Compare "hero strike's"&"Split second decision",Its unfair!!

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Re: Compare "hero strike's"&"Split second decision",Its unfa

Postby Callonia » Tue Dec 18, 2012 5:20 pm

For me, Split second decision was more of, torture those overpowered unnerfed pixy decks back in the day with my death dragon deck. After successfully bringing death dragon up from cemetery to dodge their sissy pixy archers then have it nomnom on the full field of overpowered pixies chicken nuggets and then Anticipate an RFA and Assassin ss and use split second decision to murder mitzett or torte if it snowballed and dodge the rfa/assassin. They tend to ragequit after this grimiore.

And well, You can always use limier to unlock access to split second decison lol.
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