Nerf Bringer & Damage Grims, Buff Entire Gowen Sphere

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Re: Nerf Bringer & Damage Grims, Buff Entire Gowen Sphere

Postby angelspawns » Fri Apr 27, 2012 11:56 pm

They have tricks with:

Gowen - damage spam + spherelvls + atk buffs + file destruction + locking +
lawtia - sp drain + cem retrieval/sending + atk buff + closeskills + timing (like nighttime) +
refess - buffing spam + Rng/Atk debuffs + reviving + MHP drain + cem retrieval
falkow - return spam+ Agi manipulation + Grimcount + Fieldshuffle +

All sphere's can be very diverse. I'll just adress a few of their focusses i pointed out.
- Gowens focuss on spherelvls can be seen in many ways in Folrart with a diverse array of cards. Utilized in Rankups, damage output, cards like Blitz/Anaconda/ForestChild/Bringer/Jack/etc. I agree plain damage spam is very prominent and already at the point it's milked out. I do hope they introduce more of its other/new options in later sets. None the less the vast amount of individual cards(be it all for killing) give Gowen a very diverse look.

- Lawtia focuss on SP drain has a wide range of cards to chose from it can even directly decrease spherelvls in multiple ways. From all spheres i thought Lawtia had the biggest diversity in cards used. The tricks and strategies at your disposal with closeskills are wildly varied. Go Lelein/Duchy(AngryMob/Halbert)/Lebeau, Geishard/Shvara, go undeads, etc. Atk buffs can be done WITH multiple cards and ON multiple cards to create different files/strategies. Duchy(Ignia or without)/Dolls(command or without)/Rats/Shvara/etc.

- Refess focuss on buffing gave room to alot of diversity. It can nolonger be called the same strategy, when one focusses on Atk and Agi, while the other raises HP. Many different tribes that all buff eachother in a different way. Shrines are focussed on killing fast with Agi with Atk, Solars on defending and retaliation through Def and Atk, TGC on pure stalling with MHP, Buncles buff on individual qualities (one copies anothers Atk, the other Agi etc). Counterskills enable more strategies besides plain Guardian buffing. (like Stardragon, Kirin or Mammoth).
Debuff/negative status effects also made its way into files as a good part of counterplay strategies. In Carbuncles it becomes almost as important for their survival as buffing. TGC has RNG manipulation and MHP debuff.

- Falkow focuss on Grimcount took a rise with latest Sets. More units with grimbased damageoutput or that send grims back. Even some special effects now based on Grimcount made an appearance (Bernet) Theyve been trying with multiple ExCards but they unfortunatly never seen much play in Folrart. One could say it's still taking shape, and perhaps can evolve beyond the current stapples.
Agi has become like Falkows specialty with many ways to raise and lower it, and even Skills that base its damage on Agi. The amount of influence Falkow can have over this stat became a real strategy to outspeed and kill the oppponent. Fieldshuffle is mostly seen in Mermaids. Attempts been made with also BlackTortoise and EXcards and Grims. Unfortunatly i have yet to see it efficiently utilized.
This sphere must have the most failed attempts at workable units i've ever seen. Diversity is VERY low due to the few amount of viable cards and thus obligatory stapples it has to deal with threats. Efforts are made but just like the Grimcount EXCards many options are just not working or outclassed by these few. Their main strategy, returning a problem, has been the main go-to to deal with (rush related)threats for a loooong time. It's also the easiest to simply 'not have to deal with something' for x-amount of turns. To my understanding the fear of letting this strategy go prevented its other options to fully grow in potential.

There's more then just 1 trick. And there's more to do within each sphere.(i havent even fully evaluated Mid & Big strategies in all this) The diversity and viability of a spheres options are another story in Alteil.
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Re: Nerf Bringer & Damage Grims, Buff Entire Gowen Sphere

Postby GOSCAR » Sat Apr 28, 2012 12:04 am

GonFreeces31 wrote:I'm not butthurt? You guys are just insane. This game has the biggest community of loser players I've ever seen. Fck it im out!

Cool, stay the **** out too.
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Re: Nerf Bringer & Damage Grims, Buff Entire Gowen Sphere

Postby angelspawns » Sat Apr 28, 2012 12:07 am

Great, my big wall of text for nothing... Well, atleast i can't be blamed for not ATTEMPTING to have a real conversation in this madness. ;)
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Re: Nerf Bringer & Damage Grims, Buff Entire Gowen Sphere

Postby Icyglare » Sat Apr 28, 2012 12:49 am

I feel kinda bad, I dragged Gon into this right around when I left hoping the topics will die out
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Re: Nerf Bringer & Damage Grims, Buff Entire Gowen Sphere

Postby smallfish » Sat Apr 28, 2012 1:19 am

The problem is that in all the set, all sphere only focus on the set even and even, as the file space is only 25 cards...if i insert all 3 in the file, 9 sets will be the maximum number.
A standard big gowen: 3 bringer, 3 alliend, 3 bof, 3 file arrow, 3 roar, 3 sakura and other cards...
While every set you get a new damage card, you either switch out the old, less useful card or just ignore they serve for the same purpose.
Say dragon breath, fireball breath...

They are just quite similar.

Falkow return series:
Tidalwave, return, wrath of sea lord, disjunction, withdraw starg., cyclone, waterspount, wizard's gale (Total 8 of them in 10 set, similar to have at least 1 in each set)

and i think one day, there may be a grim that will return target lv 6 unit or below and is a lv 6 falkow grim...(don't let me get right please...)

The Development Team must know which sphere can have or must not have:
For example, Lawita will never has a unit that gen. SP without sac. itself
Falkow never get revive falkow unit grim, etc

There should be some cards that have cross-sphere function:
For example, aurora(refess like), gen. SP series, wrath of cons.(lawita-like), though actually they share one similarity, and tempest(gowen-like) hurts both side. (Though, they are not too efficient usually.)

While i think refess can be the trade of all jack sphere where it gets all the choices, but it is not efficient than other sphere...however, when you battle refess, you need to risk yourself as you don't like what the refess 's player will pack in his file.
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Re: Nerf Bringer & Damage Grims, Buff Entire Gowen Sphere

Postby Callonia » Sat Apr 28, 2012 3:04 am

Ethikx wrote:
Callonia wrote:I thought i already typed this but guess not.

Gon seems to be butthurt that return mechanics still generate too much controversy compared to other sphere's tactics because generally, that's what the majority of people like.

You have it in the nerf shade thread.

And I thought Gon was respectable with his How to play falkow thread.
Oh well.

Ahh thanks. both threads was bit too similar so i got it mixed up.
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Re: Nerf Bringer & Damage Grims, Buff Entire Gowen Sphere

Postby hexagram » Sat Apr 28, 2012 6:18 am

Come on -don't you think bringer has been nerfed enough. It is being overshadowed now by cards like dilate and probably future op cards too

Plus damage grims are a permanent loss of sp and are totally countered by healing or grim bane or even cemetery retrival.

Anyway that is just my opinion

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Re: Nerf Bringer & Damage Grims, Buff Entire Gowen Sphere

Postby Muklas » Sat Apr 28, 2012 7:09 am

Oh how the mighty have fallen. You used to be so cool Gon, but nowadays you ain't any better than the average 4chan shitposter.
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Re: Nerf Bringer & Damage Grims, Buff Entire Gowen Sphere

Postby GonFreeces31 » Tue May 01, 2012 2:39 pm

Problem is, this community sucks. It used to be so much more fun back in like sets 6-8 or so, then it just turned to ****. You see the complete absence of anything interesting in annarose sanctum? Yeah....

All most forum posters do is just whine and never do anything constructive. Spawn is at least trying these days to be constructive, but when you got people like fargone constantly creating sephied holes it's hard. At least I made a lot of guides and such that actually help people.
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Re: Nerf Bringer & Damage Grims, Buff Entire Gowen Sphere

Postby Ethikx » Tue May 01, 2012 5:46 pm

GonFreeces31 wrote: At least I made a lot of guides and such that actually help people.

Hence the disappointment in the recent troll threads.
And it's hard to come up with new ideas with so few sets a year.
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