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Re: More significant bonus events

Postby Phenoca » Wed Feb 24, 2010 9:52 pm

What happened to the guild competitions..?!

It has been a year since the first one I played... And since then... We've had... Just one?!
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Re: More significant bonus events

Postby imortal12233 » Wed Feb 24, 2010 11:19 pm

there hasn't been one the whole time I was playing... and I joined almost a year ago (been playing for about 9-10 months, I think)
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Re: More significant bonus events

Postby Multi » Wed Feb 24, 2010 11:28 pm

MiniMetal wrote:Your saying that like the fact that the prizes only go to 1-5 people actually mean they effect the majority of us at all in the slightest.

5 of 7 should be every week it would really work to increase the player base having people who want it play a game every day.

sorry but that's retarded. It's better to have something like making FM grinding more viable than 5 of 7. 5 of 7 requires you to play once each day out of 7 days, but some people can't play all those days either, but may have a day off where they can play 5-10 games in a single day, yet they will be excluded from the reward. If point cards were viable through FM, then you could play 5 games in a single day or 5 games over the period of 7 days and still come out with the same result, and winning would net you more FM, which it should. There should be an incentive to try harder to win and do better than to just get your daily quota out of the way.

Unfortunately because we've had so many 5 of 7 events and 5 point card participation giveaway contests, like i said, we've forever erased the possibility of a point card repricing, so the only viable alternative is to reprice the FM cost of point cards, so that participation amount and victories contribute to rewards rather than playing once a day.

Trying to reinterprete my meaning is pointless because I've made that very same argument in the past before we had 5 of 7, trying to advocate a better way to gain point cards for everyone more consistently through achievement because the contests only rewarded 1-5 players out of hundreds (and many players knew this which is why many didn't participate when there wasn't a participation prize, which ironically increased chances to win for those who did enter :V). However, by giving out 5 point cards for participation and if we were to have weekly 5 of 7, then trying very hard to win a contest and only gaining an extra 10-20 point cards really devalues your effort.

FM should have more practical use, and get the hell back on topic from the original post. Instead of pathetic 1 or 2 day special lottos, or a once a year double MM gran, how about some 2x xp, 2x FM events from time to time, they don't even have to be all day. Generally when I see it in other games, it's between non peak hours, so that those non peak hours have activity that becomes closer to peak hours.

How about even this as an idea for a use for FM, you'd have to program it in, but you could have a button that charges FM to have a guaranteed treasure battle when another player also uses "treasure battle search" even. In that way, if you increase uses for FM, and find better Fight Money pits, then you can also decrease the cost of FM point cards because not all FM earned will go towards those purchases.

And since everyone else went off topic in my thread, I'll put in a little thought on the starter switcher cost. Isn't it a bit amusing that 500 gran gets you a starter SWITCHER, but for 1000gran you can buy the starters themselves without losing your current starter, AND they're non shielded cards, so you can recycle the cards you don't need for extra gran. Just a thought.
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