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Be Your Own Boss!

Postby Ropey » Mon Mar 24, 2014 2:14 pm

I have been thinking of upping my pledge(If that is even possible?)but nothing really appeals to me. The problem for long term paying players is that they have most of the stuff offered above $95. So I came up with this rather off the wall probably unworkable idea.

For a limited period for X amount of money where X stands for a lot. You are offered the chance to redesign a card! This will be a one off so you can increase the stats and skills of your favourite card. Pay more Xs and the card will feature art suggested or inspired by you.

The card will be vetted and suggestions will be given from whoever knows about these things. A file will also be suggested by someone who is really good at the game to complement your card, and they may give you lessons on using your card. Keep paying those Xs!

Finally, the card will not be allowed in Horizons, can never be passed from your account and may only be played once per week. Winning against any file with such a card will give a very large xp bonus at least. Winning with a special card will gain you no xp and losing may even incur a penalty.

So we have a knock on effect that you will be headhunted outside of Horizons. Thus promoting whatever the mode beyond the core is called?
I do have fears that this unknown mode will be underpopulated , and feel that we will just be seeing a few files played in Horizons.

Ok so this is all a bit tongue in cheek, but how many of you would at least pay for a chance of being Batora for a day?

One other thing I would like to mention is the brilliant work Gabo does on his spoof cards. When you look at them they seem almost
They did inspire me to post this, that and some of the stuff from set 14 which will have to be sorted before we get it.
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