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Postby VertuHonagan » Fri Nov 02, 2012 7:36 am

I was thinking that with new starters coming out we should sell the starters in the shop. Selling both the new and the old ones as pre-built files. These starter files would sell for 150 gran each and would have the normal recycle value for all the cards. Doing this I would also like to see a few more tutorials added in that will add up to 150 gran. This way a new player will gain 450 gran from tutorials and will be able to buy each of the starters. New players will be able to easily test out all of the starter cards/files and be able to find out which sphere/file they prefer playing the most, without having to make 4 different accounts to try out every starter file. Also as starters get updated you could raise the price of the starters to 250 gran when they become old starters. To discourage new players from buying them until they are ready to start building up their collections and they have tried out all the current starters to see which ones they like the most.

My ideas on possible new tutorials would be:

-Tips on file building and how to go about doing so.
- A tip on combos and how cards can work together.
- Also tips on timing soul skills to happen when you want them to rather than always reviving your units.
- Tips on how to use grimoires
- Tips on multi-sphere cards and how to play them.
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