Fix mirage master already

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Fix mirage master already

Postby hexagram » Thu Nov 07, 2013 6:47 am

Only real in game income for none paying/poor players. Come on free/ low players want some gran. Loss of it contributed to many forgetting about this game for a while including me.

Weekly gran is good as it actually encourages people to play atleast once a week. Now it does not punish losing which is very good but cannot compensate for loss of mirage master. It was like taking 1 step forward and loss of mirage master was 3 steps back

Credit to alteil as now all four starters are easily accessible but now it takes twice as long in days (5 gran a day) and 5 times as long in time (forces games) to save up for the measly 500 gran beginners pack using free daily lotto compared to mirage master (10gran a day). This will further put off new people are all games now are based on their free and low paying player base heavily. Larger playerbase will further encourage big/moderate spenders to continue spending as even me a low to moderate one time spender have doubts about spending again on a game with such a low player base. No offence you also seem very cheap and stingy by closing mirage master.

Very hard for new players especially noobs to compete in folrart and get weekly gran. Daily lotto is not bad temporary go to but is a joke too. I am sure there is a bug like underdog bug where sometimes even if you win a game it does not register so the lotto does not even work as it has happened to me and others many times.

Make it top priority to fix Mirage master. One of the main things that will keep the masses away from alteil. Also punish those who used the major mirage master bug aka +50 gran a day whatever it was if that helps.

My two cents

Logress will always be open for pm I have some suggestions for alteil just to give you a few ideas especially about auction house to make it work for players and alteil equally well and less exploitable. As relatively long term player and regular forum contributor I feel I can give the player view at least for a good bunch of players.

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Also new guys Worthings starter replays Remember use starter switcher at lvl10 to get all 4 starters

free player till level 190. If I can do it so can you.
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Re: Fix mirage master already

Postby Temaris » Thu Nov 14, 2013 12:18 pm

Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure it's not in the plans. I asked Logress on Kickstarter about it, and he pretty flatly said it's not coming back for money. He said free daily lotto is going to continue though at least. I'd prefer having Mirage Master back, too, especially considering the recycle rate for the free daily lotto is still pretty paltry. Really, it seems to me the only change made from how it was before is that they increased the rate for 2*s. Over 440 pulls I've got an average of about 11.1 gran (1 5*, 6 4*s, 23 3*s, 188 2*s, and 222 1*s), whereas with MM of course you could easily get 15. Of course I could have just really really bad luck, but over that many pulls I doubt the actual recycle rate could be that much higher.
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