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Re: My Argument to Improve Alteil

Postby Gota » Fri Sep 18, 2009 8:41 pm

Please for the love of god, implement it @_@

Basically its like this X.

I play lotto

Lotto has a certain percentage to get a 5 star, for example sakes, its 0.1%.
And once I click that lotto button, the lotto determines that I have hit the jackpot and landed in that 0.1% and is about to award me a 5 star card.
As that happens, the lotto then will search through my card pool and determines which 5 stars I already have 3x of.
Then it will EXCLUDE it from its temporary award pool of all 5 stars, (All 5 stars currently released minus the 5 stars I have 3x copies of)
Then the lotto will do yet another lotto within that new 'temporary pool' of cards and determines which 5 star(that I do not have 3x of) I will receive.

Basically the buying system in Alteil is a lottery within a lottery.
THAT is why its SO hard to get a card you NEED to complete card sets.

But if this was implemented, it will help people complete holes in their collections by A LOT
Logress wrote:Gota: I just looked at your lottery logs... I officially declare you the most unlucky man on earth.
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Re: My Argument to Improve Alteil

Postby odanobunaga » Thu Sep 24, 2009 9:42 pm

People quit because the arenas are unbalanced
The arenas are unbalanced because there not many people
There aren't many people because people quit...

That's tough...
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