What is going on?

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Re: What is going on?

Postby Ropey » Mon Oct 29, 2012 5:35 pm

A brand spankers 360 game is around 43 Great British Pounds Sterling Quids.

Ok, let's say I've never played this game. I go on the forums ask around. Some kind person says pre builds are the way to go specially when they get released as they are only 500g, but I want to play now so I buy a recommended pre for for 1500g that's £10. I have a fun time because I can compete. Also I can either buy another pre when I get board, or wait till they are 500g. So what is the big deal? £10 or much less for this. When you think nothing of spending £40 on one 360 game.
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Re: What is going on?

Postby Peralisc9001 » Mon Oct 29, 2012 6:14 pm

If you put it that way then you basically can stay happy with just 4 prebuilts forever and ever.

But i want to collect all the stuff in the game or at least have all the outrageously overpowered cards in my collection, since that's what matters most in this game and why should i spend so many hundreds for one single game when i could get those new fancy games at 45 - 60 each and be able to compete just as much as the rest?
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Re: What is going on?

Postby poias » Sun Dec 02, 2012 11:26 pm

Urkredel wrote:
Logress wrote:As has been mentioned, I made a number of pre-preemptive posts, but I've decided to take on the game problem holistically. Basically, its impossible to look at the Shop as an isolated problem. The aggressive focus of the game, the fact there are few way too few ways to get enough cards to build a viable file without paying, the lack of options to play with non-top meta files, the lack of motivation to spend for any reason other than to build meta files you've seen win, etc.

Throughout my time here I spent a lot of time experimenting, sometimes increasing the CPC of one or two items, sometimes making things at a price so good, I would be sure the value was not even remotely in questions (like the 500 gran pre-built). Looking over the numbers, I found revenue drop as prices drop (not surprising) but it seems the amount was proportional (so there was no 'sweet spot' where lower prices were not as causing as big of an effect) AND also the number of people spending dropped (which is odd, but makes sense if you think of the ecosystem causing someone to spend, NOT the prices themselves). BTW, I haven't actually stopped experimenting, my latest is a 250 Gran gold pack, gurenteed 3 star, but it can go up to 5. It's the best rates we've had for set targeted packs.

IMHO you SHOULD make the prebuilts the flagship of Alteil offers..
The main problem is that RNG based sales , especially if expensive as in alteil, demotivates the player base because it often feels like you have been ripped off.

Make the prebuilts a better price (maybe 1000 gran) and promote them FAR BETTER; eg: make them the first thing you see when you click the SHOP button; or making a new graphic for them CLEARER and MORE APPEALING

DO NOT make announcement about how good is the new "XYZ" offer when it is a RNG based sale, that has an high risk to let the buyer being ripped off..
that's the main point you have to build faith in the customer, and making "better CPC" of an item it's not a good way if there's an high chance of giving the feeling you are robbing them, even if it is genuinly a better CPC. because better of BAD is not necessarely GOOD ... it may just be less bad... but since you are recommending it through an announcement it may amplify the feeling of fraud

a good way to build faith in the customer is : you are spending FAIRLY. that's why i suggest to push prebuilts... you KNOW what you are spending for, you spend 1000 gran and you can PLAY an EFFECTIVE FILE.
on RNG sales you can drop 10 times the money and being unable to paly anything good at all!!

keep that sort of sales for the big spenders, for the completionists...

I think exactely the same thing as Urkredel.
You need to promote better the pre-builts. It is very difficult to find wich cards are on each file.
1) You need to find the pre-builts as there is no adds neither they are in the homepage of the shop
2) Now finding if they are worth to buy (1500G is a lot) and which one to select is yet a bigger challenge
3) You need to go the forum (which is it self a barrier not only because you need an additional registration but also because is outside the game environment)
4) then you need to search for it is not clear where will it be
5) then you need to understand what is each card
6) then find the list of cards
7) then copy/paste for each card

How many barriers are these?
How many clicks do you need?
It is by far the best buy new players can do and yet is probably one of the most difficult to do (because lottos you know that are random).
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Re: What is going on?

Postby gadu » Sun Dec 02, 2012 11:35 pm

I actually don't think any of the pre-builts are worth 1500G. The starters could outplay several of the pre-builts and they are free.
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