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non card related suggestions.

Postby Spears » Fri Jan 15, 2010 12:11 pm

Figured theres a few things that would be nice additions to the alteil client and wondered if anybdy else had any.

Sound persistence between tabs, just so that if i turn the sound of in mirage master it stays off when switching to the shop... yes i'l be honest this is so i dont get busted playing games in the office...

Treasure battle icon. It would be nice to have something show that its a tb throughout the match, i find that il hit the battle button change windows and then have no idea that its a treasure battle when i switch back.

the give up button! if i wanna ragequit whilst being pummeled in the face by a lvl one then please let me just do it instead of having to repeatedly click the button whilst attemptin to then hit the okay button before it dissapears. pretty please.

i know theyre hardly major issues and i dont know how difficult theyd be to implement but itd certainly be nice.
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