Canceled gg

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Canceled gg

Postby worthing » Sun Apr 20, 2014 12:45 pm

Sunday May 4th at 12PM EST (check the countdown clock to confirm timezone difference) ... aroo&csz=1
Prepare to have at least 2 hours available to play, the tournament might be a little longer than that depending on the number of players.

Double team elimination, if your team loses 2 of 3 games or all of the games in the match you move down to the losers bracket, if your team repeats this again in the tournament you are eliminated.

Braket structure, it will be posted online when the tournament starts. You will be paired against a certain player on the opposing team.

Team GM vs Team Llama
Logress vs Khiruki
Goblin vs Gabotheplaya
Romdeau vs Aoiyami

All players will play at the same time, the team that wins 2 or 3 games are the winners.

Your team needs to have at least 2 players, in the event you only have two players one of you will have to play two games. I suggest getting an alternate for your team in case someone doesn't show.

Each file must contain at least 1 unit with an action skill, an auto skill, a start skill, and an open skill, not all on one unit of course. Example: Holy Knight / Lapierre has a start skill and auto skill, will o' the wisp has an open skill, and folrart charge knight has an action skill. That would be enough to meet the requirements for this rule.

Close skills are optional, but you can only have one unit with this, but not two different units. Example: 3 hell smokes is fine, 3 hell smokes and 1 Lebeau is not fine. However Lebeau can be in your soul skill line up while hell smoke is in your file.

All units with counter skills cannot be used in your file or soul skill line up in this tournament.

You can use as many grimoires as you please as long as your file is fit to the rules above.

Two of your soul skills must have no soul skill, like sea hunter or volcano giant.

Your team name must sound cool.

Sign up Procedures
To sign up, just PM/post in this thread or talk to me in chat. Let me know your team name and members of the team, I suggest every team finds a back up player.
Be sure to send me a picture of your file before the tournament starts so I can make sure it complies. It would be best if one person sends me a picture of all 3 files, or 2 if you can only find one teammate.

If you are having trouble finding teammates I can put you on the participants list as solo and pair you with other solo players to form a team

Teams and solo players



Prizes: Take into consideration that the prizes are split between the team
1st – 150 Gran, 30 Point Cards
2nd- 100 Gran, 20 Point Cards
3rd- 50 Gran, 10 Point Cards
Participation- 2 Point Cards

Host -- 50 Gran, 10 Point Cards
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Re: Tier 1- Switcharoo: 5/4/14 12PM EST

Postby gabotheplaya » Mon Apr 21, 2014 10:39 pm


brb forming "merc nation" team.
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Re: Tier 1- 3v3 teams: 5/4/14 12PM EST

Postby worthing » Tue Apr 22, 2014 4:04 pm

Rules changed
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Re: Tier 1- Teamwork: 5/4/14 12PM EST

Postby worthing » Wed Apr 23, 2014 2:59 pm

Prize Structure updated
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