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Re: Kickstarter is up

Postby Romdeau » Tue Sep 10, 2013 1:43 pm

I'd just like to release this little statistic: less then 1/3 of our current paying playerbase has contributed anything towards the kickstarter. So we're doing a better job at getting new people or previously free players to pledge to the kickstarter.
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Re: Kickstarter is up

Postby Artist » Tue Sep 10, 2013 3:08 pm

gaogaigirl wrote:Nice to see you back lads. @Arist, email Logress at his email.

Hey thanks so much for the promotion today! We just sent out a message to all of our backers for Alteil as well, hopefully it'll generate some interest too.

I definitely feel like the Altei Kickstarter would do much better if the fact that "this game is for smart people" message is explained more, especially in the beginning instead of introducing key-terms like "iczers" etc to people who aren't yet familiar with the game itself. We will be making many more posts about Alteil in our Kickstarter fan updates in the upcoming weeks (our projects overlap pretty well) so hopefully that will help a lot!

P.S. we have our game on Greenlight as well: ... =177181471
And again Kickstarter link to our page: ... ring-stars

P.P.S TLHM and I are totally making a comeback on Alteil, Batora I hope you're ready!
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Re: Kickstarter is up

Postby TLHM » Tue Sep 10, 2013 3:20 pm

Hey GGG! Nice to see you again!

Also, yeah, I've been plotting to make a crappy deck to challenge Batora, but sadly my card knowledge isn't what it used to be :P Gonna need to refresh my memory.
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Re: Kickstarter is up

Postby wakka9ca » Tue Sep 10, 2013 4:12 pm

Romdeau wrote:I'd just like to release this little statistic: less then 1/3 of our current paying playerbase has contributed anything towards the kickstarter. So we're doing a better job at getting new people or previously free players to pledge to the kickstarter.

Well that's great to hear. Alteil Horizons is in fact doing a better job. However, the suspenseful question is: is it enough? For instance, what % of the current pledge comes from those 1/3 players? I'm a bit worried that even if the feedback has been positive, there are not enough incentive for new players to back the project. It's like the "nice idea but I won't play" symptom that I described.

Maybe my worries are misplaced or too pessimistic.
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Re: Kickstarter is up

Postby spithas26 » Tue Sep 10, 2013 6:50 pm

First of all , an idea would be the "no luck of draw" to be listed in the kickstarter page , its an important feature to skip . I know its stated on the video , but someone might not want/be able to see it . So add it to the features section .
Actually , the section above features , lists more than it ... So better , merge them into a big feature section , and list all of them .

Secondly , i agree with the video idea . The video in kickstarter page maybe good enough for old players , but someone new would want to see more to evaluate if its worth .
Games with favorite strategies/decks of the current playerbase . Players would surely want to see how a match strategy unfolds , the counters , etc . Preferable the decks have many different skills/effects to show the variety .
Also try to show off the Kickstarter limited cards by putting them in favorable matches , just dont forget to show they have weaknesses too . You dont want to have p2w threads ;)
A video showing the team should be good . Tresparency and communication between devs and players is a must for a successful crowdfunding . So dont be shy and smile :P

Thirdly , why there are not reward goals before 100k$ ? Are you afraid it would slowdown the funding ? Quite the contrary it should boost the funding by giving more reachable goals . Give goals that affect all pledgers or at least of a certain tier AND above .
What i am thinking is more like :
Every 25k$ (25,50,75,100) goals for every tier . Inbetween you add goals for a tier and above , preferably start with smaller tier requirement and increase it . eg (30=alteil+,40=honored+,60=dragon+,70=master+,80=redeemer+,90=mercenary+)
Ideas for rewards would be grans , avatar & items , cards , 1 month of premium , etc . If some of that are useless for some tiers (they have all avatars/lifetime premium/etc) , maybe give them the worth in gran ?

Lastly , try to add more payment options . People wanting to give you their money but cant , is no good .
If you check in the game you listed today ... e?ref=live , you will see it has a link to their site where they have more options .
In SC they had both kickstarter and their site for funding , then they added them together .
The only problem is if you added it now and most used the site instead of kickstarter , there would be risk to not reach the goal .
So i suppose you cant do it before 100k$ , but after it would be really nice .

sr for the long post , just wanted to drop some ideas that maybe help . good luck with the crowdfunding ;)
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Re: Kickstarter is up

Postby Scientiafide » Tue Sep 10, 2013 7:25 pm

First I wanna say I'm really looking forward to Horizon's launch, it looks like it's going to be awesome. I'm also glad to hear that there are a lot of new people that seem to be interested in the game. With that in mind, though, I just want to say that it's absolutely essential the game's good to go upon release. This will be the first impression a lot of these new users will have of this game, and they will be judging whether or not it will be worth their time. If they don't like what they see, they will simply move on to another of the many games out there in the market.

While I've noticed there's been mention of important facets of the game like the new user experience and the function of the in-game economy (I agree with AngelicDeath that the auction house should be implemented day one), I've noticed there seems to be no mention whatsoever of the cost per content. I find this to be particularly unusual since this has been described as one of the major problems that has kept new players from the game in the first place. While it's great that this overhaul is coming about (which should attract new users), by not addressing this issue you run the risk of repeating yourself. You don't want a bunch of new players to take part in the game, spend money in our currently terrible system, and then end up feeling ripped-off; which ultimately, leads to them quitting the game while simultaneously telling everyone who would listen not to waste their time and money. Honestly, if there's nothing at all prepared for day one you should at the very least run a promotion increasing the amount of gran you get per dollar (as an easy way to increase cost per content) and see how that works out.

As it stands now, it can cost someone $200-300 to buy a playset of all the cards in a 60 card set. This is way too much, not only are you discouraging tcg players with these costs but also other gamers who may want to give this game a shot. Don't assume only tcg players will want to play this game; there are a lot of tactical rpg fans that would love to play this game as well (such as myself), and this is definitely an advertising angle you should explore. Keeping that in mind though, if you can manage to price a 60 card set at $50 for an entire playset, you would attract both several tcg players who are sick and tired of the high costs and rare chasing, as well as other gamers who can't fathom paying $300 for a set when they can buy 6 games with that kind of cash. If you can also find a way to allow players to buy individual cards, the game will seem way more affordable to players (especially when players can see they can buy the more common cards for spare change).

Another problem is that players currently don't feel rewarded for continuously playing. After your first game (in which you collect your free daily card), alteil starts to get really stingy with the rewards. Hopefully something's planned to rectify that problem.

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Re: Kickstarter is up

Postby Temaris » Tue Sep 10, 2013 11:58 pm

Romdeau wrote:I'd just like to release this little statistic: less then 1/3 of our current paying playerbase has contributed anything towards the kickstarter. So we're doing a better job at getting new people or [url]previously free player[/url]s to pledge to the kickstarter.

Seriously? That's very surprising but good to hear. I am one of those previously free players though actually. I almost went in for the Miku cards before, but I was a little too new to the game back then to feel comfortable putting money towards something where I wasn't gonna get an actual physical product in return. Still don't feel really comfortable doing it honestly, but the idea that it's going towards helping the game further evolve I guess gave me enough of a push.

I feel better about it now though after listening to the latest ANN podcast and realizing the ones running this used to work in the anime industry at Media Blasters. I've bought and enjoyed a lot of the titles you guys worked on, so I'm happy to help support you guys again.
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Re: Kickstarter is up

Postby Kawashima » Wed Sep 11, 2013 2:06 am

Pledging $50. Would be awesome to be able to play my Refress Mikus on Horizons.
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Re: Kickstarter is up

Postby Anima13 » Thu Sep 12, 2013 7:13 am

I hope to see more advertising. There are millions of gamers on kongregate (according to their statistics.. :D ) playing CCGs with in my opinion much worse mechanics and graphics then this game and they dont know anything about alteil D: ....
It would be cool if we would get to 120k Minimum.

gogo alteil :D
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Re: Kickstarter is up

Postby wakka9ca » Thu Sep 12, 2013 5:35 pm

Nice update #7 by the way.

MysteryMan is no longer a mystery :)

I hope another video will be posted in tomorrow's update. I think we also need at one point a video that shows some unique cards and effects (lycan, undead, pixy, monster, elgandi, etc.)

Also, we need a bit more info on the in-game economy....But unfortunately, since the auction house is not officially announced, there is no in-game economy :( So maybe more details on how much more easier it is to obtain cards? I feel there aren't enough emphasis.
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