Looking for a guild

Looking for a guild

Postby Shinu » Tue Feb 08, 2011 8:09 am

I don't think I'll get into any guild with my poor stats but wth I'll try anyway.

Level 72 lawtia user(free player) with a 27% win ratio out of 1030ish battles.

I'm bored of the same typical strats like trying to use under par level 3 units to hold out for 3-4 ss cards till I'm able to use dalos. I'm hoping to find a good guild that can enlighten me on how useful Lawtia is because Imo I think MOST of 1-2 stars lawtia units are weak and have little or no synergy to each other. Yeah I know there some units that can be very powerful if they are strictly paired with likewise units but I want to believe there more to lawtia than using lycan or dolls combinations(I find it hard to get the key 2 star units in both builds)
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