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Postby Eladin » Mon Dec 14, 2009 10:59 pm

luckysvn777 wrote:What happens when you have all the 1 and 2*'s then

Actually a while back, such a lotto system was tossed around.. i think its still being considered by the GM's, with that issue being the biggest one.

yeah. haven't heard anything about it for a while either, but that doesn't make it a dead idea. they seemed pretty happy with the overall idea, but we all know they're part of a bigger equation. patience and whatnot.

...who needs to collect thoughts for mirage master? unless you guys are playing on expert level or something...
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Re: More suggestions

Postby Callonia » Mon Dec 21, 2009 7:11 am

Demongod wrote:Another one I just thought of:

Replace (or augment) the MM with the NPC arena. The amount of gran you receive from this would be equivalent to the level of the NPC you just whacked.

Not sure if this should be one-time-per-day only, or uncapped, so that you could keep getting up to 30 gran from the level 30 NPC. (Don't think that'd sit well with many of you).

Also, another suggestion: remove the timer from MM. The turn limit already is the massive factor here, but the timer simply doesn't let people collect their thoughts at all.

How can Alteil make money from this?

Yeah, how?
I'd even farm the npcs for gran.
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