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Postby Multi » Fri Jul 24, 2009 7:16 pm

Well, I don't mean to undermine my own suggestions, and you're right about things too. Not everything can be measured by direct correlations. However, such a drastic change is, you know, very big. I haven't been around for that long so I don't know how many player suggestions to actual in game stuff has been taken into consideration and implemented, my guess would be practically zero. I don't mean something like, adding in the point card shop rather than having it done manually or card errata, but actual pricing changes to anything gran or FM related or reward amount changes from MM or matches.

From reading the ex card threads asking for older cards to be put up for resale, my opinion is that 1. the staff aren't in a position to make such decisions easily and 2. won't seriously consider anything we suggest because "it works in japan."

I'm not trying to insult the staff in any way, and I can understand their feelings too. The effects of changing something aren't always readily apparent and if you make a bad decision it's really quite dangerous. I think the thinking that "it works in japan" is a bad one since your target audience is fundamentally different though, but it's not hard to see why one would stick to that reasoning.

I think it'd be pretty awesome if they could create a mock mirror server however, for say, like a month using the suggested point card prices. They could use the data from spending habits and such to see what trends would be like, then get written feedback from users on how this might change their spending habits. I dunno how difficult it would be for them to put up a mirror test server, but i can't imagine it'd be too terribly difficult considering how small our playerbase is in the first place. Information is power afterall.

It's actually my opinion that if someone could purchase 1 or 2 3*'s for instance, they'd probably run out of point card at this point and would be MORE likely to try to buy packs for the last one than if they had 0 of such card and then suddenly got that card they wanted from a pack or lottery, and THEN had to save up for the final card in their set. FM and point cards aren't attainable so readily, I honestly don't think it could be abused to get sets of three 3+* , cards. I guess the biggest problem would be if you could actually save say, 30 point cards, you could complete 10 sets of 1*'s or 5 sets of 2*'s instead of just getting one 4*. I don't know how many point cards people have though. Outside of winners of events, I'd imagine people have quit a low number of point cards earned through FM.
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