Recycle rates - an understanding

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Re: Recycle rates - an understanding

Postby Scientiafide » Sat Mar 30, 2013 5:20 pm

Well it depends on how high is the recycle rate in question. A 95%+ recycle rate is pretty good (like in the black friday hyper lotto), but in a game that distributes it's products randomly I agree anything lower than 90% is pretty bad. At that point you're pretty much making people spend money on nothing.

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Re: Recycle rates - an understanding

Postby VertuHonagan » Sun Apr 07, 2013 4:12 pm

Logress wrote:I have also spent a lot of time analyzing recycling, as you can imagine -- and I also kind of would like to rework the financial system so it doesn't have to exist for purely mathematical reasons. From your argument, it does seem like, since at best a high recycle rate can get close to the original value you spent, and since your are approaching a value you started with, it seems like a net gain of zero (at best!). But that assumes the the goal of recycling is to gain value (or maintain value), which it's not. What recycling IS about -- is targeting cards.

So, if you spend $10 and that gives you a chance of getting the card you want, but on average recycling everything from that purchase gets you a 50% return, effectively it lets you pull 50% more times and thus increase your chances of pulling what you want by 50% --- actually way more, because if at any time you don't get what you want, you recycle again and get 50% of that in additional pulls -- and the cycle repeats. If you DO get what you want, then it's moot, you've gotten the value that matters to you.

Different shop items have different ratios -- obviously, the best is the lotto, since 10 gran... well, even if it was a always a 1-star it would still be 50%... I think the real number is 70-75. When rates get boosted, I analyze the results over the course of the sale. As you can imagine, a 100% average recycle rate means anyone with patience can any card for 10 gran. During the last few rarity ups I watched several free players with a modest amount of gran saved up recycle their way to a meta deck in a few hours.

So, while making everything cheaper and killing off recycling would help getting more cards for your money, (if that is the content you are looking for in CPC) but would make it harder to target cards (if that is the content you're looking for).

As for the question of fixed card sales, the Marketplace/Auctionhouse and what the real CONTENT is in CPC and ways to fix it, I've already made a lot of posts about that...

I would say this makes a lot of sense, but the biggest problem I've come across while trying to get cards through lotto is this:

Once you've gotten a big chunk of the card collection(around 30-40%) and you own 3 copies of almost all the 1* cards, your chances of getting anything new is extremely low. I more often than not just waste all my grand pulling cards I have 3 copies of over and over again, than I do actually pulling something that I don't have 3 copies of already. And I usually end up having used all the gran on getting absolutely nothing.
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