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Postby Cookie2 » Thu Jun 21, 2012 8:41 pm

I know it's hard for everyone here to say something good about a replay so if u don't like it, don't watch and leave.
I just like to share some videos before this games closes.

1: Volcano Wyvern field messer vs Silver Star Booty Doll/Inside file ... 4b7e315840

2: Lawt/Ref file vs Big Red ... 6e472b7335

3: Ultra luck Animus more or less soloing a Falkow rush ... 98ef3f2140

4: BKR vs Mirelia ... dfecf672e7

5: BKR vs Gold Star EN ... 41c23c174c

6: Wyvern is back against WK ... 1801f5cf0c

7: Volcano Wyvern vs Verlaat rush
Its fun to turn battletime against your opponent :D ... c51311015c

8: Might of E&A vs Star Dragon

Who can onehit a Star Dragon? :) ... b744d9fefa

9: E&A vs Refess ... 082ba1a33f

10: E&A vs Chaos Annarose abuse ... 2f1a7cef39
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Re: Best of Cookies Library

Postby Callonia » Fri Jun 22, 2012 5:44 am

Despite me hating on bkr, i enjoyed watching your bkr kill a en deck.
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