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Idea for a contest

Postby thebattousai » Sun Jan 10, 2010 10:30 am

I just thought of a good idea for a contest that would most likely draw quite a few people into the arenas for a while. There should be a contest called 300/30. The contest would be a variation of the 5 of 7, but draw much more people into the arenas for a longer period of time. Instead of the normal week long contest, this would last for an entire month and you would have to play an average of 10 games per day past round 10. I would propose that it not look at each individual day though since the contest would last so long. In other words, sometimes stuff comes up in the realworld that might prevent you from playing 10 games on a particular day, so you should be allowed to make those games up on other days within the month of the contest.

Now, here's my ideas on the prizes, and this will definitely draw people in to play the contest. I propose that winners are randomly selected from those who played the 300 games and should include 1x Grand Prize, 3x 1st Prize, 5x 2nd Prize, 10x 3rd Prize, 15x 4th Prize, 20x 5th Prize, and everybody else gets a consolation prize. If you do the math there will be a total of 54 prize winners, so people wont be able to dismiss the contest by saying thats alot of work for such a small chance to win a real prize. Now the actual prizes will be as follows:
Grand Prize = one set (3x) of every current card in the game (yeah, thats right!)
1st Prize = one set of a rarity 5 of your choice
2nd Prize = one set of a rarity 4 of your choice
3rd Prize = one set of a rarity 3 of your choice
4th prize = two sets of a rarity 2 of your choice
5th prize = three sets of a rarity 1 of your choice
Consolation prize = 10 point cards

I don't think the prizes are unreasonable. So, lets not have jokes posted saying, "why not give one set of every card as a consolation prize." I believe that contests similar to this will produce the desired results of filling the arenas and making the game more enjoyable to all.
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Re: Idea for a contest

Postby Soiyeruda » Sun Jan 10, 2010 5:31 pm

Imo, 10 games a day is a bit much. On average, a game will probably last 10-30 minutes, so to get the average number of battles for each day, you could be looking at 1.4 hours to 5 hours. (?!) Even just for this week, I've only fought 58 battles (about 15% of which don't qualify, because they're under 10 turns long), and am only expecting to play another 3 more before the weekly ranking show up. Sure, that's what my weekends could be used for, but there's other stuff I could be doing too.

One game a day would probably be fine, but you only need to play about 24 of those days in a month or something, so as to give people who have to miss out for a week or so a chance.
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Re: Idea for a contest

Postby thebattousai » Fri Jan 15, 2010 10:04 am

I know that is a lot of games to play in a month, but the point of the contest is to fill the arena's. And with the prizes I mentioned I believe that is incentive enough for a lot of people. 1.5 - 2 hours a day isn't that bad. I easily put that in right now on Modern Warfare 2 for the PS3 (and that's with a full time job that requires overtime, a wife, and 19 month old child), so I could just shift that time over to Alteil instead. And as I mentioned in the original post, you could make up for any days that you didn't have time to play by playing extra on the weekends. I easily put 8-12 hours in on Modern Warfare 2 on the weekends. With prizes this high, the contest has to require a bit of work on the players part. Can some others please weigh in their opinion on this, so I can know whether this is really that crazy of an idea. I would even enjoy some input from a GM.
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