How would a 2v2 look like?

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Re: How would a 2v2 look like?

Postby VertuHonagan » Sat Nov 03, 2012 2:44 am

I would think a 2v2 would be really enjoyable and I think it should all be played on the same field but twice the size. This way lets say you and your partner are using Gowen and Falkow spheres respecfully. The only using Falkow could play Addition and get the boost for her action skill from all of that players partners Gowen cards. I would also think that it would be played the same was as 1 v 1 except now you have twice the units on field at once and a bigger field. It could create some really unique combos. I think sphere points could be shared as well. That would make it interesting though I could see that being a bit of a problem.
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