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Postby harvest4god » Mon May 09, 2011 9:14 am

To keep this thread clean and easy to comprehend, no other posts besides the opening post will be allowed to exist. If you notice a GM reply that isn't listed here, PM me with a link pointing it out. I am taking the quotes out to shorten the thread and will post GM's exact quote location on the thread with link unless no source is cited. I hope this makes this easier to read and understand. Thanks in advance.
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On... I'm honestly not sure

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On replying to players

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There's like, 2 GMs that even matter when it comes to game related stuff and about 2000 pms and emails, so... I guess, do the math guys :V

On Match making system, on FM lotto, on Point cards, and on Achievements

Page 5, 11th Post
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On GM response to suggestions

3rd page, 1st post
Originating from this thread: viewtopic.php?f=50&t=3435

On Events

2nd page, 8th post
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On Beginner pack availability and Reinforcement packs

2nd page, 6th post
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On adding EX's to regular lotto and magic triple copy cards

2nd page, 1st post
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On Beltorat Arena, the small online population, and missing Edgar RIP

1st page 7th post
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On Cashier for Non-US players

1st page, 5th post
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On mid-game GM intervention

1st page, 5th post
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On Traits for Attacks

2nd page, 9th post

Fixing the "simple" stuff
Logress wrote:We know it's frustrating when it seems like something would be so easy to fix takes months. (We really do know... How do you think we feel?) In the real world, in a real-time game that must run smoothly 24-7, with all the people and programs involved, even I am occasionally stupefied when it takes 20 man hours to fix the forum search because of all the custom web scripts and weird computer issues that pop up.

Until Phenoca pointed out the widget.


Page 2, 2nd post
Source: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=501&start=10#p4475
Page 1, 1st post
Source: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=501&start=0#p4455

On Cost per content

Page 20, 3rd post
SOURCE: viewtopic.php?f=27&t=3059

On pack cost / rarity distribution, and who's got the last word

DWildstar wrote:I can't say anything about the distribution of rarity in packs and boxes, costs and stuff BUT I do think that the users are more the ones who perpetuate the idea that the U.S. GMs are completely powerless in all things because the Japanese developers have an iron grip over every single aspect of the business. We've never said that the Japanese are controlling every important thing about the game. There is very regular communication between the U.S. and Japan team (just ask AnnaTheRed who is translating emails/chatting after hours every single day :shock: ).

Obviously something like cost of packs, rarity distribution are big changes which aren't something that we can just change willy nilly because we see people talking about it in the forum. We read everything going on in the forum, just because we don't respond doesn't mean we're not listening.

On "JO's"

DWildstar wrote:I know you're just paraphrasing Dan, but seriously (and this is directed towards everyone), I also find it offensive every time I read the term "Nice, Hard Working, Japanese People" as it creates a baseless image/idea the people you're talking about. I feel like the general perception of the Japan team as a group of people has become akin to Hollywood executives who only care about money money money and don't care about the players.

The forums have created a very strong "Us (GMs) vs Them (Japan team)" mentality. It's been stated many times that the users don't know how much control over the game and its functions/events should be credited to either team so it's even more odd to separate us in this fashion. Alteil US is a collaboration between the GMs and the Japan team and should be treated as such.


Basically what it comes down to, if we decided to implement changes today, those changes wouldn't come tomorrow. I doubt it would come at the speed people seem to be hoping for. Once again, I can't force people to not say anything, but I would like to see an end to the "Nice, Hard Working, Japanese People" speak, especially since it's now being thrown around as an abbreviation.


Logress wrote:I'd like to add that part of the reason for the feeling that it's the GM's versus the Japanese team is because it's the GM's job to interact directly with the players. Therefore, the GM's suggestions generally reflect, more or less, what the users tell them. The Japanese team's ideas are more data-oriented because they don't have as much direct contact. However, The GM's, the users, and the Japanese Team all have the same goal, make Alteil better, and more fun. (and before you bring up money, remember Alteil is still a way from being profitable, so it's not like any money is going into anyone's pockets) It really is in the best interest of everyone involved, and it really is what everyone keeps in mind. I can't emphasize that enough.

And while the above paragraph might make it seem like the GM's point of view is "better," a lot of times I feel "too close" to the game to make objective decisions, and most users are too (that's not meant to discredit any particular points made in this thread, that statement is meant to be taken as general as possible). For example (and I agree that this is taking an extreme view of suggestions made in this thread), I'm pretty sure that if it was "easy" to get "every card in the game" a lot of things would be less fun. Even now, a lot of users who are happy with the amount of cards they have, tend to stop playing until next set, and that's not touching on the "copycat debates."

There's also been a lot of talk of the speed of change -because I don't think anyone denies that change DOES happen more or less consistently around here, and there's a feeling that the Japanese team makes sure that change happens as slowly as possible. That's in some ways true, but we should take that as a good thing. You WANT stability in a game that you're investing money in. You don't want the game to jump on bandwagons and change things all the time, because that could easily cause it to self-destruct, as well as lower the value of what you've spent, or change it into something you're no longer interested in.

Take a look at the "improving the game" thread. An awful lot of that stuff has been addressed over the last 6 months. We skim through it for ideas every few weeks. As someone noted in this thread, two of the suggestions in that thread, more deck slots and the ability to store and playback duels, have just been implemented in Japan, which means we'll be able to get them soon. Even changes to some of the card shop items were in the works (NOTE-we did mention them in an old forum thread by darklogos, but that was a while ago and before we got wrapped up in the whole upgrade thing), of which the Reinforcement Packs were one result (BTW- I never really got any feedback on those, and I'd like your thoughts on them... one of the few things we've done that never got much of a mention from the community, positive or negative).

And since I always end up trying to compare user's feelings with the "state of the game", let me finish by saying that one place where things line up is the new/low spender issue. We have fewer low spenders then we should. It seems like people either want everything or are content to be free players. Maybe we make it too easy to be free players, maybe it's too hard to get cards you want, maybe it's just too confusing how to go about starting your collection, maybe new players are concerned that once they become high-spending high-level players that filling in the last 5% of their collection will be too difficult and it's better to just not start down that road in the first place, but one thing is clear: A user needs to feel like it's worth it to spend his first $5, and after he spends his first $5, he needs feel like he got something for it. I think everyone agrees on that, even if they don't agree on how that can be achieved.

Simple changes like sorting subtypes

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Logress on balancing.

3rd page, 10th post

Current state of Refess.

5th page, 4th post & 9th post

Verbal Abuse in Chat

1st Page, 5th Post

Stronger NPC's

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