Iczer attack cost 0 against empty field

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Re: Iczer attack cost 0 against empty field

Postby luckysvn777 » Fri Dec 04, 2009 7:45 pm

If the opponent plays anti-rush SS, then they will likely be 1-2 Lp at best, and

Most big files that leave the field open play sphere raising SS and then 2-3 LP instead, so SS are usually not a big worry.

Also, for the record, besides maybe Primclone, which is almost universally regarded as OP and probably the only balance issue in the game, there is no "X SP, i auto win with some grim combo" in the game. Seriously. There isn't.

And even if there was, there are tons of ways around that as well.
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Re: Iczer attack cost 0 against empty field

Postby Multi » Fri Dec 04, 2009 7:55 pm

Demongod wrote:The idea that all players have this SP wall IMO really hinders strategy more than helps it. Because then you have strategies that abuse this.

Would it literally be so much to ask that a defending player drop ONE cheap critter, just to keep IA at 1 SP for his opponent, and pay 1 SP for two more turns to keep it that way?

Considering that by punching away at your opponent's LP, you already trigger some of his or her SSs (and if your opponent is building his or her deck around the fact that "I'm going to get rushed, get hit, and then win later with some I-win-unless-I-get-rushed-out combo-except-I-have-anti-rush-SSs"), that's a massive advantage.

The 1 SP iczer attack under all conditions simply removes player interaction.

"Tick tock if I get to X SP, I auto-win with some grim combo"

In the meantime, the rushing player has to deal with all kinds of probably hideous SSs (Scylla, assassin, who knows what else)

This seems a completely one-dimensional deal.

Please learn how to play alteil.
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