nvm - they alrdy work on sumething simulair

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nvm - they alrdy work on sumething simulair

Postby angelspawns » Fri May 10, 2013 3:03 pm

Player Event Generator:

1) Select wincondition. (example: "Beat me this week / Beat me within 10 turns / ??")
2) Select x-amount of prizes. (Chose the cards from your collection)
3) Select duration & prize distribution. (example: "Random x-winners at end of event / First x-winners / ??")
4) Insert description. (this text pops up when people enter your matchup)

-- optional --
5) Select cute / cool character that pops up along with the text.
6) Select Battlefield Background. (Chose one of the special Event backgrounds)

Nvm, heard something simulair is actually on top of the priority list alrdy. Alteil's future is starting to look promising to me. :)
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