New Pricing Model?

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New Pricing Model?

Postby wakka9ca » Thu Oct 18, 2012 12:22 am

Since Alteil is nearly back, it's about time to discuss some adjustment in the pricing model...

As it is right now, the pricing of Alteil cards are way higher than that of other paper real TCG. The fact that cards are not tradeable on Alteil should technically make the cards much cheaper to buy instead of more expensive. Since they are virtual cards, the pricing and the near-impossibility of getting the cards you want puts off many players. These suggestions are in no way demands, but merely a listing of "what if" and see how the overall playerbase react to those ideas. Please note that these ideas are not originally from me. They have been circulating around for a long time. I am pretty sure if the thread was not lost during the numerous server transfers, someone can fish an old thread out about the same topic.

1) Pricing of the individual packs:

The pricing of the individual packs should be reduced by 25-30% at least. For example, MTG allows you to obtain 15 cards with 1 guaranteed rare for about 3.5$ on average. Thus, by this logic, the pack should be reduced to 120g or even better: 100g. The rarity content and recycle value of the pack should also improve.

Other options if the price is not decreasing: increasing recycle value
2x 100/0/0/0/0 (1/2/3/4/5 star probability) = 2*5 = 10g recycle
1x 50/50/0/0 = 0.5*5+0.5*10 = 7.5g recycle
1x 0/100/0/0/0 = 10g recycle
1x 0/45/45/5/5 = 40.5g recycle
Total recycle = 68g or 45%

-New packs that increase the number of cards per pack from 5 to 7, with possibly increased pricing, etc.

2) Principle of guaranteed recycle value

The recycle value of any shop item should ideally be at least 33% of its price. For good promotion (semi-monthly or weekly specials for better rates in different sets), the recycle rate of packs should be 50%.

3) Increased rate in set boxes + point cards

-Guaranteed 1 5* in regular box
-Guaranteed 2 5* in gold box with chances for 3-4
-15 point cards in regular box
-30 point cards in gold box

4) Cheaper precon files

-Starter with 0 recycle value should be buyable: at 150g
-Starter with normal card: 500g
-Pre-constructed files: 1000g
-New Starter to reflect new metagame

5) Better tournament prizes

-Boxes for winner at least, in addition to tons of point cards (enough for a playset of 5*)

6) Coming Soon

Some of the other suggestions from the past:

-Increase the recycle value of cards

Any suggestions? I have to edit this post as more ideas emerge.
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Re: New Pricing Model?

Postby methebest » Thu Oct 18, 2012 1:57 am

6 1*s, 6 2*s, 2 3*s and a 4* that has a small chance of being a 5* for 350-400 gran.

or 4 1*s, 4 2*s, and 2 3*s one of which as a small chance of being a 4 or 5 for 250ish gran.

or something
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