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Set 13 Flavor Texts

Postby Aoi » Sat Jun 29, 2013 2:41 pm

Because nobody else has, and people do want to know their flavor texts. Here is a list of them that I made, however 4 of them are missing due to me not owning those 4.
Edit: Thanks to Ruki Nephtem, and Strategist's Intuition was added, and thanks to Nitrodino for Verlaat and Myuland.

Refress ;a41
Silver Sun Emperor/ Verlaat: "Everlasting peace... I'd become a demon king and a god of destruction, in order to create that."
King of the Solar Kingdom, and the hero who ended the War of the Sun and Moon. Since then, he's been working toward peace for Lavato. He took the title 'Silver Sun Emperor', and fought the enemy of all life, the Cursed Legions. His title means he will provide everlasting peace as an 'eternal sun.' But historians would say his intentions lay elsewhere.

Traitor to God/ Leicester: “I may have turned my back on your god, but I’m not alone.”
After the War of the Sun and Moon, the True God Church initiated an unprecedented religious suppression, and smaller religions were snuffed out. Many priests spoke out against this change to the order, but they were named traitors. Leicester is uniting those working to restore the Church. However, he’s unaware of the depth of its darkness.

Guardian Captain/ Darius: “All Guardian Knights! Give everything you have for King Verlaat, the bringer of peace to this world!”
The new leader of the Folrart Guardians, the vanguard in the fight against the Cursed Legions. He was a rookie at the end of the War of the Sun and Moon. The purpose of the Guardians was to defend the capital, but with provincial towns in trouble, Guardians have taken to the front, and the capital has been left to the Royal Guard.

Final Traveler/ Arius: “Those old creeps in the True God Church are pushing too hard, making too many waves. But then, that makes things interesting for us…”
A swordsman who joined the Royal Guard recently. He uses a mysterious sword—a memento of his father—and fights like a master. The truth is he’s traveled the world since a young age with nothing but this sword, and knows many secret techniques. He seems to know more then he should, and the other Royal Knights are wary of him.

Divine Impact: “Begone, you who menace the world.”
A technique used by the Psycho Soldiers, manmade Psychokinetic troops. It was part of the curriculum co-authored by the True God Church and the Divine Power Institute. It delivers a shock wave at a target in visual range through simple focusing of awareness. Its might increases in proportion to the user’s powers of concentration.

Folrart Tower Shield Soldier: “Commander Darias’ orders are to protect our charge to the last man! Give it your all!”
A force newly expanded by Darius, leader of the Solar Kingdom’s Guardian Knights. They are masters of utilizing the heaviest armors and shields, and are trained to protect all manner of important people and positions on the field of battle. Their impregnable defense has successfully saved countless lives.

Folrart Psycho Shield Soldier: “If you want an endurance contest against my shield, I won’t stop you… but it’ll only wear you out.”
One of the current Solar Kingdom’s Military divisions that uses Psychokinetics. They’re a collaboration between the True God Church and Divine Power Institute—currently under the guidance of a strategist known as the Light of the Silver Sun. Psychokinetics is easy for war orphans to master. These soldiers generate an invisible wall that intercepts attacks.

Lion Greatsword Wielder: “Lions are the noblest and the most ferocious.”
A member of the Barbarians, a mighty force in the deep south of the central continent, on which the Solar Kingdom and the Dutchy of Crest are located to the north. The Barbarians are made of tribes of subhumans—half man half beast. This tribe boasts huge physiques, and they handle large weapons with ease. They also act with dauntless courage at all times.

Forced Conversion: “You ask what separates gods and demons? That’s simple. Ours is the one absolute god, and all the rest are demons.”
After the War of the Sun and Moon, the True God Church began proselytizing in the small nations under the protection of the Solar Kingdom. However, soon its proselytization activities came to border on invasion. As a result of this conversion, many relics and sacred places of precious cultural value were destroyed.

Church Nun: “Even if the times have changed, and justice has been perverted, belief in the True God, at least, remains the same.”
A nun of the True God Church, who prays to the True God. After the War of the Sun and Moon ended, some of the church’s clergy extended their influence akin to the aristocracy, thereby harassing their own adherents. Most of the nuns who wanted to help the needy were said to be troubled by such faithlessness.

Knight of the Church: “Perish in the name of the god of the True God Church, heathens!”
The True God Church began to maintain its own forces after the War of the Sun and Moon ended. It’s said the knights of the Church would follow the bands of priests who proselytized in neighboring countries, and carry out enlightenment campaigns.

Folrart Psycho Teleporter: “I wonder if that attack will manage to hit me.”
One of the current Solar Kingdom’s military divisions, the Psycho Soldiers, who manipulate Psychokinetics. She developed her powers by following the Divine Power Institute’s curriculum. Many things are unknown about Psychokinetics, but the powers acquired differs according to gender. Only women can learn to compress space for teleportation.

Light of the True God: “Lord I thank thee for imparting power unto me.”
One of the magic spells used by priests of the True God Church. Its light gives vitality to those who believe in the True God.

Lawtia ;a39
Grand Duke/ Myuland: "Ready a top intelligence operative immediately! I believe in Princess Eskatia, but if this information is true..."
The current grand duke of Crest. He was Eskatia's spymaster, When she married into the Solar Kingdom, Eskatia recommended Myuland to replace her because of his grasp of politics. He's been dealing with restoration of order and information warfare with other nations. But when he learns via personal channels about a new threat, even he is surprised...

General of Crest/ Yug: “Come, come, come, foolish pitiful puppets! Let my attack send you straight to heaven!”
The present high commander of Crest’s army, now that Dical is dead. Along with the position, he inherited Dical’s alias, the Dark Centaur. He’s on a friendly basis with Verlaat with whom he fought in the War of the Sun and Moon. When folrart entered combat against the Cursed Legions, Grand Duke Myuland granted him permission to go with the reinforcements.

Keeper of Filth/ Garyis: “Heheheh… So many souls…”
One of the high-ranking dead called the Seven leaders. Those who see her naked eye have their souls drawn out. She didn’t participate in the War of the Sun and Moon, not because she disobeyed Zugateroza, but because she personally refused to work with the living. The number of soldiers who’be lost their lives to her has climbed into the thousands.

Combat Ogre/ Gandar: “Weak! So friggin’ weak! Come on, isn’t there anybody left since the War of the Sun and Moon who can give me a thrill?”
A member of Lavato’s rare Oni race. With an exceedingly violent personality, his favorite things are fighting, conflict, and war. When he learned a major war had broken out between the Solar Kingdom and the Cursed Legions, he initially fought as a mercenary against the Cursed Legions.

Vision of Horror: “There are things in this world you mustn’t see. Gyah ha ha ha ha, but it’s human nature to want to see them!” –Nephtem
One of the black arts used by Nephtem, member of the Seven Lords. Once someone’s attention is focused on her mouth on her hand, she searches their mind, then inserts an image of whatever it is they dread most. It doesn’t take long for those ensnared by the spell to go irrevocably insane.

Crest Agent: “The Dutchy of Crest once menaced the world, and those who think it’s lost it’s power are fools. They’ve elected to work behind the scenes.”
An assassin from the Dutch of Crest’s intelligence agency. Assassins trained by the agency killed many important people during the War of the Sun and Moon, plunging the world into chaos. Now they function as a secret police, protecting world peace by covertly disposing of individuals such as crime syndicate leaders and rabble rousers.

Crest Shadowmage: “Hmhm… You’re in for trouble if you don’t take me seriously.”
A mage who uses spells with a shadow as a medium. She can change her own shadow into a living creature and make it fight, or contain her opponent by rendering his shadow immobile.

Horseman of Pain: “If you hear a clip-clop sound, hide under some handy corpses and cover your mouth and nose. If you don’t you’ll end up like me…”
A dead knight who appears on the battlefield night after night. Riding a headless horse, he;s been feared as a symbol of death since ancient times. When night falls, he appears at a specific point, heraled by the sound of hooves, then sets about taking the lives of any present, and vanishes into the darkness once every human is dead.

Neglected Soul: “You don’t need some lofty human soul to animate the dead. Dog, cat, chicken… Toss in some easy-to-handle animal spirit.”
One of the dark spells by necromancers. It animates all dead bodies nearby by temporarily possessing them with wandering spirits.

Magic Doll –Adjutant-: “The enemy’s current battle power is 8,860, and ours is 9,001. The battle is balanced, Master, but we have a slight advantage.”
A doll in use all over the continent. She’s a model made from plans left behind by Magic Doll creator Sumer, who disappeared after the War of the Sun and Moon. She can analyze information at high speed, and performs well as a basic military adviser. Unfortunately she doesn’t adapt, so if an opponent know’s he’s facing a doll, he can easily counter her.

Shambling Corpse: “Death wasn’t the end.”
A corpse animated by wicked magic from the land of death. It can only understand simple orders, but it will never stop moving unless you destroy the entire body.

Toad Shaman: “Toads are vindictive, and even death won’t make them forget the one who wounded them.”
One of the Barbarians, group of tribes of half men, half beasts, living in the south. The term that best describes him is “toad man”. His tribe is endowed with high intelligence and magic power, and they hate the humans who consider them ugly. It’s also said that all who hear their dying croak are doomed to misfortune.

Dark Revelation: “To us, the darkness is a friend, a teacher.”
A spell for speaking to the ancient souls lurking in darkness. Further, it’s a spell that Yudit, one of the Seven Lords of the Cursed Legions, devised before she became an undead. Before she was undead, she was a famous practitioner of black magic, and it’s said that no one was her equal.

Gowen ;a40
Pixy of Fate/ Tierie: “A great crisis will befall the world. Please lend me your power, for the protection of Lavato!”
One of the seven Faerie Heroines, and the most noble of all faeries. She has the duty of converying the words of the seven Faerie Sages to the rest of the heroines. A great war has been foretold since ancient past, and now that the day has come, she’s gone to find the one who will become the key to the prophecy and provide her wisdom.

New Shield Coat/ Halmira: “The Cursed Legions are ravaging Lavato, and our Mecenary Kingdom forces will also take part in the fight against them.”
The Mercenary Kingdom’s #2 strategist. She’s the top student of Fierte, known for being Yuni’s close associate and most taciturn and cynical person in Heierrat. She uses the protective cloak Calkul, which was given to her by Fierte. On Yuni’s orders, she and the mercenaries provide reinforcements for the Solar Kingdom in their war against the Cursed Legions.

Sword Successor/ Rozly: “I wonder if a sword attack will work on an opponent who’s already died once. Oh well. Guess I’ll just cut them to pieces!”
A student of Mizalio, Yuni’s frivolous associate. He’s currently second in command of Heierrat’s royal guard. However, he’s even more happy-go-lucky than his teacher, and is often spotted playing around with his old buddies in the castle town. He uses his acrobat-like agility, and ability to attack with the sword from any direction to his advantage in battle.

Sworn Avenger/ Henrietta: “The Solar Kingdom… The land governed by the Silver Sun Emperor. So, that’s where I need to go to find my revenge.”
A famous wandering lady mercenary. She’s also feared as the Red-haired Demon. The reason she became a mercenary is to get revenge on whoever killed her adoptive father. The big sword she carries is a memento of him. She heard a rumor that the man she seeks has appeared in the Solar Kingdom, and she sets out for the boarder.

Purging Flame: “Those flames that burned the army of the dead were just like that once guarded the gates to their lands.”
A Spell used by mages. It causes a large fire by focusing magical power. The flames feed on the life of their target, spreading to one after the next.

Easter Blade Master: “Undead who lack the resolve to die, I’ll show you the true power of resolve!”
Warriors dispatched from the heroic land of Nabari in the Far East. They wear eccentric armor and helmets, and fight with katanas—Far East swords. They don’t falter at all in face of strong enemies, and fell every foe in their path with a single stroke.

Herriat Speargunner: “It was developed by the Mercenary Nation since the War. It has the firepower of a gun, and the utility of a lance.”
A soldier who handles a gun lance, a new weapon developed in the Mercenary kingdom since the War of the Sun and Moon. There was a range of trial and error leading up to its implementation as a weapon. It was eventually redeveloped as a gun making the shaft a gun barrel.

Eastern Assassin: “Cursed ones, I’ll destroy your impurity with my sword!”
An assassin from the heroic land of Nabari in the Far East. Unique assassination arts are developed there, and assassin educational institutions are popular in some areas. The essence of Nabari assassination arts is the preparedness to sacrifice one’s life for a great cause.

Ambush: “That overly conspicuous armor was an ideal target for the mercenaries.”
A tactic by the mercenaries of the Mercenary Kingdom. They use the terrain to hide themselves, and set a trap for their opponent.

Goblin Soldier: “Requirements for being a great commander, #1: The charisma to get lazy goblins to work according to orders.”
One of the Barbarians, tribes of half men, half beasts living in the south. Each tribe of the Barbarians falls within a system of ranking, and the Goblin Tribe is at the very bottom. They are extremely numerous and are used for manual labor, but they also serve as soldiers. They’re just not very smart, so they seldom follow their commander’s orders.

Heierrat Rapidshot Gunner: “Geh…! I never thought there’d be this this many undead!”
A Mercenary Nation Soldier equipped with a new type of gun developed by the kingdom. The new gun can fire bullets rapidly, and it has the weakness of soon running out of ammo, but it packs more destructive power than a regular gun.

Easter Gear Soldier: “We of Nabari are proud of this, the gadget soldier. It’ll prove much more useful than a human when it comes to guard duty.” –Hou Sen
An artificial soldier developed by the heroic land of Nabari in the Far East. Those from Nabari call it a gadget soldier. It can only comprehend simple behavior, but it will faithfully carry out its orders until it ceases functioning making it optimal for guard duty.

Belief in Victory: “Soldiers are only as strong as their commander’s conviction.”
A battle cry uttered when mercenaries in an inferior position have a chance to counterattack. Many of the Mercenary Nation’s mercenaries fought in the final showdown of the War of the Sun and Moon, and now no predicament will ever make them give up.

Falkow ;a38
Steel Paladin/ Rijia: “…Legions… …Resurrection… …Do-or-die resistance.”
One of the paladins of the reborn Wizard Kingdom. For some reason he only speaks haltingly, and it’s difficult for his men to comprehend his orders. The Solar Kingdom and the Cursed Legions started the war but he perceived a suspicious atmosphere and ordered his own men to prepare for combat.

Magic Detective/ Daniel : “This stuff’s only 20% cacao… Anyway, a spell locking the door in exactly five seconds doesn’t make a room inaccessible!”
A mage who does detective work in Regus. From the whereabouts of a lost keepsake to the secrets of True God Church cardinals, if you can pay his fee, he’ll solve the case. However, he often demands rare candy that money can’t buy. Usually he takes it easy, but when he takes on a job from a certain girl, he ends up challenging the mystery of this world.

Rainbow Dragon/ Luteum: “Such strange beings exist in the world. Nereis, it seems there are still things even I don’t know.” –Ariete
A dragon said to appear before the wise and predict future events, prior to great upheabals affecting all of Lavato. Legends say it takes a different form each time it appears, but its scales are rainbow-colered in every form, so it’s called the Rainbow Dragon. It appeared before Princesss Ariete of Regus, and informed her of the impending outbreak of a great war.

Child of Destiny/ Lamia: “Augh, I got here late! I have to hurry and deliver this to the Mistress!”
A girl born in the new Wizard Kingdom. She’s studying to become a strategist under Rozari who survived the War of the Sun and Moon. Lamia was a student at the Wizard’s Academy, and a dunce who always messed up the chants. Invited to be a guest lecturer, Rozari perceived her potential, and persuaded her parents to let her become an apprentice.

Strategist's Intuition: "Vordore, genius strategist of Regus, used his cleverness to save the his forces from crushing defeat multiple times."
A stratagem thought up on the spur of the moment by a legendary strategist. In an even battle, the advantage is known to shift completely thanks to a strategist's wits.

Young Scholar: “…I am reading. Would you mind keeping the noise down?”
A boy who goes to the wizard’s academy. He loves books, and can memorize any strategy about which he reads. The historic strategies he finds especially helpful are those written by Vordore, the genius strategist of Wizard Kingdom during the era of the War of the Sun and Moon. The books he left behind have become the foundation of strategy instruction.

Spell Blader: “I’ll give you a look at the power hidden within my body!”
A swordswoman who’s mastered enchanting spells. Originally it was an magic form for injecting magic power into the runes etched into weapons, but this swordswoman applies the enchanted seals to her own body, enhancing her physical abilities. However this usage can’t be described as practical, since sever pain accompanies unleashing of the seals.

Crocodile Knight: “Knights from the south don’t know about reason, because there’s no reason down south to begin with.”
One of the Barbarians, a confederation of tribes from the south made up of races of half men, half beasts. The term that best describes this one is “crocodile man”. He’s called a “knight of the south.” His tough scales and jaws, enormous tail and skillful use of spear and shield give him a fighting strength not far removed from that of a fully armored knight.

Compass of Deception: “Just like making a sword out of a pen, it’s a simple thing for a skilled mage to mislead people with a compass.”
One of the spells used by Regus mages. It makes its targets move in the wrong direction. As the name literally suggests, this magic uses an enchanted compass. Hardly limited to this spell, there are many magic spells that use special devices and mages store a range of implements inside their clothes.

Falconer of Regus: “Not a single child in the Wizard Kingdom is bored. Because once you go outside, there are plenty of friends flying around in the sky.”
A variety of Wizard Kingdom beast master. She can control birds. There are many falconers who call their birds by name once they’ve worked together long enough to develop mutual trust. For some reason the most common name is “Ibert” who’s one of the paladins. The reasons given for this are “Because it’s cool.” And “It’s easy to call out.”

Mechanical Bat “The Mechanical bat is the first mech soldier manufactured in Regus. Subsequent work was based on the bat’s mechanisms.”
A mech soldier developed specifically by the wizard kingdom. The mech soldiers excavated since the final days of the war of the sun and Moon brought about technological revolution in Regus, and after twenty years of research, the Kingdom finally succeeded in developing its own. This is the first of them developed, but its functionality is high.

Regus Aeromancer: “For me, the wind is near and dear to my heart.”
A spirit summoner of the Wizard Kingdom. To summon sylphs, the contract holder creates a special magic symbol. Those with limited experience can only summon using pre-prepared symbols on the floor, but with ample experience it becomes possible for a caster to draw the symbol in midair quickly enough to summon during combat.

Magician’s Utopia: “Magician’s Utopia, huh?” murmured her partner, watching nearby. “you could say it makes everything more favorable.”
A type of spell used by mages. It brings forth a magic fog that supports them while chanting incantations. Its name comes from a legend of an ancient Lavato empire where magic fog constantly hung in the air, and where the magic arts were developed.

Inferno Storm/ Bander: “I’m the incarnation of savage flame! And I’m the one who should become a god who burns down this entire world!”
A man called the “fire storm.” Who can manipulate flames. Since the War of the Sun and Moon.he’d been after revenge on the mercenary who killed his family. He realized his own cursed fate uon achieving it, and descended into darkness. He made a contract with an evil flame demon, and lost himself to its power. He was last spotted in the Solar Kingdom.

Cursed Future/ Hou Sen: “Uhahahaha! I know you all just went to the trouble of returning, but I’m going to send you back to the netherworld!”
One of the four generals of Nabari. Nabari Is actually a group that consolidated the Far East archipelago via military might after the War of the Sun and Moon. She was sent to help the Solar Kingdom fight the undead. She’s a master of the Far East sword style Aiki, as well as magic based on amulets. She’s said to be older than she appears. But the truth is unknown.

Arm of Derision/Nephtem: "The moon is lovely this evening. Gyah hahaha, I'm Nephtem of the Seven Lords! Utter screams befitting this moon!"
One of the high-ranking dead spirits calling themselves the Seven Lords. She swore obedience to True Immortal Durendal, became a commander of the Cursed Legions, and launched an undead invasion of Lavato. Apparently Durendal has informed her of a secret plan, but the particulars are unknown.

Great Missionary/ Osray: “ Heeheehee… Oh heavens, no, Gods outside the True God Church can be nothing other than heresy!”
A man who calls himself the True God Church’s great missionary. He led priests and knights to neighboring nations, proselytizing by force. He constantly looks down upon theose of low social status despite his own lack of importance. Nevertheless, he has powers like the Psycho Soldiers, and can read the thoughts of others.

Folrart Psychokinetic: “Isn’t it like a dream to just say “Burn”. And make everything catch fire?

One of the new Psycho Soldiers, who wield Psychokinetics. Like the others, He was produced by the Divine Power Institute. He has power to manipulate friction, and can set fire to an object at will. The True God Church declares that there’s no direct link between Psycho Soldiers and loss of emotion although many of them seem heartless.

Goblin Mage: “Even mobs have their leaders.”
A member of the Barbarians, a confederation of tribes made up of races of half men, half beasts living in the south. Each tribe of the Barbarians falls within a system of ranking, and the Goblin Tribe is at the very bottom. However, some of the Goblin Tribe can use hedge magic. Their intelligence is high, and they unify the Goblins as leaders of sorts.

Aquamarine Carbuncle: “They’re quick, but not only do their gems sell a lot, so do their pelts.”
A gem beast with a light blue stone in its forehead. They live in packs, in thickets near swampy areas. Their pelts and gems go for lots of money, so their numbers have fallen remarkably due to over-hunting. But even so you can still catch sight Aquamarine Carbuncles living near swamplands, away from human habitations.

Firespawn Merman: “In the south, there’s danger lurking just below the river’s surface.”
One of the Barbarians, a confederation of tribes made up of races of half men, half beasts living in the south. The term that best describes this one is “fish man”. He lurks in the water, then leaps at his enemies. Also, he attacks by spitting burning saliva from his mouth. In the south, he’s known and feared as the “underwater hunter”.
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Re: Set 13 Flavor Texts

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Arm of Derision/Nephtem: "The moon is lovely this evening. Gyah hahaha, I'm Nephtem of the Seven Lords! Utter screams befitting this moon!"
One of the high-ranking dead spirits calling themselves the Seven Lords. She swore obedience to True Immortal Durendal, became a commander of the Cursed Legions, and launched an undead invasion of Lavato. Apparently Durendal has informed her of a secret plan, but the particulars are unknown.

Strateist's Intuition: "Vordore, genius strategist of Regus, used his cleverness to save the his forces from crushing defeat multiple times."
A stratagem thought up on the spur of the moment by a legendary strategist. In an even battle, the advantage is known to shift completely thanks to a strategist's wits.

Yes, Strategist's Intuition does say "to save the his forces".
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Re: Set 13 Flavor Texts

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Re: Set 13 Flavor Texts

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Magic Doll –Adjutant-: “The enemy’s current battle power is 8,860, and ours is 9,001.

For a large amount of various Alteil Replays, try youtube link

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Re: Set 13 Flavor Texts

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Thank guys! you are the best!
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Re: Set 13 Flavor Texts

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Thanks, mate.
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Re: Set 13 Flavor Texts

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thx this will help me loads in writing my epic erotic tale.
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