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Randomized AGI

Postby Kozupii » Fri Mar 05, 2010 11:47 pm

Probably not even a possibility, but always thought it sure would be nice if, oh, say there were two units with 3 AGI on each side. Currently you're just as likely to have both on one side go before both on the other as anything else. It'd be nice if it could work that the first AGI of each matchup was the typical 50/50, but then it went back and forth...

Player A wins the 50/50 chance so one of his random 3 AGI units goes first.
A random 3 AGI unit of Player B goes second
Second 3 AGI unit of Player A goes third.
Second 3 AGI unit of Player B goes fourth.

It still provides an element of luck, but not nearly as rage inducing as when you have nearly full fields of comparable AGI units and every single one of the enemies goes before one of yours does somehow ;)
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