Good ol' Boys guild

Good ol' Boys guild

Postby Korokage » Mon Jul 20, 2009 3:36 pm

So yeah I have this guild. We have no theme, no gimmick, no party hats or clowns (unless you bring them), but we like to have FUN because that is what a GAME is for. And if winning makes it fun, pull out some wins for us!

My guild is small (the only other guy hasn't been on in like FOREVER), but hey we can still have fun. Win or lose, we always stick together. Play how you want, do as you please there are no restrictions to join or to stay. However there is one rule that you must always abide by: never give up. Fighting a less experianced foe? Trounce him. Battling uncertian odds in the face of a superior foe? Make this YOUR Alamo. Suck at Mirage Master? Stop whining and practice, practice, practice.

Anyone is appreciated, mainly because it's just as lonely at the bottom of the totem pole as it is at the top if you don't have guild mates.

I myself want to (and try to be) the teddy bear, if you need help, advice, shoulder to cry on or someone to talk/yell at just PM me. Just don't punch me, I like avoiding pain. >_O

For potential applicants, how ever few or many of you there are, guild is called Good ol' Boys and the password is Disgae.
Disclaimer: I no longer throw Sea Behemoths. Now I throw random units and grims with annoying effects. :3
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