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Re: Replay Contest Rundown

Postby Shirozaki » Fri Jul 06, 2012 1:17 am

Public voting? Really?
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Re: Replay Contest Rundown

Postby Khiruki » Fri Jul 06, 2012 1:21 am

Shirozaki wrote:Public voting? Really?

Or through PM's. But public voting always ends in crapstorms. Hell, even elementary school voting was heads down, hands up.
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Re: Replay Contest Rundown

Postby Johnjo » Fri Jul 06, 2012 11:04 am

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Re: Replay Contest Rundown

Postby NitroDino » Fri Jul 06, 2012 12:00 pm

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Re: Replay Contest Rundown

Postby gadu » Fri Jul 06, 2012 12:14 pm

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Re: Replay Contest Rundown

Postby justtmpuser » Fri Jul 06, 2012 12:37 pm

Here are my votes:
1. Ritsukou. Definitely best replay. He used original cards, was terribly losing yet managed to turn the tide without resorting to any cheap stuff like return.
2. Khiruki. Weird deck that doesn't make a lot of sense (Orfen and LeBau in same deck?) beats CFA spam.
3. Wow, this is tough. I guess I'll go with AnythingElse for his effort to be original with Mage Soldiers.

Since we get to pick only 3, following list is unofficial:
4. angolmois. High rarity Refess has always been powerful, so nothing new there. What is refreshing however is that he used King of OP / Verlaat and Alphonce together. Mid Refess without Guardian is definitely worth mention.
5. Johnjo. Lucky win, but very entertaining.
6. onegin (lenski?). It's nice to see new Carbuncles in action, especially without Rasam SS.

About rewards: I think that much better rewards IMO would be 10 permanent replay slots for winner and 5 for runner ups. Not only it fits theme, but is also unique: there are many way to get pointcards, but only one way to get replay slots: $$$. Also, why only three votes when there are 6 rewards? You could even do some weighted calculations for winner (for example: person nominated as 1st gets 10 points, 2nd to 6th 5 to 1, then add up points to determine winner).
About voting: don't you think people should give at least some justification for their votes? Otherwise it's just popularity contest.

Following quote is just a reminder what this contest is about:
Logress wrote:Everyone post your most impressive or craziest battle replay

I watched all 35 replays and below you can read my thoughts on them (since some descriptions might be misleading/are plain incorrect). This is what I understand as impressive and interesting replay: no return in any kind or form, no WK, no SK with HK Lapierre, no Aivault+Guardian (Aivault+Blessed Armor Knight is fine), no EN, no Chaos Form Anna spam, no set 11 Mage Soldiers, no New Refess (King of OP Verlaat+Big Miffyre+Judie+Guardian)... You get the picture. No boring stuff I've seen thousand times already (I spectate games now and then when I'm bored). I understand that you want to have fun with set 11, but this isn't about showing how unoriginal you can be. Even rookies can put together Ryu+Balmoa+Chamail and win games. Serpent and, oh irony!, undeads are fine, I saw maybe 5-10 Serpents since Vosrot nerf and not a single undead deck since set 11.
Beating person 400 levels below you or huge RP difference need no apply. One-sided games are anything but impressive. It's not about what cards your deck has, it's about how you use them. If you posted curb-stomp battle just to show your "original" idea, you might have as well post screenshot of your deck instead and save us all time.
Other than top 6 replays listed above, here are other that might be worth watching: worthing, kirk22, okeyna4, 77777, angelspawn, Seizan (hey, you can't vote for yourself, but there is no law stating that you can't promote your replay ;) ). Everything else is average at best, same plain boring Chaos Form Annarose spam at worst.

First, but unfortunately not last replay where person thinks that beating clueless newbie (he didn't even put Ruy in front of Chamail!) makes them awesome and game interesting. The only person deserving any kind of reward is poor newbie for taking you down to your last LP.

I'm typing reviews as I watch battles, so it might change in future, but this is without doubt one of THE most uninteresting games ever. Mage Soldiers? Check. All types of return? Tidal. Check. Return. Check. Wrath. Check. Same SS as 90% of players? Lets see. Distier. Check. Rasam. Check. Chamail + 2nd SK SS combo? Check. You win all right. First place for the most unoriginal deck. Go find a skyscraper. You know what to do.

Why on Earth description says poison? Anyway, cons: 300 RP difference, Shelby SS combo, pros: Zuga as endgame was unexpected, first time I saw someone using Grebados with obese orc, opponent had funny deck. And this is why I have trouble judging this game. It was exciting, but not because of what poster played, but because of his opponent's deck. I feel that other guy is the one that deserves some kind of recognition.

Pro: rushed Boringer. Con: Boringer. I have mixed feelings about this one. On one hand, it was Boringer vs Refess Bringer, on the other it turned into typical Gowen grim spam. Can't deny that opponent did huge mistake: Will-o-wisp is a must and you need very good reason not to put one in Refess deck. Soul cards were interesting (except for PoM/Rasam), glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks that Guardian+Litho SS = fun times. 2 rounds grim denial was exciting, but in the end it accomplished nothing. This replay could be titled: how Boringer can still (almost) solo games. Definitely the only interesting replay so far, even if it didn't make me go "wow! that was amazing! I want to see more like this!"

Should we judge ourselves compared to other replays? And what's up with this generic "mid Gowen" description? OMFGWTFBBQ Volcano prebuilt would be more fitting. ;) Or "Trolololo Gaia Anaconda". I already posted descripton of this battle in entry topic, so just quick one: turn 4 Gaia Anaconda. If that picture didn't make you smile, you must be dead inside. It's not "perfect" replay (I won because opponent made terrible iczering mistake), but compared to all those "I beat clueless noob playing Lawtia starter with my OP deck made entirely of 4* and 5*" it's pretty amazing, if I may say so myself. After all, how often do you take gold stars? Also, turn 4 Gaia Anaconda.

Snoozefest. WK featuring Boring Fencer and OP Monk vs weird Refess combo deck (EM, SK 0 + Absolute Wall + Foveontsa). Outcome was obvious since round 1.

Oh my, where do I even begin. The only mildly entertaining thing (that got boring after 5 seconds) is fact that it was grinder vs grinder game. Super-duper unoriginal Chaos Form Anna spam + DM/MD + open skill spam. To add insult to injury "winner" used bugged card. So this is what passes for crazy and exciting battles this days? No wonder this game died.

At first I was: "Wow, opponent has higher RP, max RP, win streak and started with Emana! This sure will be interesting!".
But then I see CFA and feal cheated. "Lawtia and Refess"? It's same old boring CFA spam everyone else plays!
6 turns later...
WTF, did opponent just played Mermaid Harpist? Cool, CFA spam vs Harpist spam, wonder who will win. So this is going to be interesting after all!
8 most boring turns ever turns later...
Gee, let me guess. He will play CFA and opponent will play Harpist. Wake me up when this ends.
Oh look, finally unoriginal MD to stop this boring stalemate. Oh look, it didn't help.
What started as very promising game turned out to be one of the most boring ones. Huge disappointment. The only redeeming quality is that poster lost. Replays of close games (even if boring) where person sharing it loses are few and far between, so I give you that.
Unrelated rant: why every Harpist spammer is idiot who returns Owl Sage? You keep him on field to generate SP to fuel skills. If he returned Priestess instead this game would be over much earlier, since he could spam Oracle skill (OP BTW) among others.

Loved it. Turn 2 loss was still better, but that was great too. Taking silver star with card named Game Over - that sure is something. Sure, someone could nitpick it was lucky (if opponent had 2 Undines or didn't play Ebreenu for no reason it would be game over for Johnjo), but hey, nobody's perfect. It reminded me a lot of my replay: opponent gains huge sp advantage, has star-worthy win streak and then... loses.

I'm not sure what this replay is supposed to show? That deep ones need rebalancing because with Lost One there is no drawback to their abilities? I knew that already. That rushing Catira is dumb move, especially against rushes? I knew that too. Game would be over much sooner if opponent didn't get crazy lucky with all random effects hitting Lost One. Not to mention all the mistakes he made: from giving agi bonus to corrupted Catira instead of Dual Wielder to removing from game last copy of Ebreenu instead of Shecas. To sum it up: you played superior deck against opponent who made several mistakes, I don't see anything impressive in that.

BEST. REPLAY. EVER. I could not stop laughing how everything went wrong way for you from the beginning: Warning Knife on Verlaat and he got hit ...for 5 dmg. And when you finally assembled combo, you were down to last copy of MD Heavy Shield against 5 opponent's units. And somehow you won. This, combined with your RP and win ratio, gives you my vote for #1 replay. Bonus points for not using engage SS in combo deck and using MD Cannon instead of Igina. Seriously, compared to ocean of mediocrity that is other replays this deserves both 1st and 2nd reward.

Opponent had 3 brain farts: turn 19, 21 and 25. Not to mention that stubborn keeping Priestess in last row where she could attack only first with her max hp attack was more than pointless. But that's not important. What's important is that this game was boring. I saw amazing New Refess vs Harpist spam and this crap pales in comparison. Refess player had EX: Shathia and kept using her skill every round, which combined with healing from Verlaat and Safiria meant that not only he wasn't losing field, but also slowly regained all lost units. Once Harpist spammer realised that Refess player's grave will soon be empty, he gave up. THAT was great Solar Kingdom vs Mermaids game. This here? Not only boring, but you won not because of skill, but because opponent made few mistakes. And I'm not even going to mention fact that you could have started growing Anette much, much sooner and save us all 26 rounds of total boredom.

Hate: Rasam SS, deck made entirely of high rarity cards, turn 16 (you should have one-shotted Allind with Verlaat and then cemetary him with Alphonce for massive style points, such great opportunity wasted). Love: Brothers fighting together side by side, Refess Bringer one-shotting Gowen dragon emperor (talk about irony!), well-timed Wisp open, Wisp triggering Renally SS to revive field of 6 characters after opponent's Dub Rido triggered to empty field. :lol:

Opponent clearly has no idea how successful deck destruction looks like. Turn 8 SS triggers were mildly amusing, as well as winning by using Gaiessouls' skill (which was ironic since he put all those Augmented in your grave in first place). All in all meh.

Seriously, who comes up with those names? CMD was deck played by opponent! While I'm not big fan of lvl 2 rushes (they can grow attack to ridiculous values, as presented in this replay) at least this one was original. Iczering into obvious Liz: priceless.

onegin? Player name is lenski in replay... Opponent shades like total noob: Emerald + 8LP = obvious lvl 3 rush and not Powder -> mids. And that turn 5 Shade when he knows you play Carbuncles which guarantees that you'll play lvl 3 and will have 0 SP? Pure idiocy. I can uderstand early access to SS, but that was just dumb. Penalty points for using Chamail + 2nd Shrine SS, bonus points for 3 copies of Meltiria. Additional points for using all new Carbs: Jade, Opal and Obsidian. Probably runner-up material. Small optimization nitpicking: why did you use Asuet SS on MD Augmented and not Shade? If she moved first your Jade would get hit for only 30, if Jade's auto triggered first it would kill her and give him 10 def, once again resulting in only 30 dmg taken (not that it would change anything in this particular case).

I have only one question: do you pretend to be biggest d-bag on server? Because this kind replay could be expected from certain free player. Beating clueless noob 198 levels below you is impressive? This replay wins 1st place in category: "What's wrong with this game and why nobody wants to play it". One of oldest players takes pride in defeating newbie and feels like he has to announce it to entire world. Taking pride in beating weak, now that's definition of good sportmanship. Congratulations, you win "**** of the month" reward. You know what would make this replay even better? If that were level 1 player with Lawtia starter. Maybe next time.

I don't understand turn 11 decision to protect Agate and not last copy of General (you had 50% that Wyvern would trigger first killing General). Penalty points for Rasam SS, bonus for Aano. Like how Resource ss backfired on opponent's Dilate. Seriously, who lowers max hp of your own undead? Don't like HoG spam, especially fact that you hit 2nd Allind and not 3rd Dilate. Either you knew that opponent had only 2, or you won by luck, either way it leaves bad taste in viewer's mouth.

I don't think you understand what this contest is about. It's not about intersting or unusual decks, it's about exciting battles. You could just make screenshot of your deck and save us all time. Not to mention that you were too lazy to even play against real opponent and now expect others to waste their time watching that replay? That's insulting.

Hate deck (crapload of return and other cheapness), love replay. Outcome was unpredictable till the very end, many twists of action. Bonus points for posting lost game, double bonus for losing to same dolls I took gold star from ;)

Everything what applies to EvilTomato applies here as well plus the fact that you ripped off his idea.

You don't get how Ellie-centered deck works, opponent doesn't understand when and how to iczer and when to use Wizard's Archer agi lowering ability (all those times Foveontsa won agi rolls against your units made me grind my teeth). While games with two clueless players can be amusing at times, this wasn't one of them.

You know that I like you, but using Dio (even if it was quite original to combine her with Spy) is automatic disqualification. This card is pretty much definition of what is wrong with Alteil and why people abandon this game: nobody likes one-sided games, they are just not fun. Opponent choosing wrong unit as target for Litho SS didn't help either.

Another misleading description, why I am not surprised? Nothing to see here folks, another CFA+grims spam.

For starters, account name is AlwaysLookUp, so any potential reward should go to that account. But that won't be necessairy, since you won't get any. People like you should be banned for bullying newcomers, since this kind of attitude is one of main reasons why new players quit even before they get to Folrart arena. Right now I can't decide who's bigger ****: you or HB. But he at least was **** in Folrart, while you try very hard to discourage players from playing in Crest. *ripps off medal from HB's chest* Congratulations, medal for being "**** of the month" goes now to you. Now quit this game and never come back.

Wow, now that was what you call interesting game. Some very weird Refess/Lawtia mix (Orfen as the only way to boost Igina's attack? That certainly is original.) beating CFA spam is always nice to see. More refreshing ideas like this please!

CFA spam + Chaos Absorption (Chaos Spam for short?) losing to Afel in deck destruction. Rushed Zugateroza (turn 8 against empty field), Word of Dalos engaging CFA - somehow boring and unfun decks pitted against each other created very entertaining match. As usual, bonus points for posting lost game.

If I had 1 gran for each misleading description, I would be reach man. Not really, but you get my point. It's return based grim-spam deck with very few SK. Add Rasam and return SS and you get your usual unoriginal Folrart grind. The only thing (somewhat) interesting was opponent's deck (since I haven't seen Shvara in ages).

Not another Chaos spam... Wait, Chaos Noze, not Anna? Well, colour me curious. Original open, Noze RFTG Dilate after he got hit by Dire Straits, game got more and more interesting with every passing turn. Then it took turn to worse with Rasam SS, Urgrant, MD, Return and, last but not least, Boring Fencer of Unoriginality. Veissvogel SS triggering from Noze close and healing her fully was fun, but M:tG player in me didn't like it. Dead units are supposed to stay dead, not get healing due to stack shenanigans. Then we have some luck on your part with random removal hitting always most dangerous unit opponent had. While it's always nice to see low lvl player win, this game was pretty much lvl 3 hate vs lvl 3 rush, and yet it took you 29 rounds to win. Lot of potential wasted.

Poor angelspawn, finally found someone he could defeat. I spectated quite a few of your games and you always seemed to run into return or some other crap that would wreck your weird deck. Definitely a lot of bonus points for originality and using Gangadore + Domina in return infested arena that is Folrart.

SP drain and deck destruction. The only way this could be any less fun is if you somehow stuck return in there. People play games for fun, Alteil in current form is not fun, so it people quit. Thanks for contributing to its demise.

CFA vs MS with Rasam and Shelby SS. Watch only if you want to be bored to death. Every round.

That was... What the hell exacly that was?!? It started as curb-stomp battle, then you did some crazy recovery, then opponent started smashing you again, then you got lucky with Kraken's SS, then you Tidaled Sumer?!? Who does that? Not sure if impressive is proper word, but that certainly was craziest replay in entire contest. You have my vote (even though you used MS).

Narevez my arse, it's just another CFA spam in disguise. Sakura on CFA - that's just special kind of sad.

Mage Soldiers, 3 Returns, 2 Tidals and Wrath. Awful. Terrible. Dreadful. Easily in Top 5 Most Unoriginal Decks Ever.

-Big Missing

Biggest disappointment in entire contest. Callonia always had great replays with units like Folrart Paladin or Battle-Worn Lady Paladin, cards I didn't even knew existed before watching those replays. Y U NO POST?

-Proper(!) Ellie deck a.k.a. Oblivion

I wish you showed how to properly play Ellie and mid Lawtia.
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Re: Replay Contest Rundown

Postby gadu » Fri Jul 06, 2012 1:08 pm

Holy Hell. :shock:
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Re: Replay Contest Rundown

Postby Icyman2 » Fri Jul 06, 2012 2:17 pm

So could you sum that up and pick the 3 that you liked?
While you did do a good job of analyzing the replays, you're too gittery about power levels. Shelby song sorc/aquamancer is ud. So would chamail ss if set 11 was on there. Yeah....
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Re: Replay Contest Rundown

Postby Khiruki » Fri Jul 06, 2012 2:29 pm

justtmpuser wrote:Here are my votes:
1. Ritsukou. Definitely best replay. He used original cards, was terribly losing yet managed to turn the tide without resorting to any cheap stuff like return.
2. Khiruki. Weird deck that doesn't make a lot of sense (Orfen and LeBau in same deck?) beats CFA spam.
3. Wow, this is tough. I guess I'll go with AnythingElse for his effort to be original with Mage Soldiers.

He did. Holy hell. He actually watched every replay. I just kinda skipped over anything that had a title that promised boredom, but he actually went ahead and watched all of them. Holy crap.
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Re: Replay Contest Rundown

Postby Pikeru » Fri Jul 06, 2012 9:10 pm

You have to respect someone who puts in the effort of watching them all, it takes real dedication. Also, it makes me glad when I see someone willing to speak their mind freely and I for one appreciate the detailed analysis'. Yet, he still manages not to go overboard and nearly everything he said was true. I think it's a great idea for people to explain their decisions. Having said that, I have a moral obligation not to vote for return, sp drain, etc. either, so these are my picks:

1. Onegin: You have to love carbuncles, they're cute and fluffy afterall. I for one enjoy happy endings, despite the opponent completely unwilling to play anything remotely resembling an honorable duel(just all 4 soul skills alone left varying horrible tastes in my mouth, matter-of-factly), the good guy still won! Easily my favorite video by-far.

2. Khiruki: It was a unique and interesting deck idea. Also, the fact that it managed to win despite the opponent playing dirty cards+boring Anna-spam earns it super-mad props. It was a fairly awesomesauce match. That and the originality bumps this one into my 2nd pick.

3. Angelspawn: Rounding out my choices is Animals vs., you guessed it, another NH player(seriously, does everyone have to play double or triple Shade?). All-in-all, it was a fun match to watch and I always enjoy seeing the better player win.
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