he never thinks such things,
because it just doesnt matter, just like what his units do, in their free time-period, when the enemy is beeing delusional. Nor does he wonder
what he ever did to the cake, that it would never talk to him, no matter how much attention he whores, but ironically, it gives him lots of love,
in the forum, behind his back.
The cake may feel violated, when it should feel loved, it should enjoy! :

But that would now be of secondary priority, because of the most brilliant idea!
.. to make the game ..explode,.. whith a sylph. oh my gawd!
unfortunately then he got scared of what consequences his endeavor would have on the universe.
not that he realised, it might kill all units on his side of the field, leaving a lonely sylph.
No.. it was mankind he was worried about, when he decided to better end the game quickly before sylph would happen.

(at least that's what i thought the situation was about, when i watched the replay)
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