Favorite card from each sphere

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Favorite card from each sphere

Postby worthing » Thu Apr 25, 2013 8:10 am

Now I am sure their is a thread like this somewhere if not multiple ones but hey out with old in with the new right? Think it would be interesting to hear why people also like the cards too (unit,grim,or SS. Preferably not multisphere cards as well. I'll start.

Refess- Elite folrart Acolyte: One of the tankiest level 3 units in the game that gives a decent buff with 25atk and shield breaking. Works well in most solar kingdom files and you can stall off of him for awhile.

Lawtia- Crest spy: A card the iczers for 3lp that you can pretty much base an entire file off of or randomly splash in lawtia for lols. What isn't to love about chunking your opponents lp?

Gowen- Salamander: 10 dmg piercing open skill, 30atk, 2rng, level 1? Yes please

Falkow- Cyclone: Really helps keep the balanced and keeps level 2 rushes from being super strong
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Re: Favorite card from each sphere

Postby Khiruki » Thu Apr 25, 2013 8:46 am

Gowen: Erica
Refess: Catira
Lawtia: Eurgh... some dolly... maybe Cornelia. Maid Dolly!~
Falkow: Thunder Drops
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Re: Favorite card from each sphere

Postby Indignatio » Thu Apr 25, 2013 9:36 am

Refess: Inquisitor Sergeant/Gravan
Lawtia: EX: Cursed Armor Knight
Gowen: Forest Rhino
Falkow: Flight Master/Fomuna
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Re: Favorite card from each sphere

Postby Jazzock » Thu Apr 25, 2013 9:46 am

Refess: SK5 -> while not as tank as other solar lv3 units, they still are fairly tank. They can also dish out maxHP damage, and a lot of it fairly easily. Plus, they're a 'bunch of crazies' :?

Lawtia: I'm going to cheat... and say Veteran Crest Slayer and War Torn Dragonrider / Millia -> reason? They have awesome art, and are just fun to play :lol:

Gowen: Fate of Esria -> I love it because not only is it a fairly safe return-roll counter (as in, free to try :? ), it can also provide some nice 1 turn attack boosts in a pinch. Easily splashed too (which is good because I suck at gowen lol)

Falkow: I'll have to name two again...
Paladin Captain / Mirelia -> Trait = soft pinpoint, one flying attack action that fuels her other skill, and one wiping action? Also, Mirelia is one of my fav chars in the game...
Thunder Drop -> Kills my sac units when opponent doesn't want to. Kills enemy SP gen units. Finishes off enemy units. Takes out succubus. Forces early soul activations. While the grim probably hasn't been the most noticeable card in my mid/big falk files, it has saved me on many occasions. So yes, it's my favourite falkow grimoire.
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Re: Favorite card from each sphere

Postby VertuHonagan » Thu Apr 25, 2013 11:27 am

Refess: Knight of Luminance / Ernst I love him because as he gets hit he gets more powerful! Comboing him with max hp buffing units or even other counter units is a great way to go. Especially now with his new buff that includes giving all friendly units +15 atk. :)

Lawtia: Knight of Crest / Langbart The only Knight that crest has! He buffs allies and himself on counter. Though I wish his counter would hit any unit in range, but meh. Great pixie counter. You can almost never fail with him vs pixies. Duchy of Crest is my favorite subtype and he is their lone Knight. Love his art too!

Gowen: Gun God / Ben MacLachlan Finally we get Yuni and Fiertes father! By far my favorite Gowen card and great art! I'm not disappointed with his skills either. Though I would much rather see his ss be the one it is in jp he is still a great card. :)

Falkow: Flash Paladin / Ibert Although Ocean King / Vondora is an extremely close second and one of my favorite cards in the game, Ibert takes the win. Ibert has amazing attack, he can't be hit by attack actions and his art is just amazing! This card has won me quite a few games playing him end game and he works a lot better than Vondora.
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Re: Favorite card from each sphere

Postby harvest4god » Thu Apr 25, 2013 11:43 am

Refess: Refugee Citizens, A free reviving card that takes away rivals grims. Perfect for most refess files as it doesn't cost extra SP and helps lower your rivals potential. Also, if they use sweeping tidal wave, they lose a grim anyways so it's an even trade. :)

Gowen: Allind, I have always loved big red and have played on and off since I started playing. 50 Damage on open to all units is still very powerful and just love the card.

Lawtia: Broken Virus, Best non undead tank in game. Nuff said

Falkow: Elemental Pillar / Oeste, IT's my sig. but also as a card it can be really powerful especially with a tank already in front of it.
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Re: Favorite card from each sphere

Postby Aoi » Thu Apr 25, 2013 12:03 pm

Refess: Fistara - Cat Girl. Check. An Refess Archer that can actually pinpoint? Check. Double attack? Check. What this is on start? Yup all it takes is a little focusing. Now if only I had her seasonal...

Lawtia: Marchare - She has a 0sp Iczer, while being SS immune, and she is a cute dolly? Usually thats nuff said. But she is also an Assassin thus she reaps the newly found benefits from being one. Besides that, Have you seen her Seasonal? Now its nuff said.

Gowen: Felice - Whats this your enemy has a card with 999,999,999 hp, but all you have out is this card and she only has 10 atk. Whats this that enemy has 0 def? NO PROBLEM!! Because all she has to do is scratch the enemy and they die!!!!! See all that hp? Now its 0. WOOT. Does the enemy actually have def? NO PROBLEM, just use Reequip and leach the attack needed to get above the def from a friendly warrior.

Falkow: Flying Soldier of Regus or in other words Flying Girl - Our cute little Rapidly Flying Apprentice is all grown up now <3, I shouldn't have to say anymore to sell her, but I will elaborate further. She is a lv1 card, that on open lets you mess with the enemy's field. See that Guardian? Shove her in the corner. See the Owl Sage? Bring it to the frontlines. The possibilities are endless. :D BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! She also has the ability to send herself back into the file, while simultaneously allowing her to move a friendly unit's positioning. So say your playing orks and you mess up with their positioning and their fat butts can't be moved so normally this would be the end for you. Nope Flying Girl can move them fat butts, and since she returns herself, you can keep using her!!!
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Re: Favorite card from each sphere

Postby shadowsketch » Thu Apr 25, 2013 2:47 pm

Gowen - Ball of Lame
Falkow - Return
Refess - Key to the Holy Realm
Lawtia - Ellie

Troll post aside, here are my real favs:

Gowen - Feline Kin Kenshi - She reminds me of that old Magic the Gathering card Arena that lets two monsters fight against each other. I like her for her utility, she can be a fast frontline unit in some matchups and a support sniper in others.
Falkow - Level 4 Galdirea - I just love the randomness of this card.
Refess - Phoenix Chick - I've enjoyed coming up with different combos for it, like Game Over and Sacrifice. He's also Mid Ref and I have a special place in it from the beginning with Guardian/BAK to Veteran Folrart Paladin to now.
Lawtia - Death's Embrace - I've grown to love this after using it with Chamail combos. It's a good card for SP Drain strategies and I enjoy playing that style.
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Re: Favorite card from each sphere

Postby kirk22 » Sat Apr 27, 2013 12:47 pm

Refess- Emerald Buncle. I don't play full on refess, and like many I have come to hate all things buncle. But this little guy has proven himself to be a great open. As long as you don't backlash him that is.

Lawtia- Guard Captain/Afeemina. I love this woman. She's not just my favorite lawtia card, she's my favorite card in the game. Perma buffs atk of a dutchy unit on start and then can pinpoint an enemy unit with that newly buffed atk. Love it. Also, I think she's gorgeous.

Gowen- Heierrat Field Commander. Whats not to like about her? She gives defense, perma buffs atk, can gen SP, and disengage a unit. All before she attacks. Add in her 70hp which allows her to take a beating and you have one solid unit.

Falkow- Flight Master/Fomuna. She's just looks like so much fun.
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Re: Favorite card from each sphere

Postby randomguy00 » Sat Apr 27, 2013 4:25 pm

Refess: Granverion. He's a giant Gundam that snowballs ridiculously hard and cries against Dio/Mystere/Francis. Oh well.

Lawtia: Frenzy. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition or this grim, which does really well against mid-high attack files or even just to finish off a pair of enemy units for a cheap 3sp. A close second would be Tears of Blood for ridiculous late game power.

Gowen: Heierrat Mage. The strongest reason to play a burning file, she combos ridiculously well with Field Commander and can take out rushes and tankier files easily. Her action is great for whacking any (all) of the squishy support/sacrificial units your opponent may have while setting up a 50 damage auto next turn to those that survive.

Falkow: Brood Wyvern. He's tanky, has a good open skill, and his action is tricky and wins games. Close second to Bernet for being cute.
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