What the word guild means to you?

What the word guild means to you?

Postby Celesnios » Wed Aug 10, 2011 3:42 am

Maybe im a little disappointed because i dont see any other guilds trying improve the game helping new players to learn the game essence and showing the way for those "kids".

We can't simply blame alteil if we dont have too much player rotativity, because IMO guilds was made to help players and be a well structured base for any kind of player who wants to join.

If guilds dont offer nothing for players, why should they join so? Maybe this is the point...

What im trying do with GA is give this support for all kind of players, making they understand the importancy of a guild inside an online game.

It's a place when you can find friends, and at same time opponents to test your skills.

It's a place that provides you enough support to you grow up decently your gameplay.

It's a place that you can test, discuss, compete, laugh, and feel almost all kind of emotions that a online game can offer, so the difference is: you dont feel it alone, you have friends to share.

So if players aren't looking for this when start play an online game, i respect. But please, dont despize this word as it was a futile thing that serves no purpose.

PS: Congratz Gon for the guild. I really feel happy for another big player think more about this word and try use it the best possible way.

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Re: What the word guild means to you?

Postby Teru » Wed Aug 10, 2011 5:32 am

Guilds are usually supposed to offer cooperative support for its members, but that's kinda hard to do in a game that focuses purely on 1v1 battles. In your classic MMO, guilds are a way to group people together with similar interests and goals and help them find partymates to tackle difficult quests, or give them advice in an integrated in-game guild-specific chat, or maybe provide them with in-game economic or trading support. And there are even sometimes guild dungeons or guild wars that guild members can participate together in.

But here in Alteil, we don't have cooperative gameplay, and we don't have things like trading. So really, the only thing that a guild can do, here, is give strategic advice to its members and sorta... mentally cooperate outside of gameplay. But the problem is, there's really no easy way to do that in-game, because we don't necessarily have an integrated guild chat...

I guess you can get guild-specific forums set up here, but another thing about guilds is, not everyone visits the forums, and the game offers no way for players to apply for guild membership in-game. There's no "apply" button where new players can fill out a form or write up a brief introduction or answer a few questions that are specified by the guild on their homepage for applicants. I think that's really something that should be fixed in order to improve guild membership and make them more player friendly. As it is now, guilds just seem like a sort of community outside of the game itself, for which you have to jump through some out-of-game hoops to join, rather than a community that's fully integrated into the game. But maybe that's just because of how Alteil itself is designed.

I don't completely understand how the whole guild system works yet (I've only just joined one myself (Cath's Fan Club)) but I think it would be a lot more encouraging to have some sort of guild-only in-game mechanic. Maybe something like guild rewards for guild points. Maybe a few extra point cards for everyone in the guild in exchange for guild points? Or a special bonus to EXP gains? Anything like that would really help increase guild membership and cooperation, I think.
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Re: What the word guild means to you?

Postby Celesnios » Wed Aug 10, 2011 4:47 pm

All that u said about the reward and competition im trying introduce in GA. Im offering here what all the guild should offer with Alteil supporting with bonuses of xp, gran or pt. Trying make alteil less "single player mode" and more "cooperative" also will be interesting.

And i definetly support Alteil increase the power of guilds giving some kind of a cooperative bonus for guildmembers, some kind of that.
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Re: What the word guild means to you?

Postby AquasFire2 » Wed Aug 10, 2011 5:36 pm

Well guild means in my opinion is basically were a group of players can support each other in the game and help with deck builds and get to know people in the game and make friends.

Also i believe guilds are suppose to be competitive but alteil lost that along time ago due to immaturity in the player base and d disputes between guilds.Which most people older players remember or heard of the disputes of what happened.

I believe guilds are very important to this game because it can help new players and older players learn about the game more, even though they aren't as much of a big deal as they should be competitive wise.
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Re: What the word guild means to you?

Postby Romdeau » Wed Aug 10, 2011 6:47 pm

OBK was originally created in response to a guild event that actually rewarded players for doing well in Folrart if they were in a guild. We have not seen a single guild-related event since then. Alteil offers no real incentive to create or be in a guild besides a private forums and a sense of belonging that comes with being in a group. I believe if Alteil created more events promoting guild activity or offered incentives for guilds to form (IE some kind of allowance to all guilds that make top 5 guild rankings) then I think guilds would have a bigger role in Alteil.
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Re: What the word guild means to you?

Postby azurewrath » Wed Aug 10, 2011 7:01 pm

A guild is a group of skilled people that have banded together to monopolize a commodity or trade.
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Re: What the word guild means to you?

Postby psylensse » Thu Aug 11, 2011 1:18 am

I might just be echoing teru here, but I think the problem is that everything you're saying a guild "should" do can already be done elsewhere: friends, discussions, support, compete, all those things are already offered via the game, via the forums, etc. The additional incentive to join a guild is small. Gon had mentioned guild wars in a separate thread. That sounds like it has potential. Especially if one guild could challenge another guild, or some sort of guild fighting structure were in place. Maybe each guild could select their top five players to duke it out where #1 plays #1, #2 plays #2, etc. like in high school or collegiate tennis. These sorts of "our guild is #1" displays is what really builds and fuels a sense of camaraderie and gets members interacting with one another. Once one guild grabs the #1 torch, I think there will be a natural precipitation for other guilds to vie for that spot. Maybe there can be awards for guilds which end the week/month #1 to make it more than symbolic.
Maybe less implementable but potentially fun idea is a multi-player idea similar to "bug-house" in chess (a four players/two boards set up, where when pieces from one board are removed they can be applied to the second board). i.e. you and a guild partner take on two other people in two one-on-one matches. Then, as cards are placed in the cemetery from one match, they end up in the card files of the second set of players, etc.
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Re: What the word guild means to you?

Postby zangjiaju » Wed Feb 29, 2012 1:29 am

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