ShadowEra vs Alteil


ShadowEra vs Alteil

Postby Pancakes » Thu Mar 08, 2012 6:20 pm

This is pure trollin dont read don'tttt yew readdd itt

I was just going to leave well enough alone. But after being trolled into checking my Mail tab by Logress in order to receive a THUNDERDROP, I was just pushed a little too far. If the card was free and just there, it would be one thing. But honestly, it was just a troll move to ask me to enter a serial number just to get a thunderdrop. That's just a troll move Logress. Do you not comprehend the absurdity of offering ANYONE this card, as a "gift" on a "special occasion"?

But I just wanted to have a discussion about a game called ShadowEra and just to illustrate how much Alteil customers are getting trolled on a daily basis. Recently I've been trying out this game called ShadowEra. Basically I paid $40 and now I own 95% of all cards in the game with 4 copies of each of those cards. So with relatively little cash I now have the freedom to make almost any deck I please without having to worry about the existence of Bringer or Diodora or Rasam SS. Which I tell you the truth is a HUUUGE relief. I won a few games and I used the Gold (ShadowEra's equivolent to the Alteil Point Card), in order to pinpoint exactly the card I wanted. I did the math and since it takes about 10 wins in order to get 400 gold which is what some Epic cards (ShadowEra's 5star) cost to pinpoint, basically each win in ShadowEra gives you about 6 point cards.

Case in point, I started playing ShadowEra last week. I saw a cool looking Epic Rarity (5star) card and thought to myself, "I want that". Guess what, a few wins and $5 later, I now have 4 copies of that card. And no, it's not overpowered. And no, it's not useless either. It's kind of....ermmm...balanced? It's a card that lets me do direct damage to my enemy's life points but whenever I use it I have to swap a random card with my opponent. So as you can imagine, hilarity ensues. That's why I wanted it. And that's why I have it. After so much experience with Alteil's point card system, I feel like I'm taking a breath if fresh air. Which is why I've decided to do a sloppy and hastily written explaination so that you can debate or not debate amongst yourselves about the merits of Alteil system vs ShadowEras. You can ask yourselves why can't Alteil's system be this way. Read for details below.

Today I asked a question in the ShadowEra forum and a member of the design team gave me a balance related answer.

But yeah, I dunno, when I had to enter in a serial number for a freakin thunderdrop which can't even randomly kill Dio, does'nt do crap vs lycans or Bringer or Rucca. I mean wtf is the point of giving ANYONE this card? Stop trollin Logress. And yes I was one of the main people using thunderdrop back when there was a brief little fad with it and wyverns, but ultimately you just have to be honest with yourself that handing this card out as opposed to balancing the game is just a pure troll maneuvar and I don't even care if the spelling is onkorrect. A 40% win hail Mary card for stompoing noobs only...thanksssssss and Rubia is Shite btw - I was the only sucker trying to get her to wrok

Difference in Rarity System
Alteil has 1 star - 5 star.
ShadowEra has Common-Uncommon-Rare-Epic

Difference in Currency
We all know that 1 stars recycle for 5 gran, 2 stars for 10, 3 stars for 30, 4 stars for 150, and 5 stars for 300 and that 10 point cards gives a 1 star and 60 gives a 5 star.
ShadowEra is different. ShadowEra also has a dual currency system. You pay with money, then that money is converted into Shadow Crystals. Which you use to purchase packs. Then they have a system where when you buy a booster pack with your ShadowCrystals you are able to sell your unwanted cards back to the shop at which point you are given Gold in return for them. This gold can be used in order to PinPoint the exact card that you want to purchase out of the shop. Basically...ShadowEra Gold = Alteil Point Cards. But this is how they do things differently...and FAIRLY. The Gold (point card) value of each card in the shop is determined by market forces. In other words the more people want a card and the fewer people that sell that card, the higher the price. The more people sell a particular card and the fewer who buy it, the lower the price. I found this to be a wonderful setup as it makes lesser used cards easier to get. Which indirectly encourages players to try different and diverse strategies. When you think of it, isn't it silly that a Bringer costs the same Point Cards as a Proposition? No wonder nobody plays Proposition. If Proposition's point card value was determined by player demand, the cost would plummet, and SOMEONE out there would be willing to point card him and give him a try.

That said, There are No Bringers in ShadowEra
Despite what I just stated about the Gold value of pinpointing cards in ShadowEra using Alteil as a point of reference, there are no Bringers or Diodoras in ShadowEra. There are no Thundergirl Rubias or Thunderdrops, or Propositions. Therefore, the Gold value (point card) is not a true measure of raw Power or "OPness" it's just a measure of the general trends. Generally speaking, a Common Card's price will range from 100gold to purchase up to about 110gold, depending on market demand for it. Uncommons range from 200-250 I think. Rares cost 300-375. While Epics can cost from 400-775. Each card sells for exactly half it's purchase price. Therefore "recycling" a really high demand Epic will be worth more Gold to the player as well. And due to the fact that no ultra Epic card has the relative power of an Alteil Bringer or Dio, there are many times where selling one would actually be the sensible thing to do in order to purchase some Common cards with the Gold.
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Re: ShadowEra vs Alteil

Postby GonFreeces31 » Thu Mar 08, 2012 7:00 pm

Love u bro
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Re: ShadowEra vs Alteil

Postby Callonia » Thu Mar 08, 2012 8:41 pm

How's the art in shadowera?
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Re: ShadowEra vs Alteil

Postby Scientiafide » Thu Mar 08, 2012 8:50 pm

Pancakes wrote:This is pure trollin dont read don'tttt yew readdd itt

I couldn't resist. I read.

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Re: ShadowEra vs Alteil

Postby Icyglare » Thu Mar 08, 2012 9:16 pm

A better game is Poker, I got all the cards right out of the box!
For a large amount of various Alteil Replays, try youtube link

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Re: ShadowEra vs Alteil

Postby monkeysmiles11 » Thu Mar 08, 2012 9:28 pm

Callonia wrote:How's the art in shadowera?

The art is good, but i started when it recently got out of beta, and it took FOREVER to update some mechaics and add new cards, but they were added. I actually lost interest since the cards were too easy to get, there really wasn't anything to strive for. I wanted to focus on werewolves but they made very few cards for it, i'm not sure how it is now but when i was playing they were pretty meh. And they were not without some imbalance either, the heroes definitely had an upper hand on the monster files when it started, again i don't know how it is now.
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Re: ShadowEra vs Alteil

Postby hexagram » Thu Mar 08, 2012 9:56 pm

I think vI read a quoteof fargones where he said alteil is the / one of the most expensive online games. he spent 2000 gran ccgs especially some are known to be quite expensive especially if you want all the cards . Alteil is getting better though with prebuilts and stuff and generally has more superior and complicated unique gameplay compared to competitors.

The game you mention reminds me of elements which I tried after seeing the thread on this forum. The thing about that game is it is completely free and you cant get much stuff quicker by using money Most cards are in the shop You get a chance of winning copies of cards used in your opponents deck when you beat them including computers
There is a lot of grinding needed though especially ifcyou want to get enough game cirrency to upgrade cards However there are more efficient ways to do this - win them by beating false gods and games are as ahort as 2 min too

Cards recycle for 80/90 per cent of shop vaue too. This is truly a free game getting money off adverts No wander they advertise a lot of less free card games Elements may be a stepping stone game

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Also new guys Worthings starter replays Remember use starter switcher at lvl10 to get all 4 starters

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Re: ShadowEra vs Alteil

Postby fargone » Fri Mar 09, 2012 7:09 am

Icyglare wrote:A better game is Poker, I got all the cards right out of the box!

It took some time, but I have learned to love you.

Pancakes, while I have no interest in shadow era, I love your message.

Apparently, Im full of love right now... gimme a hug.
GonFreeces31 wrote:
fargone wrote:I realise this is completely off topic, but Icy deserves the limelight more than others. Some of whom dominate the forums with their endless posts.

What, I make legit points too...
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Re: ShadowEra vs Alteil

Postby winfrith279 » Fri Mar 09, 2012 7:53 am

Its in the wrong subforum! Quick! Influence us more before it gets shifted beneath old forum threads!
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Re: ShadowEra vs Alteil

Postby Pancakes » Sat Mar 10, 2012 4:26 am

Look, I have to ask myself why am I posting this here. Well the reason is, I'm not trying to advertise ShadowEra. I'm not trying to harm Alteil. Logress treats me, his loyal customer of more than 3 years with utmost disrespect, and still, I wouldn't intetionally try to hurt him. However, the way in which Alteil is run gets to the point where it is actually hurting people. I think that all the rage over "the bug" is one of those things that helps to reveal exactly the kind of stress that the Alteil system puts on people. And you're human beings. Most of you (not all) but 98% of you are non-stop trolls, some of the most incidious forum trolls I've ever seen, but you're still human. And that is why I came to tell you about Shadowera. Because I have suffered here with you. Consider this is a humanitarian mission. You can accept my info, or not. Honestly I'd prefer if most of you stayed here. But I feel it's wrong not to give you the opprutunity to educate yourself about what's out there. Especially if you have been feeling stressed about Alteil recently. (LOL)

Shadowera is Balanced. To most of you if I call it balanced you will think it's imbalanced. To which I say great because you're the guy I want to stay here in THIS forum. And not ever show up in a shadowera match. So everything works out in that sense. But yeah. More balanced that StreetFighter. More balanced than Starcraft 2. More balanced than League of Legends. When you lose in shadowera, you lose because of your strategy failing. Not because of abuse. There is no abuse in shadowera. Of course, this is just my current opinion after 8 days of playing. But I've immersed myself in the game, and I freakin love it.

You're right the cards are easy to collect. Someone of the forums ran some calculations and surmissed that it costs about $70 in order to purchase 4 copies of all 200 cards. And remember because your money gives you defacto point cards, there is no randomness to whether or not you will get every card. If you want everycard, you shall have it. I suppose the main difference between shadowera and alteil is that the fun begins when you get a new card in shadowera, in alteil the main source of fun occurs while you fantasycraft about a card. Actually playing it is usually a disappointment because eventually you will meet Lycans and bringer and diodora and figure out your big plan for the cards it took you 6 months to pull together was just a bunch of fodder for some p-brains. SO if you're the type who likes to have more fun BEFORE you get the card than AFTERWARD then Alteil is definitely the right place for you. On the other hand if you prefer having more fun actually playing with the cards you buy, I think ShadowEra wins that round. And as a person who owns nearly everycard in both games I think I know what I'm talking about here.

What more can I say. I honestly prefer the cardart in Alteil, but Shadowera is not that bad. What more can I say. I hope I reached someone who isn't a total incidious troll and just make their gaming life a little bit easier. No one says you have to quit Alteil. I don't plan on quitting Alteil completely. But only because I already invested too much. Maybe you feel the same way. But Alteil is not a fun game for me usually. Because of abuse, imba, trolls, and an uncaring Logress. Getting serial numbers for worthless cards like thunderdrop and so on. Did anyone see a thunderdrop in the BIG CHAMPIONSHIP>>>>>> > >>> >> WHYYYY NOTTTT!?

Anyway, I have no bad will toward Alteil or Logress. But I just hope this will maybe help 1-2 of you (the non-trolls) to stop suffering in your game life at least to the point where you can not be stressed as much by Alteil.

I just have to say that in shadowera there is more complexity. There are more GOOD cards. Every card has a big impact on the game. ALL of them. All 200. That's all I was asking from Logress was to attempt to create more usefulness in the cardlist. But this man treats his customer of 3 years like total ****.
I can only use Bringer, BKR Jack, and returns cuz I'm a free player. It's my best shot at winning!
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