Cath's DF buff makes Falkow like Refess

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Re: Cath's DF buff makes Falkow like Refess

Postby angelspawns » Sun Jul 29, 2012 11:46 am

Kittuns wrote:As for set 7, here's the thing--Gowen > Refess with individual tanking. Refess > Gowen when it comes to team play. But players start off with 0 units apiece, so low critter counts favor Gowen. High critter counts favor Refess. There was nothing wrong with that, and didn't concern me.

Refess shines most when it can set up an entire synergistic team. Good metas don't let their opponents set up a whole field. If you could set up a snowball despite an opponent's best efforts, that's what you call imbalance.

I agree, untill it takes 3+ critters to achieve simulair results of 1 Gowen critter. Untill that critter gets the best tanking properties of the Refess sphere, and spends 0SP to do it.
- 70HP tank, Fullheal, 60(30x2) collumn damage = Lvl3 Rhino. Rhino killed anything Refess from T3 on.
The amount of SP and Turns Refess would invests to achieve simulair results.
- 65HP/5Def tank, Fullheal, 25~45ish collumn damage = Lvl3 EliteAcolyte, Lvl2 Mayleen(/Safiria), Lvl3 Spearmen(/Lv2Shrine) [2SP] Lancer.

I understand if you don't like Refess tanking strategy, but it's part of the game and one of Refess's main expertise. As such it has every right to be on equal ground. Instead it was the underdog on its own territory.
Imagine if Gowen gets an improved Diondora, or Lawtia getting Antilla SP gen. Rhino felt like an insult to Refess, FolrartHammer with 1 less statpoint the middlefinger.
As for DEFS, it was quite beatable with pegasus kingdom, and Gowen Fierte. 60 HP elite, 30/30, 80-100 HP serpent and all.

And once again, games should be balanced around best play (or if you want, Spikes). At least card games that don't require hours of execution practice.

It makes Folrart a place of rock>paper>sissors where only 5% of the cards see play. It's completely catered to the Elite and brings no entertainment for anyone else. As a Johnny or Timmy i wouldn't play it.

Games should be balanced around the best play, and the best play most favorable matchups should be around 5.5/4.5. Isn't that right DG?
Even if this number can't be clearly measured in Alteil, you get a pretty good idea when it's out of wack. When DEFS is getting such high RP and winstreaks it's safe to say you're looking at something unbalanced.

Perhaps it's in your Spike nature to want 9/1. But you know better at heart.
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