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Postby Anima13 » Thu Nov 29, 2012 7:47 am

Peralisc9001 wrote:How about the next set is filled with cards that are all fully and directly super counter return.

It's not a question and not even a suggestion. It's a demand.

You keep opening nerf threads band threads. Yet you have obvioulsy zero understanding of the game if you claim such things:
The game is already full off counterst to return. We are very sorry if you are not able to understand this.

Comment to grimcount: grimcount has to invest resources to boost his attack, and by this it autoloose the sp game. Either it needs a way to transfer the grimcount into an sp advantage (Nereis was a hope, but that card is not capable to do that), or it needs a specific grimcount salamander(in case the deck supposed to be gowen like, like it does in its current form).
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