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Forum Reorder

Postby kitsunekit » Sun Oct 11, 2009 3:01 pm

I see a lot of forums with less than 20 topics. Any chance these can be merged, or more categories can be made. The "cute names" are irritating enough when I try to figure out which forum to go to (really the names just make it so I just scroll down reading those descriptions, which are rather wordy).

I mean, when it comes to forums we aren't really getting too poetic in 99% of our posts. Why are the forums "form over function" so to speak (i.e. "flavorful and fanciful names instead of easy to find names")?

Some of these "cute" names don't even seem to make sense. For example:
Why is Crest Courtyard called "Crest Courtyard"? If I'm writing a roleplaying post that takes place in the crest courtyard should I post it there? No; that's the events and news forum. But if its the events and news forum, why is it given a name like "Crest Courtyard"? A courtyard is commonly used for heat or to open up the circulation of a specific building, not for news. "Town Square" might make some sense.

Zugateroza's Crypt is another perfect example of an odd name. Are you trying to say other card games should be dead with Alteil out there? That's the only conclusion I can come too.

But the art forum, story writing forum and video forum should probably be combined or set in their own category. Its been 1-2 years and there's only a combined total of 45 posts in each. I don't think it worth the extra cluttering and they are pretty much the same forum ("Creative Works"/"Media").

14 Forums in the same category is a bit much when the site only has 24 forums...
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Re: Forum Reorder

Postby Romdeau » Sun Oct 11, 2009 3:47 pm

I really don't understand your angst. It's pretty easy to navigate after a couple weeks of visiting-DWild even arranged them so that the more popular ones are closer to the top.
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