1,2,3,4,7?!...MATH IS HARD (Lv3 Grimcount)

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1,2,3,4,7?!...MATH IS HARD (Lv3 Grimcount)

Postby Jazzock » Tue Apr 23, 2013 11:55 am

Level 3 Grimcount is a file that uses grimoire activations (grimcount) to do damage, much like normal grimcount. However, level 3 grimcount has a couple differences to the normal variant. The most obvious is well, its level 3 and lower. The other difference, it relies on units and soul skills to raise the grimcount rather then grimoires. The file itself is fairly centred around the set 12 Mirelia, as she is pretty much the only way to dish out lots of damage to lots of units. The rest of the file is basically support or backup for her. I think the file probably has the potential to get to 1800-1900RP. I really shouldn't do these at 2am

Play Tips:
- Because of no free revives, aim to play lvl 1-2s early to get to soul skills and get spare sp. Also try to get Bernet/Ariete out to get grimcount up.
- Owl sage makes a great tank for Ariete/Bernet.
- Be very careful with grims, once they're used you probably wont use them again. Think of them as only 1 time use because you want to save you're sp for dealing damage.
- Use speed and high damage to your advantage. Also make use of the fact the units tend to be able to take a beating. (well, a bit of one anyway)

Example file: Pre EX12

Key Cards:

Paladin Captain / Mirelia *** (Set 12)

Mirelia is essentially required for this file as she is you're main means of dishing out damage. She can take entire fields with some support and if your grimcount is high enough. You may think she is a bad card because of needing to spend SP to kill things, however if you can buff her she turns into a unit that will pretty much only hit enemy main units due to her trait, turning the disadvantage to an advantage. Storm Sword itself is a very useful skill, generating grimcount (which is good because you don't have many grims) and pinpoint any enemy unit. Dance of the Butterfly is the skill she uses to just take out everything, I like to think of it as an angry loli going on a rampage, or Mirelia herself being pissed off at the forces that destroyed her home and getting revenge. As a bonus, she is also one of the "tanky" Wizard Kingdom units with her 40HP and 10DF.
For her usefulness see the following image: Mirelia taking on mid-refess

Also, because I love Mirelia, here's a bigger picture of her (don't think it's quite full size): Click

Wizard Princess / Ariete ***** (Set 12)

Ariete, or Bernet 3.0 (I think?) is a great card, again probably essential for this file. Despite people looking at her Open Skill and seeing the self-grimbane and grimlock and thinking she's bad, she does generate 1SP by baning 2 grims. The grimbane itself is actually fairly useful as it allows her to use the free action skill: Archive Reborn to actually generate grimoire activations. The grimoires returned by the skill are not locked so you can use them the next turn if you so wish. Her other action skill allows for the small number of grimoires you may be using, to be used reused. This skill is essential in beating files such as EN (unlimited tidals, enough said). Her start skill is a nice bonus for your file, because even though you can take a few hits, it's still better to not take any. Being level 2, and generating 1SP is great for file flow as well. Funnily enough she works wonders in falkow vs falkow because you can lash tidal and return and then get them back later, assuming of course the opponent hasn't got elite fencer on the field. Works ideally with 2-4 grimoires in file. Do not play her turn 1 as sometimes you actually NEED an early grim use.

Regus Combat Sorcerer ** (Set 12)

Attack buffs and Range buffs. Turns your faster units into powerhouses and boosts Mirelia's range so she can take out another row with her skill. Just a great unit for the file. If you buff mirelia's attack with this card it allows Mirelia to soft-target non-sac units. Regus Combat Sorcerer is a fairly good unit in her own right, being able to hit 35 damage at 4 range if she buffs herself, or pinpoint problem cards with her action skill.

Princess of Regus / Bernet **** (set 9)

At least 2 copies of Princess Bernet are required because she will likely be one of your main sources of grimcount. She is very fast after you get to 4 grimoire activations, making her good for dealing some quick damage. Magic Seal Barrier (conditional use / 8 grimoire activations) is a very good skill to making your, likely only front line unit immune to attack actions to make it survive even longer. Magic Seal Power (Conditional use / 11 Grimoire activations) is a powerful skill which allows you to deal with things such as phoenix chick and dilate. It also deals with possibly dangerous enemy units or enemy bigger units to keep them from hurting your field. Princess Bernet is a versatile unit that's very useful for the file.

Return * (set 1) and Sweeping Tidalwave ** (Set 4)

Two of the (probably) most hated falkow cards and they are essential to the file, as single copies. A well timed one of these can win you the game. Tidalwave itself comes with the bonus of sending a grimoire to the cemetery for ariete to bring back (and hence an extra +1 grimcount). If you need to use these multiple times you can always recollect them using Ariete's 1SP action skill, but in most games you'll only need to use one or the other.

Other Units:

Witch Queen / Catherina ***** (set 1)
Good open and good buffer. Helps with file flow and sp in the long run.

7th Successor / Ariande EX (EX12)
Hits harder and more random then mirelia. Requires some setup. However can take a few hits and is still a good unit for the file.

EX: Princess of Regus / Bernet EX (EX12)
Possible addition/substitution for the normal version. Start skill helps Ariande, Mirelia and Combat Sorcerer. Can grimlock which is useful for the file (helps vs bigger files). Can raise Grimcount very fast with an additional AGI boost.

Wizard Soldier of Regus ** (Set 2)
Free grimcount based attacker. A powerful 1v1 unit. Good option if you feel like you need someone to do damage for free.

Mage Knight of Regus ** (Set 3)
AGI booster and grimbaner. A good unit for Wizard kingdom-heavy files.

Spell Lancer ** (Set 3)
Powerful lancer that can raise grimcount with the free action skill by sending to the cemetery a grimoire (combo with ariete). 2SP lancer skill does heavy damage and pierces DF

Flying Sorcerer of Regus * (Set 12)
Field movement works nicely with Mirelia and Ariande. Also can be used to move an enemy unit out of range for defensive reasons.

Owl Sage ** (Set 2)
Helps with flow, and possible SP gen, need I say any more?

Sylph * (Set 1)
Boosts speed of target unit for combos with soul skills/other units (combat sorc) or just to hit the enemy before they hit you. Sylph is better then undine for this type of file in my opinion.


Some good grimoire choices are:
Invisibility Edge * (Set 2) - attack and range boost are useful for a file that relies on self-range manipulation.

Deep Sleep * (Set 6) - A useful grimoire for engaging a problem unit and buying time.

Aquamantic Bubbles *** (set 10) - Used to return dead units to the card file for another use. Also protects friendly units from attack actions for a turn if successful.

Forbidden Book *** (set 5) - To raise grimcount.

Celerity *** (Set 9) - One of my personal favourite Grims. gives +2 Perm AGI to one friendly unit and then +1 temp AGI to all friendly units. If you have high enough grimcount (8), it also gives your units an EXTRA +1 PERM AGI and disengaged them.

https://alteil-login.apocoplay.com/audi ... 33f519a003

https://alteil-login.apocoplay.com/audi ... f6502a334b

https://alteil-login.apocoplay.com/audi ... 69c85001f3
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Re: 1,2,3,4,7?!...MATH IS HARD (Lv3 Grimcount)

Postby ErnnLaties » Tue Apr 23, 2013 12:57 pm

awesome file! my level 4 grimcount died to free reviving dolls and shvara (or whatever his name is) today tho... I imagine the same problem might happen here. basically grimcount/WK is supposed to not get hit with agi manip... but with close skill dmg, it kinda screws up WK :(
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Re: 1,2,3,4,7?!...MATH IS HARD (Lv3 Grimcount)

Postby Jazzock » Tue Apr 23, 2013 8:08 pm

Lol, it's okay, level 3 grimcount offensive units tank 40dmg. Mirelia and wiz soldier survive with 10HP, Ariande with 20. They do better vs lawtia then regular WK I find :lol:
then again I suck with normal WK so...
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