Worthing's EX Chromatic Forces rundown and review

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Worthing's EX Chromatic Forces rundown and review

Postby Logress » Thu Apr 25, 2013 8:58 pm

By popular demand, I've asked Worthing to take a look at EX Chromatic Forces and give us all this thoughts!

So, read on...

Ex: Priestess of madness- I really like the concept of lawtia/refess files and I think with manipulator priest and ex priestess of madness a level 3 lawtia/refess true god church file can work very well. This card gives you the ability to pick units off in a true god church file which was very hard to do before with the exception of raste's 2sp skill which can be hard to use every turn if you aren't in a dominating position. Priestess of madness really helps you stall and protects your units by setting enemy units to 0 rng and then killing them. True god church really is about stalling and building up a beefy field and priestess can really help you get there. I highly suggest using emana, rasam, chainmail pixy, and Shrine knight 2 for soul skill when playing true god church. I think their are plenty of ways to go about getting 3 into lawtia by using Mediator of Sun and Moon or Limier or you can simply use a soul skill to help get a few levels into lawtia. Priest of madness also allows you to use a soul skill like exiled military aide or High Inquisitor / Fortune can help ensure you can get units to 0 range. Her soul skill is also great if you want to try a file that opens with units like exploding spore or shade and feel like you won't have sp problems.

EX: Augmented Sorcerer- Great support for poison based files. Breath of the dead is a very strong card but previously poisoning units was difficult. Augmented sorcerer can really make us of the poison and drain your rival's sp. She works well with a few files too. You can splash her in monsters since mycondia will poison and increase your lawtia sphere or play her with other cards like Colossal Ork and Knight of the Second Death as a soul skill. As for the soul skill I prefer the soul skill that lets you target for 40 damage and bane a grimoire. But he can be better in the later stages of the game compared to the 40 target damage soul skill.

EX: Mage Soldier Mercenary Girl- A strong level 5 unit that can engage units and move them around while dealing tons of damage. She can be outswarmed by smaller units though which is why I strive to play her late game and use other level 4-5 gowen units to beat enemy units down early like Brave Hero / Dilate and Mad Beast / Dandan. Grimoires like cyclone and return can also help keep important support units off the field while you try to take down the front line. Mage soldier mercenary girl does well against mid and big files if you can get her out early. She can pinpoint and kill many units for 1sp. Her soul skill is also pretty interesting as well since it can revive, buff, and rank that unit up. If you are looking for a revival soul skill in a gowen file that has a few rank up units I suggest trying her out.

EX: Talisman Mystic- A level 3 solar kingdom file that uses falkow for grimoires like return and sweeping tidalwave is a force to be reckoned with and is quite strong in my opinion. Talisman Mystic fits in quite well with her grimoire locking and snowballing capabilities, since your return grims are for early game setup, her Action skill lock is unlikely to cause you problems. Her start skill is also very good and can prevent popular soul skills like rasam. A sample file to play ex talisam mystic in would be something like this. http://i.imgur.com/nwtGo0C.png

EX: Ancient Zombie Lord- I'm sure this guy doesn't need to much of an introduction or overview. If you know what he does you have probably already suffered from the infinite EX: AZL and undead Langbart file. With soul skills like Verlatt, grimoires like oversoul, and Lady of Conflict / Annarose you really can infinitely refresh AZL and Langbart which can be a devastating combo to many files.

EX: Nightmare Given Form- By far the most undervalued card in the ex set. I haven't seen him used once in folrart but his potential is great. He can be played early game to run over small units even though he will be quite slow and makes for an amazing endgame unit in a level 3 lawtia file that uses falkow for grimoire use. Here is another sample file of a great way to put him to use.
The soul skill is also amazing and is something a lot of files needed that planned to not have an endgame unit and are to low on sp to make use of. mitzett. http://i.imgur.com/Gix173h.png

EX: Light Magic Archer- Another popular unit from the ex set. She can basically be splashed into any small/mid file that uses both refess and gowen. She does a lot of damage and can pick off very important support units in the backline – also is a hard counter to Dio. You can make great use out of her in the gowen/refess warrior file and many other files that have limited ways of reaching back line units. If you already have a reliable way to do this you may not need her though.

EX: Mermaid Soldier [Human]- She is fantastic with Mermaid Princess / Emana and allows you to play mermaids in a different way because her start skill will set emana to 0 agility. Setting enemy units to 0 agility can really help you beat rush files and dominate the early stages of the game. Emana also will prevent soul skills like rasam which makes her very useful and is a file worth using if you have her. EX: Mermaid Soldier works very well with these 2 units as well since she will be able to pinpoint and do quite a bit of damage or is a back up way to prevent your units from getting hit by attack actions. I really like the concept of a level 3 falkow file that can stall the field and doesn't even need owl sage to help out. Playing mermaids may be a bit difficult at first because they give you a ton of options which can be overwhelming but mastering the file and concept can really help you defeat a lot of files.
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