Been Awhile What's Changed?

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Re: Been Awhile What's Changed?

Postby gabotheplaya » Thu May 30, 2013 10:18 pm

I can almost cut the bitterness with a knife in some of the posts...

- Have prices become lower?
Yes. It wasn't an across the board price cut, but rather better cost per content. As always, only aim for events.

- Are we getting more cards per pack?
No, but better CPC as mentioned.

- Has their been a new balancing team in place?
Yes, but same old stuff. They do ninja patch when something is obviously wrong though. Greatest outcries now are OPDillate, meta buncles with chamail + sk2 SS, and some people still think ellie spam + Zu is uncounterable.

- Has the player base grown by any significant margin?
No, but game is stabilizing. Projections of population increase when all game engine and visual revamp finishes then the marketing starts.

- Is Return still a problem for Refeese?
Yes, same with other spheres. But refeese counters with insane SP gen and and longevity making it competitive.
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Re: Been Awhile What's Changed?

Postby worthing » Fri May 31, 2013 1:23 am

Hmmmm seems to be some rumors going around, well let me fill you in on the testing/balancing team (which are the same thing). The testing team consists of me, rom, 3 people that have been their for quite a while, and 5 people that are somewhat new to the team but are very conscious people who have a good understanding for the game. When I started with the team it was not very active due to the number of people but has picked up quite a bit. I started off helping a bit with the new starters but the only contribution I made was testing game and some changes to efreet. Set 12 came around and I helped out only a bit due to lack of interest at one point but started to do more around the chromatic forces but came into the project when it was halfway done. I put a lot of effort into ex 12 and think It was a very good ex set and every card is pretty good and has a use imo. Set 13 which I have been putting almost 20 hours a week into is looking very good and is hard to change since the jp alteil allows you to generate sp rapidly so we have to give stat points to high cost units that jp ignored since getting sp for the units and skills was very easy to do compared to our version. The best way to summarize it is, when we first get a set, some cards are absurdly op, some are very underwhelming, and some do not even make sense to exist. As for erratas I have not participated in one yet so I have no idea how we handle those but basically when something doesn't see any play or when something sees to much play and can be abused with many cards we attempt to change it. Although it is strongly urged that we only do 1 errata per set.
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Re: Been Awhile What's Changed?

Postby ChiYoung » Fri May 31, 2013 2:19 am

worthing wrote: Although it is strongly urged that we only do 1 errata per set.

Why? You can't possibly fix all the bugs and imbalances in one errata.

In addition, it creates pressure on the dev team to "do it all at once". Why does this rule exist?

I rather like the LoL system. Regular patches every three weeks, and hotfixes when there is horrendous stuff. I understand Alteil doesn't have many resources, but these bugs are important. They directly affect player experience. Maybe once every four weeks (month)?
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