EX: Light Magic Archer (Part Two, the revenge!)

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EX: Light Magic Archer (Part Two, the revenge!)

Postby Logress » Tue Mar 12, 2013 9:01 pm

EX: Light Magic Archer (Part Two, the revenge!)

Well, this hasn't happened before, but it looks like some of our deviations from the Japanese game have caught up to us. EX: Light Magic Archer is a US-only card, only now it turns out there IS a Japanese EX: Light Magic Archer, and she's a multi-sphere Gowen Refess card -- aaaaaaand it's about time for us to release her. Our original plan was to use Sunbow Archer for the multi-sphere instead, but that introduced a new problem, namely Sunbow Archer is a magic archer awash in holy golden light, and Light Magic Archer is Refess-y looking Solar Kingdom soldier firing a FIREBALL from her bow... really, nothing says Refess/Gowen better than that. So, it looks like the best option is to retcon our EX: Light Magic Archer into EX: Sunbow Archer, and release the new EX Gowen/Refess Multisphere as the new EX: Light Magic Archer. But I know what you're thinking...

'Who is Sunbow Archer?'

Er, Set 10 I think, 1-star Refess. Go look, you probably have a bunch of her and never noticed. But the question I was looking for was 'How dare you change my cards!!!'

Hmm, not actually a question. Anyway, we're not changing anything about the way the existing EX: Light Magic Archer works in the game. Same Stats, same skills (we'll even keep the skill names), the ONLY thing that's changing is the art, card name, and flavor text. She will appear in the same place in the card list, and your existing files with her won't need any modifications, she'll just magically look different and have a different name.

Okay, you got us, we know everyone is obsessed with the Light Magic Archer art, so we're pulling it off the cards you already have and putting it on new cards so you all have to buy more! We'll be rich I tell you, rich! Bwahahahahahahaha!

Ahem. So let me sum up:

First step

On Friday Morning, the EX: Light Magic Archer you know and love is being retconned into EX: Sunbow Archer but will keep her stats and skills and game functionality completely intact.

Second Step

A new card will be released (announcement coming soon) with the art and name "EX: Light Magic Archer" and she will be Gowen/Refess multisphere, with the EX Multisphere boarder.

I apologize for the inconvenience, and next time I make an EX card that JP doesn't have I'll be a little more careful about what I pick.
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Re: EX: Light Magic Archer (Part Two, the revenge!)

Postby Khiruki » Tue Mar 12, 2013 9:20 pm

Oh. Okay. That's cool.
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Re: EX: Light Magic Archer (Part Two, the revenge!)

Postby gadu » Tue Mar 12, 2013 10:50 pm

Logress, you never should have left TV script writing. 8-)
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