Erotic Tales / Must be over 18 to view!

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Erotic Tales / Must be over 18 to view!

Postby Ropey » Sat Jun 29, 2013 12:26 am

It was just like any other damnable sea port. Fish traders, the odd pirate vessel. It stunk to high heaven and peddlers and peasants got in the way, but this was a single minded man. A man who traded in death and business was always good. One day he would finally do that which he had vowed, but for now this was just another job and just maybe it would take him closer to his goal. A dirty old drunken fool stumble against him. The backhand was a little harsh. For the man fell badly, his nose a bloody mess, but Sakura was in no mood for for such things. A few glanced then hurried back to their menial tasks. No one helped the man and a large wet stain appeared at his crotch. The Rainbow Dragon bar and grill was up ahead. If his quarry was not there then he would find out from the patrons all he wanted to know. He walked through the double doors.

The smell assaulted his senses. Cheap grog, stale smoke and salty sweat. Shanty music played, pirates cavorted, whores swirled. Nothing a world hardened man like himself had not seen replayed in a hundred seedy low life pits. He seated himself at an old barrel that served as a table, and scanned the menu. Well for a place like this the food looked delightful! Within minutes a wench was by the side of the makeshift table. "Would you like to order sir?" He removed his reading glasses and took in the sight before him. Man, she had curves in all right places, childbearing hips, a booty you could park your bike in and a face sent straight from heaven or hell depending on point of view, and she was dressed like a cat! Not many times in his life had the cat got his tongue! He was transported back to his childhood. His beloved sister had kept a beautiful cat. They had both played for hours each day with it watching it climb the cherry tree in their parents garden. Until one day it never came home. They put out saucers of milk, but there had been an evil look in his brothers eyes when their parent had questioned him about it. Barstad! He had to shake his head to clear his vision. "Oh, um, eh , yes"
She smiled and his face reddened. Pull yourself together man! he thought. He finally asserted himself."Yes, I would the Oysters Rockefeller, followed by Scampi Provencale, skip the sweet I need to watch me weight and a glass of your finest, please miss". "Just call me Kurina" she purred. "They call me Sakura". "Cherry Blossom?" she sniggered.He coloured again. She quickly swiveled on her perfect hips and for the first time he got an eye full of her rear end. Between her taut buttocks he could see for the first time the butt plug that served as tail! She looked back straight into his burning eyes! He flushed and looked at his shoes. Again a smile formed on her lush lips.

The food arrived minutes later. She daintily placed the dishes before him. He tried not to look at her instead glancing at the pirates swigging ale and slapping whores arses. The leader eyed him playfully. He turned his attention back to Kurina. "Hey, you wanna see me dance I'm on in a while" . "Sure, It's been a long journey, and you are one sight for sore eyes" , "Well thank you!" She beamed, and hurried off to serve more customers. A shout went up. " Ahoy long air! Come drink with me fellow crew. You won't meet a saltier bunch ye land lummer!" "Sorry friend been a long day I just want to relax and watch some gogo"Skura replied . " You scure you talk to the greatest pirate ever to grace gods blue oceans! I be none other than Dub Rio, pirate king no less!" Sakura got that old feeling the one he always got before someone died.

Egged on by one of the female members of the crew the crewman bounded towards Sakura. Blade drawn the pirate advanced. He was quick, but Sakura simply reached for his pocket. He had picked up the spell on one of his many travels. He cast it the crewman disappeared!

The crewman found himself back at home with his startled mother. "By the seven sea and all that be holy!" . "Looks like you got hit by one of those annoying return spells son" . "But,but... I should be at the pub! Rucking with tha capin! it's at least a ten minute walk back! All the fun will be over. "Well son, people have been campaigning for their outlaw for ages, but no one gives a flying hoot. Just live with it I got your favourite for tea fish fingers"

Back at the bar and grill Sakura rose slowly from his seat. "You scum! You will pay with your life for what you have done. ungodly magic! The captain drew a large cutlass and again one of the girls goaded him into action. He moved with speed, but Sakura quicker. Both Katanas flashed and as the pirate charged closer the blades closed in a scissor action catching the mans neck, and beheading him neatly. Blood fountained to the ceiling. Sakura round housed straight into the torso forcing it back to the crews table. Sakura loved that move, he had perfected it on untold victims. He returned to his seat. With their captain dead and crewman unsure whether to stay and eat his tea or trudge back to the bar. The girls had lost their fight.

No one seemed to care and it had all been so quick. The body was unceremoniously dragged and dumped in the back alley.

Then the music changed. Brilliant! it was the Beach Boys! One of Sakura's favs. the lights went low and there she was in all her glory!
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Re: Erotic Tales / Must be over 18 to view!

Postby angelspawns » Mon Jul 01, 2013 6:07 am

Will giant squid make an entrance anywhere?
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Re: Erotic Tales / Must be over 18 to view!

Postby Ropey » Mon Jul 01, 2013 12:31 pm

As she danced he could feel her weave her spell. The whole bar turned to watch her gyrate. His pulse quickened, and sweat trickled from his brow.
His stomach knotted, then he realized with a shock that the seafood he had just eaten may not have been so fresh as it might! Christ! He was touching cloth! Nothing he could do would stop the old turtles head! He must drop the kids off at the sea, now! He ran! By the time he had finished pebble dashing the chode bin her dance was over.
He walked over to the bar where Kurina had placed her perfect form. "Hey, cherry blossom you missed my dance!" Normally those that made fun of his name ended up in two pieces, but for a dame like this you made more than a few allowances. "Ah, well, It's like this, I kinda hada, Erm, You know, A, Um, a thing.." She quickly planted a cheeky little peck of a kiss onto his already colouring cheek. Again he was lost for words and she just flashed her smile again.

Although distracted Sakura could not fail to notice a new arrival at the bar. He had jet black hair and eyes that seemed to burn with the desire to kill. "I am LeBeau! Personal assassin to Lady Annarose. Now kindly step away from the harlot, I have no beef with you, but if you stand in my way you too will fall to my blades!
Kurina neatly stepped behind Sakura and gripped his broad manly shoulders. Sakura twisted his neck to relax the muscles there. Kurina made the necessary motions to activate a spell of her own. Suddenly he felt a whoosh of heat, and a dragon appeared in the air above them. It belched fire towards the assassin and he was visibly rocked by the force of the magic. Then something amazing happened. LeBeau drew a small knife and drove it into his own side! The assassin span madly and Sakura was hit by a devastating blow from one of LeBeau's many knives. He had suffered far worse than this last desperate attempt of a beaten man. Sakura kneeled and as he held his own wound he raised the assassins head. "You have knowledge of my prey and before you leave this world you will tell all" . LeBeau coughed bloody phlegm from his taut lips and grimaced, A thin painful smile formed and he struggled to utter the words. " I, cough, cough, know who you seek! but, cough. It will do you no good. Grand Duke Myuland is untouchable! Sail to the west and you will find him and your own death! The assassin's eye's rolled and he went limp in Sakura's grip.
Kurina hurried over. " I have private quarters above this dive. Come I will heal your wounds "
The world span around him and then flashed white he crumpled to the dirty bar room floor.

He came round and scanned his surroundings. He was in a small boudoir, sun streamed from the only window and perfumed air wafted by his nostrils. He was in a large downy bed, his wounds seemed healed and he felt no pain. The door became ajar and she entered bearing a steaming bowl of wonton soup. She sat by the bed and spoon fed him the warming broth. Her eyes were kind and he didn't like to mention that he was quite capable of feeding himself, besides it kinda turned him on. " You saved my life back there" . " Well, I spose it makes a change from constantly taking life, and anyway looks like you can handle yourself" . "Are you some kind of assassin then?" . " No. more of a bounty hunter, it's a way to help me fulfill my destiny " She felt a little confused, but her instinct told her better than to probe her patient further.
The soup went down a treat and he just had to ask for the recipe. She told him she knew of passage across the sea to the west, but it was a perilous voyage and it would be beset on all sides from all sorts of foul sea creatures and mermaids. They spent the rest of the morning flirting, teasing and just getting to know one another. He made out he was sicker than he was so she fawned over him. By the mid afternoon he was ready to make his move. He pulled her closer and their lips met. A loud crack of splitting timber filled the air, and framed in the doorway was an all too familiar figure. Sakura rolled from his embrace with Kurina.
"Bringer old friend, you sure do pick your god dam moments!"

"Knew you to be in town from the corpses in the alley way" Bringer slapped Sakura with gusto on his back "What do you say we down a few stiff ones and swap tales?"
Sakura had missed his old chum, and just maybe he could convince him to come along for the ride.
"Settled then! First round on you! Your work always did pay better than that of a simple adventurer"
Same old Bringer, larger than life and as tight as a gnat's chuff!
"Who's the the lady Sak?"
"Oh, Um, Sorry got carried away. This is the delectable Kurina"
Kurina shot them both a sour look. She had not had a good shag in days and Sakura looked like he could go like a barn door in a high wind.
"Oh, well you boys just go right ahead and have some fun" She said sarcastically. "I have tables to wait and maybe one more dance to do"
"That's the spirit filly!" Missing the true meaning of her words Bringer slapped Kurina's arse. I little too hard, but such was this man's nature.
As Kurina turned she shot a look,and if looks could kill the big man would have be dirt napping by the morow!

The bars patrons either quickly left or completely averted their attention from the duo, such was the men's statues. Not to mention the legendary tales that preceded them!
"One Singapore Sling and I'll have a G and T please barman?"
"Sorry sirs we don't do cocktails"
Bringer hoisted the man into the air by his lapels!
"Don't do cocktails! Don't do cocktails! Well you freekin well do now!" Boomed Bringer, and let the man drop to the floor.
The bar keep composed himself and scurried off to see what he could do.
Bringer droned on about his recent victims dragons demons etc and then Sakura told him of the journey he was about to undertake, fraught with danger and perils yet known. He was then surprised to hear his old mucker's voice soften.
"Not like the old days. The stuff in the kingdom gets faster and stronger, and my opener's not what it was. I just feel like buying a small farm and settling down"
Sakura knew his mate spoke the truth he was feeling it himself. Things just didn't stay dead anymore or had no character to them.
His thoughts were broken by the familiar sounds of go go music and the flashing of lights. This time nothing would prevent him from enjoying the show.
Even Bringer stopped sucking a bacardi breezer through a straw in his helmet, and eyed the stage with interest.

Her nipple tassels swirled and he could feel the patrons and himself gain more power the longer the dance went on.
Bringer hooted and hollered pausing only to stuff some grubby notes into Kurina's G string.
Then all hell let loose! The doors to the tavern were suddenly ripped open, and a large tentacle began waving madly in the air!
"Giant squid!" Someone yelled, as they dived for cover under a nearby table.
The pair swung around to face the beast, but before either could react the squid, moving at lightning speed. Had plucked the dancing girl from the stage! She now hung as if frozen in mid air!
Sakura's mouth was wide open as Bringer received two short sharp slaps to the mooie from the rampant mollusk. The adventurer pushed his friend aside and said "Right that just about does it! I will definitely handle this one!"
Bringer strode out of the door and Sakura could only hear the commotion that ensued. The suckered arm that held Kurina was suddenly severed and Sakura neatly caught her. He could feel her tight buttocks, see the swell of her breasts and he found himself lost in the peerless emeralds that served as her eyes. They kissed like two beings quenching their thirst after a week in a desert. Her tongue probed for his and he was surprised to find how rough it was. Again the closeness they so desperately sort was shattered.
"Hey, lovebirds get a bloomin room why don't yeah! "
Bringer was covered in black ink, and the odd sucker mark scored his armour.
"We tried that you moron! " Came Kurina's curt reply.
With a shrug Bringer returned to the bar. "Well, you will have no shortage of sushi around here for awhile"
He then turned to Sakura "Well, old pal looks like you will need my help after all. I still got it deep down"
But Sakura could see Bringer was not the same man of old. Not to worry he would always watch his back, and besides who knew? They may pick up more help on the way.
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Re: Erotic Tales / Must be over 18 to view!

Postby angelspawns » Tue Jul 02, 2013 10:15 am

There's the squid... it went by mighty fast tho. I like the Bringer reference. That's the way it goes; old guys get out of style. Unless you're WK...
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Re: Erotic Tales / Must be over 18 to view!

Postby Aoi » Tue Jul 02, 2013 5:03 pm

Well of course the squid didn't last long, both bringer and sakura are immune to his start, and bringer can one shot it. I have to say I am loving this so far, keep the tales going.
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Re: Erotic Tales / Must be over 18 to view!

Postby Ropey » Wed Jul 03, 2013 6:14 pm

So you want me to beat on WK?
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Re: Erotic Tales / Must be over 18 to view!

Postby Ropey » Wed Jul 03, 2013 7:31 pm

" Pity you butchered that pirate back there Sak. How are we to gain passage now? "
" Don't sweat it big boy I know the Crab General " Chirped Kurina.
" Vosrot? Well that makes sense the amount of crabs round here! "
This time it was the cat girl's turn to blush.

They made their way to the harbour. Sakura hoped there would be no more trouble, but Bringer had a swagger in his step and had to stare down any that dared look at the trio.
Then up ahead three figures blocked their path. A small wizardie fellow with what look like a glass sword, a mage knight probably hailing from Regus and a woman with long flowing hair. Who was now displaying her prowess with two swords, probably also from Regus.
The three travelers came to an abrupt halt. Bringer spread his arm across Sakura's chest "I'll handle this one"
"Somehow I knew you were gonna say that " Sighed Sakura.
The tense stand off was broken as Bringer advanced and punched the small male square in the face. He went down like a sack of shite!
Bringer laughed and crossed his arms defiantly.
Then a strange thing happen as Bringer went to make his next move he slowed almost completely!
The fencer then seemed to move at amazing speed! and there was nothing Sakura and Kurina could do!
Then the sky turned a bloody fiery red! and the sound of beating wings could be heard above them.
Sakura threw himself at Kurina and they rolled just in time to safety, but it was all too late for the combatants up ahead.
With a tremendous whoosh fire rained down and the poor fencer was burnt to a crisp. Bringers armour scorched, but the man was made of sterner stuff.
The mage knight's hair was singed off and his armour had become a smoking ruin, but the man was still on his feet.
Bringer waved his fist in the air" Dam you Volcano Wyverns! Bloody liabilities!
As the Wyvern swooped for another pass Sakura again pulled Kurina further down the street." For god sake Bringer get out of there!" He yelled.
Bringer slowly turned to join the pair, but the knight lunged and caught the already injured Bringer with a small neat cut from his sword.
Bringer winced under his helmet and finally caught up to them, Kurina began to fuss over his wounds but he was by now furious and pushed her aside.
Sakura checked his pockets for a healing spell he always kept for such a emergency, but it seemed to have vanished into thin air?
He then caught a sly look from the knight.
Kurina strangely for a time like this began dancing and both her companions could feel just a little bit of extra strenght flow through them.
"Don't waste your time" The words said with difficulty such was the adventurers state.
They both knew it was pointless to get in the way of such a mans pride.
Bringer struck. The blow was totally over the top! The knight ended up flat as a pancake entrails spread over the still burning street. The stench was awful.
Amazingly Bringer seemed to be back to full health. Sure he was still as slow as an arthritic slug, but he was positively brimming with health now.
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Re: Erotic Tales / Must be over 18 to view!

Postby Ropey » Fri Jul 05, 2013 3:14 am

So, this is kinda turning into a story that any reader may influence. I'm keen on keeping the three main characters till the end at least, but please feel free to post ideas.
I am sorry that for a supposedly erotic tale it's been a bit lame. I think my style is more action than sex, but I will try to spice it up a bit.
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Re: Erotic Tales / Must be over 18 to view!

Postby NitroDino » Fri Jul 05, 2013 6:31 am

Like it ;th2
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Re: Erotic Tales / Must be over 18 to view!

Postby Ropey » Fri Jul 05, 2013 7:58 am

Our trio left the wyvern to it's own devices. Burning down villages as they did was common in the kingdom and besides this place was a hole that Sakura would be glad to see the back of. The harbour lay ahead.
"Look he's over there"
The boys turned to where the general stood. He was dressed in typical pirate garb, but what set him apart from most of the sea scum that milled around. Was the fact that one of his hands had been replaced by a crude hook. Kurina explained that many years ago his hand had been taken by one of the merfolk that infested the seas around this area.
But their attention was drawn to the figure that stood beside him.
"Oh christ on bike! Not him! Surely he to be one of the most hateful twats ever to grace this kingdom we do inhabit. The guy's just a bully"
"And you ain't?" smiled Sakura
"Hey, please dont compare me to that so called brave hero"
"Sure you just ain't jealous of his style?"
"Listen, this armour is classic it will never go out of fashion. Just like denim. I mean what does he look like? I swear he even tints his hair"
A strange thought popped it sakura's mind. He had known Bringer for yonks. They have fought many battles side by side. Socialized, double dated etc, but he had never seen the man without that helmet on! Even when they had took a cheap vacation to the beach!
"Frack! He's coming over"
"Look Bringer, just for a change be cool, o.k. ?"
"I can do cool, no problemo"

Dilate strode up to them his demeanor confident and a large condescending smile spreading on face.
"Hi hi old friends. How goes it? and please do introduce me to this adorable creature"
"Kurina this is the brave hero Dilate" The words spoken with just a trace of sarcasm.
Dilate stooped, then clasped the dancers hand. Planting a well practiced kiss." A pleasure I am sure"
"All yours" Came her curt reply.
From under Bringers helmet Sakura could just make out the word sleazebag.
Dilate quickly turned on the big man" What did you just say? Hows the opener these days? I thought you retired years ago? I hear there's a pile of money to be made in Ork farming. Would suit one such as yourself down to the ground"
The adventurer visibly tensed. Sakura knew from experience that a fight with Dilate would be a long and drawn out affair and anyway they might need this man's help in the not too distant future. All he wanted to do was to complete the contract, bag the girl and make sure his old friend got a cut of the proceeds. He dearly wanted to see him happy and out of the game. Set up with farm a good woman and then maybe turn his attention to producing some little Bringers.
Bringer simply turned and strode over to where the general stood waiting.
He had barely got out of earshot when Dilate remarked "The man is a complete and utter oaf. Always has been and always will be. I bid you adieu"
And with that he turned sharply on his heel. Designer cape brushing the couple in the face.
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