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Horizons Ideas

Postby Ropey » Sat Mar 08, 2014 6:28 am

This is in general an answer to a comment made by the creator of Horizons. I am not going to quote it as I urge you all to follow the comments made on the kickstarter.

The fear was that PvP would become a separate game from the single player mode. Also a card fusing system that would make a card stronger by effectively destroying another.

I feel that any fusion outside of singleplayer would be a mistake. The balance is already a nightmare and it would make new players even more distanced.
It could work in singleplayer, but would make the passage from single to PvP more irksome. I feel the crafting is enough.

PvP and single becoming too far apart that they become separate games? Maybe for a few, but there are a few counters to this.

Sign in 1 pull on lotto.

Play 3 games that last 10 turns another pull and a small amount of currency.

5of7's as they stand.

Monthly or Bi monthly tournaments with prizes just for enterantance.

Keep treasure battles maybe give consolation to loser, say 1 star card. Winner gets minimum 2 star.

All the prizes are just off the top of my head. With crafting materials could be added etc. The crafting could draw both modes closer.

For the single player I would have an end of level boss roulette. The prize is not random but appears so.
Prizes would be say small avatar items. Small amounts of gran etc and of course a star item with a very low drop rate. Certain materials could also only be obtained here and vai ser verser with PvP. Again bringing modes closer.

I have lifted these ideas straight from very successful games. I think singleplayer can give much needed respite from PvP. And we all need to test our metal against humans. It would be no great shame if Alteil shifted in a balanced way a little towards the shamefully neglected singleplayer experience. In other games I look forward to new chapters. And It is a great chance to tell the Alteil story, again almost forgotten.

I think the dressable avatars is a great and easily exploitable part of this game. I have seldom seen such customisation.
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Re: Horizons Ideas

Postby Logress » Sun Mar 09, 2014 4:05 pm

When the JP team suggested a focus on single player, card fusing/enhancement and crafting -- trust me, I was first person to be skeptical. (I am not personally a fan of a lot of the more recent Japanese TCGs -- just not my thing) My beleif is that Alteil's future is in more multi-player game types, like maybe stuff like bracket tournaments, 2 out of 3 battles, drafting and hopefully someday battles involving more than two players. Luckily, JP is footing the bill for all the stuff they want.

Now, adding any of these features to our game isn't much of an issue as long as it's just "more game" and doesn't actually hurt anything. Obviously, more single player stuff (an actual AI, single player modules with story and boss battles, etc) is just good stuff. Makes learning the game easier, attracts new users and casual users, gives people an outlet and a break when they need a break from the RP latter, etc.

Crafting is mostly fine, the only downside is that "what if I hate crafting, am I going to be at a disadvantage?" You don't want everyone who's crafting to have so much better card access that it's unfair. JP hasn't delivered their recipes yet, but for what I've seen so far, it will definitely be better than being a player who doesn't like to do the "recycle everything that's not meta, buy, recycle all of that, recycle all of that, etc". And a lot more flexible and fun... Keeping an open mind on this one so far.

Enhancing cards by sacraficing other cards is where my eyebrows raise a bit. Not considering that for anything outside of single player, obviously. And I'm a little skeptical even having it single player only. My worries is basically that we get a bunch of casual players who are brought up by the single player system, and then find it's too different from multiplayer, and never make the transition. Again, no decisions are being made just yet. Although, no matter what - since we have different cards then JP, we would have to create our enhancement blueplrints for all our US cards on our own. Since we probably won't have time for that right away, the feature will go up on the Japan version way ahead of time most likley. On the plus side, we'll get to see how it changes the game ahead of time, and we can make an informed decision.

Again, this is only talking about whether or not we want features that JP is paying to have made anyway, independent of what we're developing for ourselves.

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Re: Horizons Ideas

Postby Callonia » Mon Mar 10, 2014 2:39 am

Well If enhancing a card for single player only, then it's fine. It should be funny to see Swallow scout with stats similar to bringer.... Or Fierte with 20 hp! xD At last the one that's immune to being salamandered instantly. Or I would bring Swallow scout's hp to 30 and her Atk to like 50 and up so that her pinpoint is actually meaningful because it costs 1 sp to use otherwise she'll have to combo with other cards to guarantee a kill and we all know how much falkow loves to destroy combos..

Although I suspect Japan might want to bring it over into pvp as well.
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Re: Horizons Ideas

Postby sunbunman » Thu Mar 13, 2014 3:41 am

Stop giving Refess the alteil equivalent of this

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Re: Horizons Ideas

Postby Callonia » Fri Mar 14, 2014 6:41 pm

sunbunman wrote:Stop giving Refess the alteil equivalent of this


No Sunbunman, I have something better than silly Black Lotus.

Nothing will ever beat this replay, ever. Not even something bad like Black Lotus.

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