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Reworking unused cards into decks

Postby LoneKnight » Tue Jan 26, 2010 12:57 am

Okay, the idea of this here topic is pretty simple. You grab a bunch of cards (preferably older ones, from set 4 and before), stare at them hard, and then make changes to their abilities (keeping in line with the intention of the original) that makes them into a "theme" deck that you feel could have a place in the game.

The fewer/slighter the changes the better (and also the harder). Don't sweat on balance/numbers, they are not important, it's the idea which counts.


As for the usefulness of the topic, well... people have been asking for buffs to many old cards that are basically left collecting cyberdust, very, very rarely seeing any actual play (maybe except for the odd SS) nowadays. Even if none of the changes go through (which I expect... haven't got any delusions on the matter really :P), ability ideas could be used if the dev team find themselves short on ideas for some reason for EX packs or something. For the record, I know that there may be future cards which turn everything upside down, but hey, now's now, then's then. Whoknows what the future holds. Live for the now. Carpe diem etc...

I'd like to kindly ask the mods to please don't merge this topic with the nerfs/buffs thread, if possible. It has a different purpose and is more of a creative outlet than an attempt for balance anyway.

Finally, just to make this organized. A post should look something like this:

*Name of the deck type here*

Deck description:*desc here*<- the idea for the deck. Keep it short.

Core cards of the deck:*cards here*<-cards that are the core of the deck
Alt cards:*cards here*<-cards that are possible to be included

List of important changes to cards:*cards here* <- Changed existing cards that would enable the deck to function
List of semi-important changes:*cards here* <- Changed existing cards that would enable the deck to function better
List of unimportant changes:*cards here* <- extra "would be cool" stuff. Changes to existing units that would make them fit into the deck as optional choices.

Changed cards:
[url]*card name 1 with link to original*[/url]

Original:*description of original card/possible uses unchanged*

Changes:"*from*->*to*"<- try to be exact, don't be afraid to use numbers. Bold out the changes.

Comments:*explain changes here* <- go nuts. But not too nuts. Try to keep it short (especially if there are many cards that changed), explain why the change would make the deck suddenly "click" and work.

*card name 2*

*closing words*

So something like that. Here's an example, to get the topic started:
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Re: Reworking unused cards into decks

Postby LoneKnight » Tue Jan 26, 2010 1:08 am

((I have separated this for the looks of it. I hope this counts as a good reason for doubleposting :P))

Azure Beastmaster/Falkow Monsters

Deck description:The deck is basically a collection of the falkow monsters led by the new and improved Beastmaster. The core is made up by the sea monsters, though the fliers can have a support role. As a quick search can tell you, Falkow sea monsters are big, strong, and slooooow and dumb as hell (with the exception of serpent and frog).

This is very NOT a leviathan deck, though with some changes to the big L, he could be included.

Core cards of the deck:Azure Beastmaster, Sea Hunter, Deep Squid, Sea Claw, Giant Ancient Tortoise, Enormous Frog, Sea Serpent
Alt cards: Leviathan, Harpy, Silvern Wing, Roc + usual falkow grims

List of important changes to cards:Azure Beastmaster
List of semi-important changes:Deep Squid
List of unimportant changes:Leviathan

Changed cards:
Azure Beastmaster

Original:The original Azure BM rarely sees any use other than maybe an SS for rush files. Originally, I think he could be possibly used to buff Levi's Agi up. Maybe. However, there are better cards for that now.

Changes: Azure Beastmastery
All friendly [cardtype: Monster] units get AGI+2 for this turn.->All friendly [cardtype: Monster] units get AGI-2, AT+10,RNG+1 and DEF+10 for this turn.

Comments: Basically, he is changed so that his buff actually gives something for the fishies that they can use, making them bigger and tougher, but also slower. The original BM's +2 AGI wasn't really useful to any but Leviathan. The -2 is a no-nerf to the already slow as hell sea monsters, and has nice synergy with Serpent (yes, I know you are sick of seeing him, but at least it's not fencer for once), while the +def comes extremely handy for the survival of all the other ones, boosting frog's start skill a bit by proxy, and increasing the dmg of Giant Ancient Tortoise a bit more. The +AT and +RNG can be put into good use by basically all of the monsters. He is much, much more vulnerable than fencer, and has almost no offensive capabilities on his own, not to mention the rather limited scope of abilities, which limits him to this type of deck.

Deep Squid

Original:I have never seen it used yet.

Changes: Triple Tentacle Attack
Do [damage: 30] to three random enemy units within range.->Do [damage: AT] to three random enemy units within range.

A change to make use of the BMs buff to AT.


Original:Leviathan has files built around his Auto ability. They are kind of out of date though...

Agi 2->agi4
Living island
Return one random card of AGI 2 or lower to its Card File.->Return one random card of AGI 4 or higher to its Card File.

Comments: A simple change to make him fit better into the file. This opens up a lot of synergy with fencer though, which may be a bad thing. It would also return the BM/support units,which is bad, so maybe his ability could be limited to non-sorcs

The best thing about this deck is that it could happen in a single EX pack *hinthint* :P Though the units have shortcomings even under BMs leadership, the general falkow grims cover these weaknesses (slow, costy, etc...). It's nice that BM doesn't slow down your support units, so they can use their skills without problems. I know it probably wouldn't be a top meta deck, but seems like a simple deck to play that's refreshingly different from the usual Falkow controls, focusing on hard to kill/high dmg units instead of returning the sheet out of everything (and is made up of commons).


There, something like that.
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Re: Reworking unused cards into decks

Postby Demongod » Tue Jan 26, 2010 1:09 am

Oh god NO @ Leviathan. This monster does NOT need to be agi 4, and it does NOT need to go into a DEFS file.

As for buffs, I'd honestly say vicious raptor. Buff his action to 0 SP. Right now, defense is too easy to come by. Every nubcake runs a 30/30 nowadays, and raptor is simply not that good anymore being the SP sink he is.

Edit: if you think Levi is underused, it doesn't mean underpowered. Case in point? EVIT.
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Nerf Elite Fencer. Change start skill to "target unit of agi 4 or higher gets AGI = 3. Then, this unit gets AGI = 4 for this turn and ATK +10"

For the great justice of the diverse meta.
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Re: Reworking unused cards into decks

Postby LoneKnight » Tue Jan 26, 2010 1:13 am

Way for missing the point Demon <_< (even though I agree on the leviathan. That's why he is under the unimportant changes.)

The problem with Raptor is that he really doesn't fit into anywhere... unless... hmm, you gave me an idea :P
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