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Postby Jaroz » Mon Nov 24, 2008 7:29 pm

[quote="Peralisc2"]I think tons of players would spend money anyways when the servers get more populated. When a game comes close or at the same level of any other good online multiplayer, it's worth spending some money.

You're making the assumption that, inevitably, the server will become more populated (keyword "When"). Also the assumption is being made that at least some other (preferably most) players will find this game interesting enough to warrant investment.Standard business models dictate that one must bring in new clientele in order to promote continued growth/expansion (assuming present revenue does not greatly outweigh present costs). What would best help evaluate the situation is looking for player growth patterns, especially the amount of players staying in Folrart to continually purchase new cards. Furthermore, that number would need to be contrasted against players who have no longer decided to buy cards anymore (those who have purchased a number of cards, but for whatever reason, have decided to discontinue card spending habits). To bring in new clientele, especially when a "demo-type" version is available, the potential customers have to find incentive to invest. If there is already sufficient growth, then significant alterations are a moot point. If not...

EDIT: It also might be worth noting roughly how much would the average player need to spend per month/quarter/etc. in order to keep Alteil North America in the black or perhaps warrant growth, assuming, of course, that the sufficient has not already been met.
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