The Snowballers of Alteil

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The Snowballers of Alteil

Postby Callonia » Wed Dec 12, 2012 8:59 pm

Edit: What I post here is that I feel is most effective at snowballing, only permanent buffs gets listed here no temporary buffs allowed because they're snipable.
Cemetery rats is the exception to the rule because its part of reason why EN is so deadly and lame the more lycans there is the more powerful cemetery rats is.
Deleted Amazon cuz I put that there by accident.

Universal: Proxies and Moxies and soul skills.


-Rank ups.
-Charge Grimiore
-God Lance Estoma
-Fairy Dance
-Falkow Pike
-Sword of Mysteries
-Gaia Gem Monk
-Girl Mercenary but whatevah.
-BKR, all my hate for you.
-Dista open.
-Vicious Raptor
-Attendant / Feria
-The Forest of Hate
-Ainhazard's expensive self snowballing.
-Pixies of evil and death.
-Giant Arthropleurid
-Brave Strike
-Burning Air
-Awakened Magic Doll / Esria
-Mage Knight Mercenary
-Beltorart Assault Knight
-Mage Soldier Mercenary Girl
-King's Right Hand man / Baldern
-Explosion Artist / Mesrag
-Heierrat Musketeer
-BER, all my hate.
-New Hunter / Alisa
-Song for a Hero
-Heierrat Field Commander
-Guardian of Beltorart
-Gun Princess / Yuni
-Revolutionary / Leopold
-Silver Swordartist / Dyson
-Ork King of Lameness / Grebados
-Gowen Mikus
Red Priestess /Colette

-Black Dragonrider/ Millia
-The Solar Eclipse / Alphonce
-Cemetery Rats
-Criminal Edge
-Lady of the Megiddo / Belfyra, trigger her start skill on an ex chiruru SS abuser, hiliarious.
-Command Unit / Violet X2
-Broken Priest, all my hatred.
-New Magic Doll / Astaforse
-Guard Captain / Afeemina
-Magic Doll -Mobility-
-Last Resort / Gaieshart
-Matchless Combatant / Yug
-Fog of Death / Seria
-Ghoul Mage
-Unclean one / Yudit, all my hate.
-Gray Wolf / Metis
-Death Knight / Langbart
-Magic Doll -Covert-
-Crest Lady Paladin
-Lycanthrope Belphegor
-Shadow Assassin
-Marching Death
-I guess Command Unit / Scarlet Lily if you use her as front row suicide unit.
-Song of the night singer
-Chaos Form / Annarose
-Dark Princess / Gaiessoul
-False Hero / Mordmarc
-Knight of the Abyss
-Augmented Soldier Girl
-Magic Doll -Undead-
-Black Valkyrie / Ignia
-Undead King / Zugateroza
-Little Malice / Ellie
-EX: Black Dragonrider / Millia
-That ex lawtia lvl 2 guy which buffs lycan's EN max hp by 10 a turn.

**** ok So many snowballers, next up falkow!

-Witch Queen / Catherina, all my hate.
-Azure Dragon - East / Vordore he rewards you for having a good field!
-Mage Paladin / Distrier
-SWan Swordswoman / Alna
-Fire Sorceress / Addition
-Mermaid Princess / Emana, the more mermaids there is, the better she is one of those kind of things.
-Forbidden Book
-Magic Greatsword Soldier, you guys have no idea how much his auto skill wreck solar kingdom on daily basis, think Proxies! ??? Profit!
-Abyssal STrategist / Galdirea
-Elite Fencer of Regus rofl, DG <3
-Sea Serpent, the slower he is the better he is!
-Prototype Form / Noze
-Regus Patroller
-Complete Form / Noze
-White Tiger - West / Rozari
-Elite Mage Knight of Regus
-Wizard's Gale
-Chaos Form / Galdirea
-Princess of Regus / Bernet
-Mermaid Sword Captain / Shufas
-Silver Fencer / Ascarat
-Regus Engineer
-Slave of Chaos / Ebreenu
-Dolphin Rider

Geez even falkow have quite a few.

Now for Refess

-Dragonrider / Wasseir
-Lion Baron / Zagar Set 1.
-Folrart Paladin
-Boy Combat Priest
-Knight of Luminance / Ernst
-Time Reader / Lavende
-Blessed Knight / Orfen
-Will o' the Wisp Soldier
-Holy Shield
-Inquisition Nun / Cynthia set 4.
- well, Blessed Armor
-Key to the Holy Realm
-Knight of Shrine Zero
-Elite Folrart Dual Wielder
-Wandering Priest / Raste
-Battle-Worn Lady Paladin
-Brutal Mammoth
-Folrart Berserker
-Lion General/ Zagar lvl 5 version.
-Archer Captain / Fistara
-Mammoth Brigade
-Rubems the Premature.
-Lion Adjunct / Ermitage
-4th Shrine Leader /Elaice
-The General's Order
-Sun Bow Archer
-Pretender to the Sun /Alphonce
-King of Mankind /Verlaat
-Moon Child /Miffyre
-Knight of the 5th Shrine
-Spined Armadillio
EX: Refess Mikus
EX: Holy Knight Lapierre
EX: Lion Baron /Zagar
EX: White Sage /Kaldrao
EX: Angel Knight/ Silverion
EX: Honor of the Lion /Zagar
EX: Angel Paladin /Granverion
EX: Song of the Spring /Meltiria

I find it funny that Refess barely to beat the gowen sphere in number of snowballers. JUST BARELY! XD
I likely missed a few please let me know which ones i missed.
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Re: The Snowballers of Alteil

Postby Peralisc9001 » Wed Dec 12, 2012 9:06 pm

Lists need to be rechecked.

Rats are there, sylph isn't. Make up your mind.

Wisp not there.
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Re: The Snowballers of Alteil

Postby NitroDino » Wed Dec 12, 2012 9:16 pm

Call snowballing =/= temporary buff

change the title to start skills of alteil or something...
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Re: The Snowballers of Alteil

Postby Icyman2 » Thu Dec 13, 2012 12:33 am

general opinion start buffs > snowball, since start skills can be made to be more powerful
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Re: The Snowballers of Alteil

Postby Anima13 » Thu Dec 13, 2012 2:19 pm

Fairy dance, burning air,mercenary, alraune, cemetery rats, violet,alna, forbidden book, lavende.....
What is snowballing?
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Re: The Snowballers of Alteil

Postby Peralisc9001 » Thu Dec 13, 2012 9:43 pm

cemetery rats doesn't belong there since it's just temporary buff ...

minor permanent buff like wisp is snowballing, but wisp isn't on the list
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perhaps until the game is actually improved through change or perhaps forever since there are so damn many other games and better things to do @_@ ... anies.html
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Re: The Snowballers of Alteil

Postby AqvasFire2 » Thu Dec 13, 2012 11:10 pm

Quality > quantity. And permanent snowballers?

Black hound master
Violet x2




That said, only Refess actually snowballs defensively. Not to mention their snowballers are ranged units that have a noticeable immediate impact. Yeah if you let BKR buff for 6-10 turns, you might get stomped. But they don't immediately change the outcome of a game from moment 1. EXLap's impact is rather huge. Elaice can also pile it on fairly quickly.

So yeah, Refess is still the snowball sphere. By a long shot.
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