Belus Soul Skill

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Re: Belus Soul Skill

Postby Porky » Thu Jan 21, 2010 3:44 am

Belus is a 4 star rare, furthermore you can't draw the comparison between moonlight and inquis raid leader as they have the same effect whilst belus and distrier/asuet souls are opposite effects. All the opposite effects have been reasonably comparible so far such as 40dmg send a card to cem, 40 dmg return a card from cem.
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Re: Belus Soul Skill

Postby gouen » Thu Jan 21, 2010 5:43 am

I also wonder Why Godlance/Estoma has no soul skill.
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Re: Belus Soul Skill

Postby Artist » Thu Jan 21, 2010 12:10 pm

Or Yuni, which is a 1 LP 4 star who doesn't have ss lol.

And also comparing belus ss to zalzagul ss, it seems only fair that belus gets targeting tbh.
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Re: Belus Soul Skill

Postby RivalIczer » Fri Jan 22, 2010 1:05 pm

For the same reason there are a slew of 2 LP cards with no Soul Skills at all:

Units aren't equal when it comes to Soul Skills, that's all there is to it.
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Re: Belus Soul Skill

Postby Pancakes » Fri Jan 22, 2010 11:23 pm

SP drain is stronger than SP gain particularly vs low rarity players. You have the potential to completely lock them out of all their options while also being able to produce SP of your own using other methods. Making Belus SS random is a good idea if you ask me. Obviously if you are doing a SP drain deck you will be wanting to remove their units as well. THe two of those things together would completely transform what high rarity players do to low rarities and it wouldn't be pretty for noobs. No not at all.
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Re: Belus Soul Skill

Postby Peralisc2 » Sat Jan 23, 2010 12:30 am

SP generating isn't fixed to rarity. The SP generating cards are mostly low rarity.

The only disclaimer for belus SS is that they simply don't care that much of SS balance between eachother, just check Orphen.
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