Read before posting! (Forum rules)

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Read before posting! (Forum rules)

Postby DWildstar » Tue Mar 02, 2010 11:37 am

Okay, I've gone and made new forum rules with more dos and don'ts. Please read them through, and let's all try to make the forums the friendly and informative place we'd all like it to be. ;a33

- Respect and be courteous to your forum mods and fellow users!

- Be patient with newcomers.
Remember, you were once one too!

- Only one account per person please.

- No offensive language or profanity!

- No misspelling to circumvent the word filter
(e.g. b!tch, @ss).

- Do not type in ALL CAPS!

- Do not harass other users.
If you can't say something nice, don't say anything. If you can't explain your opinion without calling someone "stupid" then don't post it.

- Post in the appropriate forums/topics.

- Stay on topic!
Also don't derail other users' topics or for the sake of perpetuating arguments being discussed in their own respective thread.

- Do not post new threads for old topics
(The forum has Google search now, no excuse).

- Do not double post in multiple forums.

- Make your thread title as descriptive as possible.
(e.g. "New Achievements suggestions for GMs." is better than "Suggestions for GMs.")

- Do not post new threads just to get the attention of the GMs.
The best way to get the GMs' attention is to PM them directly.

- Do not resurrect old topics if it's clear the discussion is over.
In some cases it makes sense like when giving an opinion about an old suggestion to improve the game. In other cases like a thread where a person introduced themselves, clearly this thread shouldn't be brought back.

- Do not write posts with one word responses.
If you agree with something or want to QFT, follow up with an explanation or don't post at all. Just posting "Yes" just creates unnecessary clutter.

- Do not write posts which contribute nothing to the discussion.
If you want to say "that card is trash" or "just don't play that file" explain why. Being argumentative just for the sake of it contributes nothing. If someone's strategy needs work don't just call it "stupid" explain why you think so otherwise you're not helping.

Also, if someone is asking for help on using a card, posting "I used to have that card, but I recycled it because I didn't want to use it" doesn't help the person posting. Or if a new user is asking for help with a modifying a starter file, suggesting they add several rare cards they're likely to not have doesn't help them.

- Do not spam comments and talking points you've already stated.
It's difficult for new users to read a thread if it turns into a back and forth between two people repeating themselves.

If you feel you didn't explain well enough the first time that's one thing, but constantly repeating yourself will probably hurt your argument more than help. Your fellow users will appreciate if you're capable of expressing new ideas instead of harping on old ones. The GMs are capable of understanding a point or suggestion the first time it's made. By the 12th time it's getting tiresome. 

- Do not quote text with no reference to who said it.
It makes it difficult to keep track of who's talking to who.

- Do not post chat transcripts, soul skills, or screenshots without permission.

- Do not use other players as examples for your argument without permission.

- If someone is being rude, vulgar or profane in the forums, in chat or in chat during games PM the GMs so we can give them a warning!

P.S. ;a30

You'd be amazed how much more persuasive your argument is if you know how to use these on the forum and in life.

- They're, there, their, your, you're
(e.g. They're using their grimoires to move their enemy's cards there. If you're going to counter then you better adjust your strategy.)
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