implementation of additional filters in the card list

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implementation of additional filters in the card list

Postby Anima13 » Thu Nov 08, 2012 9:08 am

I find, it would be great If the card list would get additional conceptual filters/tags which would enable specific searches. I believe this would help a lot in the deck design process.
One card could have several tags, enabling us to do specific searches via combinations.
Because I am only one player and this is should benefit all, I would like to discuss which filters would make sense., which you would like to be implemented. I am sure the system cannot be perfect cause that would mean too many filters. So I am looking for a helpful but not overcomplicated tag system.

My current idea is, that there is :

A an SS filter which I activate if I search for ss,
B general filters,
C and filters with sub filters.
With a combination of these you could specify your request. The tagging for each card differs for SS and unit.

The filters/tags:


some general filters:
subtype specific(include all subtypes), conditional (=reliability), effect side (enemy/friendly field), random\targeted

Filters with subfilters:

buff type: permanent buff, temporary buff
buff/debuff dimension: agi, max hp, def, rng

direct damage, maxhp hate, „set hp to x“, grimcount, sp damage

field control:
removal, revive, return

resource management/manipulation:

sp gen, sl gen, sp drain, sl drain, LP damage, grimcount, deck destruction, card locking(or resource denial?), cemetery manipulation, card retrieval

field manipulation:
heal, engage/disengage, poison, burn, effect immunity

I am thinking about if in essence the same would that be enough for unit search. Which criteria you would want to use when searching for units?

Here are some examples to get the idea:

1 I am looking for an SS that debuffs my opponents agility;
I push following filters: SS (searching for soulskill), buff, effect side enemy, buff dimension agi

2I am looking for soulskills that are so strong that they reward the opponent with sp:
SS, effect side: enemy, resource management: sp gen

3 I am looking for sl manipulation soulskills in general for lawtia:
SS, (do not specify effect side thus both are included), resource management: slgen and sl drain
Writing lawtia search (unfortunately I will get also all cards with the word lawtia in it which do not generate lawtia lvls)

4 I am searching for units/grims which are capable to buff a subtype:
(not activating SS), buff (don’t care if its permanent or not), subtype specific, effect side: friendly field

5 looking for undead like units
(not activating SS), field manipulation: heal, close skill (already there), effect site: friendly (is discussable if this is necessary, we don’t have that many enemy healers :D)
Problem: I get Etoile in…. (should we add a “self” tag for units for effect site?)

Issues/Things I am thinking about:
1. Grimcount could be a general filter even if it’s a resource.
2. I am not sure where to put heal.
3. I am not sure whether there should be an “sp dmg” filter for dub and co. one could also make a general “sp dependent” tag. That could solve bit of the next issue:
4.There are effects in game which do not use resources but demands resources for them to work. Conditional do not necessary finds them that good (eg Behemoth SS).
5.Resource denial is emerging in gowen, but is also present in the open skill of many batora units, some old grims. I am not sure how to differentiate between the different targets of resource denial (cards (grim, units, lvl4+, falkow grim, character), sp (rasafel)).
6. Similar issues with immunities (grim, soulskill, cannot be attacked)
7. also one could argue if you introduce resouce denial why not using immediately the tabs in resource management: resource generation, resource drain, resource manipulation (indifferent), resource denial

8. An underdog/superiordog tag would be cool but I guess it’s too much work.

9. There are so many different effects in game that I am sure I will let out something (thus starting this thread).

Looking forward to your ideas and suggestions to improve the filter/tag system.
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Re: implementation of additional filters in the card list

Postby hexagram » Thu Jan 10, 2013 11:14 pm

here here

as if I heard mystery man talking about something like this.

Hopefully in a later sprint. Although I would prefer fixing underdog first/ search functions for the underdog list.

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Re: implementation of additional filters in the card list

Postby Anima13 » Fri Jan 11, 2013 6:33 am

OMG after 2 months someone responded ;D. yay.

still looking for constructive criticism.
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Re: implementation of additional filters in the card list

Postby Aoi » Fri Jan 11, 2013 9:18 am

I asked mysteryman in chat about a underdog filter in search, he said realistically it would only take a couple of weeks. So yeah looking forward to that being implemented
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Re: implementation of additional filters in the card list

Postby Scientiafide » Sat Jan 12, 2013 4:39 pm

It would be really nice if they implemented something like this in the file construction interface in-game. It would also be nice if sentences weren't cut-off on the cards in-game.

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