2/25/13 Errata Changes

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2/25/13 Errata Changes

Postby Romdeau » Sun Feb 24, 2013 4:45 pm

I have organized and briefly listed all of the changes for tomorrow's errata here.

Resource: Action skill is now 0SP

Abel: AGI 2->4. AT 25->15
Action skill 3SP -> 2SP, and changed to. All non-refess units get RNG=0 for this turn. This unit gets AGI-1

Lion Baron Zagar: Auto now heals 10hp instead of giving 10DF for the turn

EX: Lion Baron Zagar: Added Trait: when this unit hits a unit of level 6 or higher with an attack action or action skill, do double damage.

Bardia: Auto skill 3SP -> 2SP

Lavende: Shackles of time 1SP -> 0SP

EX Cudgel: Action skill from lvl 7+ units -> lvl 6+ units

EX Garfath: ADDED action skill 1SP-> Do damage 40 to one random enemy unit.

Orthos: Start Changed to -> [Conditional use / rival iczer has 0 cards in cemetery] All enemy units get AT values returned to base value. Engage one random enemy unit of AGI 4 or higher.

Folrart Shield Knight: Trait: Heals 33% HP on standby.

Rapidshot: HP 20->25

Light Spearwoman: Action Now only hits enemy units of HP 30 or higher.

Ancient Spear Knight: ADDED auto skill: [Conditional use / this unit is in area [1,2,3]] This unit gets AT+15 for this turn

Spike Shield Knight: Action 1SP -> 0SP

Armed Citizens: Added to open skill, If AT is 30 or lower it gets AT= current AT.

Hammer Soldier: AT 10 -> 20

Folrart Flying Cavalry: ADDED open skill: You get SP+1.

Blessing: "now grants cemetery immunity to the unit selected until end of next turn and refunds the SP cost if it is subtype Dragonrider"

Folrart lady monk: AT 30


Proposition: ADDED auto skill: Target unit cannot be targeted, affected or randomly selected by other cards' send to the cemetery effects until the end of next turn.

Noirweiden: HP 20 -> 30
Auto Skill change to -> [Conditional use / battletime night] This unit cannot be affected or selected by effects that include MAX HP change until the end of next turn
ADDED Action Skill: 1SP. This unit gets AT+10. Do damage 50% AT to a random column of enemy units in range.

EX: Lelein: OPEN ADDED. Select one friendly subtype: assassin. Switch the current HP of that unit with target enemy unit in range.

Elite Crest Knight: AT 30-> 40

Moonlight Warrior: ADDED Combat Support LVL 2

Magic Doll (vanilla): ADDED close Skill: [Conditional use / battletime night] Rival iczer gets SP-1

Folfenac: ADDED open skill -> One unit is marked.
REMOVED black tears (I think it's called) action. ADDED Close skill -> One random marked unit gets HP=0. And then, you get lawtia -2.

Elder Druid: Action skill 2SP -> 1SP

Dalos: AT 10->20

Death Dragonknight / Langbart: AT 30->40

Lycan Leonardo: auto change to -> +60 AT instead of +50 AT

Velvet: ADDED action skill 0SP -> Do damage AT to one enemy unit in range for each Closed friendly unit on the field.

Castle Wight: ADDED action skill 1SP -> Do damage AT to one random enemy unit in range. This unit gets MAX HP+10 and HP+20


Crusher: auto skill now deals AT+10 and PIERCES

Defau: Action -> Auto.

Estoma: AT 40-> 30, Action now targets

Bazgar: Action now pierces

Cassandra: ADDED Rankup Gowen 6. AGI+1

Delrare: AGI 1->2

Price of Knowledge / Liz: Close skill heals for 20HP up from 10HP

Rasfel: ADDED Rankup Gowen 5. HP+10

Magic Sword Dual Wielder: Rankup change from AT+10 -> AT+20

Lightning Archer: Rankup change from AT+10 -> AT+10, AGI +1

Berserker: Action now target

Fire Dragon: AGI 1->2 auto skill damage increased 40->50

Earth Dragon: AT 30-> 40 Auto now PIERCES

Dryad Soldier: Auto -> Start

Devouring Lizard: Action now 0SP

Heierrat Broadsword: ADDED Slash

Heierrat Spy: ADDED action skill 1SP: Do damage AT to one random level 5 or higher unit in range. Then, that unit gets AT-10, DF=0 and AGI-2.

Light Heierrat Fighter: ADDED rankup gowen 6 -> AT+10

Anti-Magic Swordsman: ADDED Grimoire Bane

Salamander Soldier: ADDED rankup gowen 5 -> AT+10

Heierrat Mage: Action change to -> Do damage: 20 to random number of enemy units equal to this units range. All units hit begin burning.
Auto change to -> This unit gets RNG + Number of friendly Merc Nation for this turn. Do damage AT to one random burning unit.

Treasure Hunter: HP 20 -> 30


Legrye: Open skill now does not hit level 1 units.

Distrier: Now deals AT to random enemy unit in range when using action skill.

Balzelda: Action now does Target enemy unit gets Lv+1, AT+20, DF=0 and AGI-2.

Mermaid Spear: Changed Start to -> Target enemy unit gets LV+1
Added Trait: When this unit executes an attack action and hits an enemy unit of lvl 4 or higher, deal 20 more damage.

Mermaid Dancer: ADDED open skill -> Target friendly mermaid gets RNG+2. (note, we should change the name of this skill.)

Carrier of Justice soul skill reworked to: Send two random [subtype: mermaid] cards from your File to your Cemetery. All friendly [subtype: deep ones] units get MAX HP+10, HP+10 and AT+20.

Singer of Friendship: Removed Auto, ADDED close -> send one friendly subtype mermaid from the cemetery out of the game. then, two random enemy units in range get hp-20 and agi-2.

Singer of Peace: removed auto, ADDED action -> send one friendly subtype mermaid from the cemetery out of the game. then, Do damage AT to two target enemy units within range. this unit gets AT+10

Merm Harpist: Open changed to -> Conditional use Ref 0. Return one closed friendly unit.
ADDED open -> Revive one closed subtype: mermaid. And then, you get refess -1

Mermaid Soldier [Human]: Numbing Slash 1SP -> 0SP and changed to: Engage friendly disengaged subtype mermaid. then, do damage AT to a random row of enemy units in range, all units hit of agi 0 or lower get DF=0.

Singer of Faith: added to auto -> [Conditional use / AT 30 or lower] and now perm

Mermaid Archer [Human]: Magic bow of the waves changed to -> This unit gets RNG-1. Do damage AT to target enemy unit. Repeat this skill for each point of RNG, max 3.

Tempest: Lv5 -> 4

Princess Emana: ADDED start skill 0SP -> [Conditional use / AGI 0 or lower] 2 target enemy units within range get AGI=0 for this turn. This unit gets AGI=1
ADDED action skill 0SP -> All units Lv3 and lower cannot be affected or selected by other cards effects that include engaging until the end of next turn.

Swallow Scout: ADDED auto -> [Conditional use / agi 6 or higher] This unit gets AT+10 and RNG+1 for this turn

Spell Lancer: ADDED action skill 0SP -> [conditional use / AGI 4 or higher] Send one grimoire from the card file to the cemetery. Then, do damage AT to two random enemy units in range. This skill counts as a grimoire activation.

Eagle Soldier: ADDED Auto skill -> One friendly Subtype: Wizard Kingdom gets AGI+1

Magic Scythe Soldier: ADDED action skill 2SP -> [Conditional use / agi 5 or higher] Subtract AT directly from the HP of a target row of enemy units in range.

Mermaid Archer: Deadly shot change to 1sp -> do damage ATx2 to two random enemy units of AGI 0 or lower in range.

Azure beastmaster: Action SP 0 -> Do [damage: target friendly monster's AGI X10] to one random engaged enemy unit in range.


Princess of the Key / Emana: Start skill only affects units of AGI 2 or higher

Unknown's Soulskill now always drains -2SP the following turn

Talisman of Disruption: Open changed to -> -40MAX HP instead of 0MAX HP and sets the target's DF=0

Gaiessoul: ADDED "Reduce all your other spheres by 1" clause to open skill.

Diamond Buncle: Auto Skill change to -> Enemy units of AT 40 or higher get AT-10 for this turn.

Jade Buncle: Start changed to -> [Conditional use / DF 10 or higher] Target enemy unit in range gets AT-10 for this turn.

EX mermaid soldier: Dive to safety SP 0 -> 1
Reckless Strike SP 1 -> 0

New Magic Doll / Astaforse and Night Singer / Miandela soul skills now have a -1SP at the beginning of next turn attached to their effects.

Overdose now lowers the users Lawtia level by 1

Exploder Wizard SS now deals 10->40 per hit from 20->40
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Re: 2/25/13 Errata Changes

Postby hexagram » Sun Feb 24, 2013 5:09 pm

not sure why this does not appear under new posts. Interesting errata plenty of cards involved. carbs seem minimally changed but other stuff was buffed I guess

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Too much negatively be happy and :)

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Re: 2/25/13 Errata Changes

Postby Callonia » Sun Feb 24, 2013 5:27 pm

Resource + woman of purity that revives on close combo is now alot less sp intensive, nice.

Abel action skill can now be used for the first time, amazing.

Zagar's buff is a buff even when its a meh one away with useless +10 def for a turn on agi 2 units which only protects them against orks oh wait ork penetrate defense xD

ex lion baron eh? That means my aisha deck just got better. lol

Bardia is now a 5 sp assassin instead of 6 sp one.

Lavende, really? now i'll consider giving her a try then.

ex cudgel';s change made me think about playing him for the first time ever considering how many mid reds rather stop at lvl 6 instead of 7.

ex garfath is no longer a lump of rock on battlefield that does nothing.

Orthos will basically only now can possibly activate its start skill on following turn after clearing out the enemy cem in current start. hm.

So instead of standbying for 11 hp, how much does it standby for now?

rapidshot dunno why the buff but i appreciate it.

light spearwoman, semi pinpointer now.

ancient spear knight now hits harder if it stands in front row.

Spike shield knight eh? Fair trade considering it used to pay 1 sp just to remove all its def permanetly to do triple damage on enemy unit. Tho I once hit an allind for 150 dmg with him.

armed citizens now gives a big atk buff to low atk units with full fields but capped at 30 if you want it perm.

hammer soldier eh.

folrart flying cavalry. looks nicer than before that's for sure.

Blessing? Wait what? Why did romdeau buff my zagar x sergis deck?

Folrart lady monk? Did it take folrart heavy guardian to realize that countering for 20 dmg is just meh?

Noirweiden really? U gotta buff my noirweiden deck? awwwrite gotta i'm glad I saved an screeenshot of my noirweiden file.

my lol file also got buffed via cassandra lol.

Delrare at agi 2? Must think about him cuz he just didn't mesh with anything at agi 1.

fire/earth dragon i wish i have these buffs for my dragon crisis deck lol.

So heierrat broadsword now has slash skill, about time he got it, he looked funny without a slash.

Distrier got a buff wat.

Swallow scout, lemme check.. so mage knight and swallow scout?

Spell lancer he's already super good unit that only gets better.

Why did emana become more uber than before?

So talismans still can kill an lich ok i guess.

Why no give anno her grand cross slash back? I wanna play with it.
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Re: 2/25/13 Errata Changes

Postby gadu » Sun Feb 24, 2013 5:48 pm

Rom, you wrote Carrier Love was getting a buff, but I don't see her on this list. Was that a mistake?

I thought Mermaid Archer Human old skill was pretty cool but it's gone now. :(

I can't believe I PC 5* Emana. :o :shock: :x

Callonia wrote:
Why no give anno her grand cross slash back? I wanna play with it.

Cal, Slashing is for noobs. Fight like a man!
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Re: 2/25/13 Errata Changes

Postby ForgotPassNotWorking » Sun Feb 24, 2013 5:55 pm

I like the fact that you posted this earlier, before errata release, not after! This IS uncommon for alteil so i really appreciate this minor change a lot.

So here how i see the list.

Spike Shield Knight
Blessing - not much but i like it
EX: Lelein
Noirweiden - this was indeed necessary buff. The card will still not be strong as it should be.
Velvet - not gonna make it meta tho.
Crusher - this is good. Still drains SP. That was the issue really, reducing that to 0 would have been a lot better.
Earth Dragon - DAT PIERCING!
Heierrat Mage
Merm Harpist - it revives only one unit now, that's good. Smart change. You're smart.
Mermaid Archer [Human]
Princess Emana
Azure beastmaster

Mediocre changes that still contribute positively:
Resource - told you ...
EX Garfath
Lion Baron Zagar
EX: Lion Baron Zagar
Folrart Shield Knight
Light Spearwoman
Ancient Spear Knight
Armed citizen - it's already a good card
Folfenac - eh? :?
Death Dragonknight / Langbart
Lycan Leonardo
Castle Wight
Magic Sword Dual Wielder
Fire Dragon
Dryad Soldier - told you ...
Devouring Lizard - told you ...
Heierrat Broadsword
Heierrat Spy - told you to do so several times ... now you've figured it on your own :?
Light Heierrat Fighter
Anti-Magic Swordsman - finally has grim removal :roll:
Salamander Soldier
Mermaid Dancer
Singer of Faith
Spell Lancer - nice, but it was already a good card
Eagle Soldier
Mermaid Archer

SILLY / POINTLESS changes (failed attempts to buff)
Hammer Soldier
Folrart lady monk
Proposition - still gets easily countered
Elite Crest Knight
Moonlight Warrior: ADDED Combat Support LVL 1 (it means he gives 5 AT to units on the left and right)
Magic Doll (vanilla) - stupid change! See japanese version. That one is actually good.
Elder Druid - woah finally! Too bad that at this point the game is cluttered with 20 damage spam.
Dalos - hahaha, i called it. Well at this point he is probably mediocre again. The NERF was utterly dumb to begin with. Besides the game got so many high HP units it made dalos look like a sissy, which he still is. Freaking 3 SP.
Estoma - cutting his attack in half and making his second actionskill into an autoskill would have actually done something
Lightning Archer
Treasure Hunter - Nothing makes adventurer type decks viable and the random SP gen isn't something to rely on. Should have made actionskill into autoskill.
Mermaid Spear - i liked the previous open a lot more, but now this just added repetitiveness to the game and it's so dull it might not even get used
Singer of Friendship - out of sphere, should have kept the auto
Mermaid Soldier [Human] - the other skill engaged
Swallow Scout - either buff should be permanent or reduce actionskill cost to 0
Magic Scythe Soldier - nobody will bother with this

WRONG changes (buffs on good cards - creating OP cards):
Lavende - what the hell? ROFL she was already good the way she was, she really didn't need this!
Folrart Flying Cavalry - wow! seriously? 1 SP and you dish out godlike extra free damage. Should have made it a level 1 instead.

Talisman of disruption

Mediocre nerfs (that still contribute positively):
Princess of the Key / Emana
Gaiessoul - it's ok since people should play the card in augments
EX mermaid soldier - also got a buff LOL!

SILLY AND BAD NERFS (shouldn't have been nerfed kind of cards):
Diamond Buncle
Jade Buncle
I like Alteil a lot! Alteil is awesome! HAHAHAHA
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Re: 2/25/13 Errata Changes

Postby Ethikx » Sun Feb 24, 2013 5:58 pm

Didn't think you were serious about blessing with dragonriders.

Greatly dislike the Folfenac change, gonna have to take her out of my Assassin file.

Better dragons are always good ^_^

Poor Igina :(
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Re: 2/25/13 Errata Changes

Postby Dean » Sun Feb 24, 2013 5:59 pm

Some really good idea like Ex Lelein open make me happy.

but I still don't understand why Zagar atk raise is not a start skill (or auto but perm raise). I don't think it make him more playable.
Same as Legrye, good idea for the open but it need is HP back.

However I predict the return of Dalos!
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Re: 2/25/13 Errata Changes

Postby Callonia » Sun Feb 24, 2013 6:07 pm

gadu wrote:
Callonia wrote:
Why no give anno her grand cross slash back? I wanna play with it.

Cal, Slashing is for noobs. Fight like a man!

Aano is on the field, slashing away and doesn't have this ezmode atk x2 and cannot revive after being killed once or heal back to full after getting ignition thrown on its ****.

Cannot get more manlier than that. Oh and she's also lvl 3, she have to dodge returns and crap that dilate is immune to. And has 25 hp. jp version have aano at 40 hp and bearing the grand cross slash. It hits enemy's slot 2,4,5,6,8.

This is proof of bias against refess because only gowen is allowed to have fun slashes while not refess.
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Re: 2/25/13 Errata Changes

Postby GOSCAR » Sun Feb 24, 2013 6:09 pm

Resource and Folrart Shield Knight buff are so horrible not even first born sacrifices would suffice to make anyone forgive you.
"While Retear in his previous state was certainly powerful, we felt that his skill set was not particularly satisfying to use..." A.K.A. he was too Refess for Refess.
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Re: 2/25/13 Errata Changes

Postby Romdeau » Sun Feb 24, 2013 6:12 pm

Fixed Moonlight, his buff is combat support lvl 2.
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