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New Starters Analysis

Postby Rosier » Wed Dec 30, 2009 5:12 am

Im a new player in crest n this is my analysis of the starter cards for all spheres. Im sure most of u r like whats this newbie talking about, well, ive fought a lot of battles already n I think it needs to be someone who experiences it first hand, plus I dont see any other topics about this, so,

;a41 Refess

Servant of the Sun/Safiria
A fast support card that heals friendly solar kingdom units n can engage enemy units. A good card seeing that there a lot of tanks that might need healing.
Danger lvl: 5/5

Cheap buffing card that might save ur life.
Danger lvl: 5/5

Folrart Lady Paladin
A typical lvl 3 slow tank that increases friendly unit's lvl (for return?) as an open skill. Undeads n lycans have a good reason to fear her, but other than that, not really much.
Danger lvl: 3/5

Folrart Knight Captain
A key card to the starter. Buffs friendly solar kingdom n its self, plus has a handy skill. However, he is slow n does not do much damage.
Danger lvl: 4/5

Folrart Spear Knight
A high damaging ranger. A key card seeing that the starter has many meat walls it can spear from behind. However, he is slow and has kinda low hp, on top of that u only get 2 copies :(.
Danger lvl: 4/5

A lvl 4 unit that seems to be a bit lost. Does not get buffed by either Safiria or the captain. Useful but expensive open skill. Players would most likely replace it with Elite Folrart Dual wielder once they get a second copy.
Danger lvl: 3/5

Blessed Acolyte
Well.... its really just a so-so fighter, players would only probably use it cuz they dont have any other card.
Danger lvl: 2/5

Folrart Dual Wielder
A key multi-attacking refess card. Can take out 2 units with 30 hp or less hp. Plus, she can get buffed by the captain n Safiria. However, her weak point is if she does not move first, or cannot survive the round.
Danger lvl: 4/5

Will o Wisp
Adds 10 max hp n thats it. Again its to activate ss. Although it could avoid a salamader open I guess.
Danger lvl: 2/5

Kesaran Pasaran
Hmmm an odd puffy ball that generates sp. What for? I dunno, none of the starter cards r really that high lvl. Its generally a card to activate ss.
Danger lvl: 1/5

Its ok i guess. Would have prefered other grims though.
Danger lvl: 3/5

Recovery Powder
One step to creating a big file maybe? Or to summon griffin? Or maybe u have 3 sp n dont know what else to do?
Danger lvl: 3/5

Pretty average i guess.

;a39 Lawtia

Chaos Ogre/Dalos
Fast, strong, but way expensive card. Players that do manage to put this unit would expect it do much havoc, which somtimes is not the case anymore.
Danger lvl: 3/5

Soul Bind
Make a unit u hate miss a turn. It can also be used to avoid urself from an assasin ss.
Danger lvl: 3/5

Magic Shade Soldier
Fast, but dies too easily. Its a lvl 3 that can make the enemy lose sp when it closes (.....), but its stats r pretty weak.
Danger lvl: 2/5

A unit that gets good bonus attack during the night. Vulnerable during the day. U need to combo with a lot of night time turning cards, of which the starter only has 1, night soul.
Danger lvl: 3/5

Night Soul
A unit that can voluntarily kill itself to engage an enemy, n turns it to night time when it dies. Would be more useful if there were more of this card, n more cards that gain benefit from the night. A pretty risky card.
Danger lvl: 2/5

Moonlight Warrior
Typical lvl 3 front liner (50 hp 30 atk 3 agi 1 range). It gets 20 def bonus during the night but thats it.
Danger lvl: 3/5

Magic Doll
A ranger that I guess is to put in between the front liners or back liners to give bonus 10 atk. Not much of a card herself.
Danger lvl: 2/5

A fast card that does not close when killed and gives a permanent 1 extra agi to friendly unit. A key card I guess.
Danger lvl: 4/5

Also a kinda lost card. With only 1 copy, players would probably replace it once they get another more usable card. Gets night bonus, but becomes a total punching bag during the day.
Danger lvl: 2/5

Animated Dead
Uhh... a card u use when u have lost of sp? Maybe after Dalos dies n u havent lost the game yet? Not much of a threat really, but the good thing is u will confuse the enemy :).
Danger lvl: 1/5

Haste Assasin
For 2 sp sends a lvl 4 unit or below n in range directly to the cemetery. I guess the slow refess would have something to be afraid of. Other than that, its easily countered. Its better off as an ss actually.
Danger lvl: 2/5

A lvl 1 unit that burns 1 sp from the opponent as an open. It can really ruin some strategies. I suppose a key card for lawtia?
Danger lvl: 4/5

Flesh Recycle
Kills a 20 hp unit for 2 sp. Maybe it has some other use?
Danger lvl: 3/5

Life Conversion
One friendly unit gets 30 hp, an enemy unit loses 30 hp. Pretty handy except that it uses 3 sp n a turn.
Danger lvl: 3/5

Probably the hardest to play with, u would have to be really good to survive using this starter.

;a40 Gowen

A support unit that gives 10 atk to everyone as an auto skill, uses 0 sp to revive n is not that bad as a lvl 2 fighter herself.
Danger lvl: 4/5

An expensive mass damaging grim. Although theres a chance that it might only hit 1 unit, its still very annoying.
Danger lvl: 3/5

Highland Born Hunter
A lvl 2 unit that can rival a typical lvl 3 front liner. Usually with kurina, giving him 40 atk that can pierce through defense.
Danger lvl: 4/5

Not dangerous at first but will gradually gain more hp, in other words more damage. This back liner will be hard too reach n hard to kill.
Danger lvl: 4/5

Fire Storm Wyvern
Expensive random 30 damage open. Thats all.
Danger lvl: 2/5

Samurai Girl
Fast, high damaging, and has range. Give it a magic weapon, and it can devestate the enemy's front row with her skill. Definitely a key card.
Danger lvl: 5/5

Combat Monk
Cheap, Super fast, n capable of dealing 50 damage. Whats not dangerous about that? Definitely a key card.
Danger lvl: 5/5

Boomerang Fighter
Similar to the hunter but less hp n has range. His skill is outshadows the lancer ability.
Danger lvl: 4/5

Annoying 10 hp subtracting open skill. Does 30 damage when on field n is a lvl 1 card 0.0. Definitely a key card.
Danger lvl: 5/5

Dual Axe Weilder
The brute to end all brutes. The tank to end all tanks. This guy is a monster, when beside kurina, it can kill a typical lvl 3 front liner just like that. Hard to kill, n its low agi is hardly a weak point. Yes, its now a key card.
Danger lvl: 5/5

Magic Weapon
Permanently gives a unit 20 atk for 1 sp. Isnt that dangerous or what? Key card.
Danger lvl: 5/5

Fire Arrow
Burn someone u dont like for 3 sp. Yup, just like that. Key card.
Danger lvl: 4/5

Easy n most commonly played starter. If u picked this u will definitely have a smoother ride.

;a38 Falkow

Wind Sorceress/Femeil
Gives a 1 agi boost to every one but herself (hardly noticeable) n if placed in the second row, can do some damage to the enemy's front and second row for 1 sp. However she has low hp for a lvl 3.
Danger lvl: 4/5

Flanking Attack
Annoying, cheap, but situational.
Danger lvl: 4/5

Sorceror Monk of Regus
This card is meant to be used as an ending unit. Very deadly (fast too).
Danger lvl: 5/5

Sea Hunter
Slow but high survivability. A useful card seeing that it can meat wall a lot of falkow cards that have low hp.
Danger lvl: 4/5

Rapier Fencer of Regus
Key card that when gets an agi buff, can instantly kill anything. Seeing that the starter allows easy access to agi buff, this card is super dangerous.
Danger lvl: 5/5

Mermaid Fighter
Typical lvl 3 front liner but with an incredibly useful skill, pinpoint. Do not underestimate the dangers of pinpoint.
Danger lvl: 4/5

Haste Soldier
Super fast lvl 2 unit that requires no sp to revive. Very flexible but low hp n atk.
Danger lvl: 3/5

Song Sorceress
Key card that gives agi buff. Dangerous when with the fencer which is mostly the case.
Danger lvl: 4/5

Cheap n can spoil enemy tactics maybe more so than shade. Dangerous when used with fencer. However, pretty weak as a unit.
Danger lvl: 4/5

Wizard Archer of Regus
Cheap, high damaging ranger. Yes, its vulnerably but really only to salamders, ss, n aoes. Has a free pinpoint ability n can hit any enemy unit for 1 sp. Whats not dangerous about that?
Danger lvl: 5/5

Frozen Lance
Deadly n cheap.
Danger lvl: 4/5

A key grim for falkow. Return a lvl 3 or below card u dont like back to their card file. Its more dangerous than it sounds though.
Danger lvl: 5/5

Most easiest to play actually. Dont be surprised if a person with 10+ consecutive wins turn out to be falkow.

Personally, I think the lawtia n refess starters r too weak. I fear a lot of the lawtia n refess starters eventually stop playing the game or switch to gowen or falkow. I really hope the gms, creators, or whoever is in charge does something about this :/
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Re: New Starters Analysis

Postby Phenoca » Thu Feb 18, 2010 7:42 pm

They took out invisible druid? Aww.

Animated dead is still in the starter.
Playing that card was the number one mistake I saw new players making. I have never seen it used effectively (though it can be decent when buffed with +30 ATK). Not sure how it's supposed to be played in a Lawtia starter.

Yep - Haste Assassin makes a great SS.

Yeah - shade is key. With the SP deprivation and the useability as either fast SS-activation or with Assassin SS, it is key.

Flesh recycle is useful for just that. You need to have a slight advantage - this helps you keep it.

Life Conversion does use a lot of SP.

I suppose that Night Soul is supposed to be a key card? I haven't tried it though. Maybe it isn't.

Magic Shade Soldier is EXCELLENT.

Low HP is fine when you have so much AGI... And the close skill... Is AMAZING!
Use this after Shade and keep an SP-advantage for the whole game. Really prevents people from summoning level 3 units. Also - you can use her soul skill with Snaf to get 999 Max HP.
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Re: New Starters Analysis

Postby Zanador » Thu Feb 18, 2010 9:01 pm

Its an interesting overview, and while i dont agree with some points of it, the conclusion seems just about right to me too.

For example, IMHO Furball deserves a higher score than 1/5, because if Refess has enough SP, they have good ways to use it up too (well, who doesnt), but along with Recovery powder Refess can use quite many action skills with this support.

Otherwise, i think you wrote a good list for Crest.

P.S: back in the Set 1 Lawtia Starter, Animated dead was used to feed Assassin SS and Counterattack grim. Its lvl1, not likely to die before the grim/SS activates and has a nice 30 AT (for counterattack). Since set 3, i dont think there is any good use for it either.
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Re: New Starters Analysis

Postby Phenoca » Sun Feb 21, 2010 12:16 am

Zanador wrote:P.S: back in the Set 1 Lawtia Starter, Animated dead was used to feed Assassin SS and Counterattack grim. Its lvl1, not likely to die before the grim/SS activates and has a nice 30 AT (for counterattack). Since set 3, i dont think there is any good use for it either.


Well I joined when Set 2 was released, and I was still playing in Crest by Set 3. Of course - the maximum level for Crest Arena was 14 in those days.
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Re: New Starters Analysis

Postby harvest4god » Sun Feb 21, 2010 1:34 am

Very nicely written and the views of a new person are always welcome. You get a different view of the starters, since most of us veterens are looking at other cards that could go with it. However, Furball needs to be a 3/5 I think. He's an awesome opening or even a 2nd or 3rd played card to generate sp during match. More SP means more higher level units faster.
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Re: New Starters Analysis

Postby Artist » Sun Feb 21, 2010 12:02 pm

Beh, I probably disagree with half of the rankings he gave out here, so it'll be really painful for me to explain the reason behind it, thus I'm not going to. I think you should look at the starters as a whole, and how it all works together, instead of strictly individual cards and their stats.
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Re: New Starters Analysis

Postby garcia1000 » Sun Feb 21, 2010 11:46 pm

Artist I think it would be helpful for new players to explain your differences in opinion. It's kind of rude to say someone's wrong and then say "I won't bother to say why", I think!
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Re: New Starters Analysis

Postby imortal12233 » Mon Feb 22, 2010 12:50 am

why wasn't witch analyzed? it's one of the better cards in the falkow starter. I personally removed Frozen lance for it, since I don't value that card as 4/5.
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Re: New Starters Analysis

Postby Artist » Mon Feb 22, 2010 1:10 am

garcia1000 wrote:Artist I think it would be helpful for new players to explain your differences in opinion. It's kind of rude to say someone's wrong and then say "I won't bother to say why", I think!

Well yeah I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just being lazy lol. If I start rambling on why I disagree, it would probably turn into a huge essay which no one ends up reading anyways. It would take a lot of time which I don't really have since I've been doing some intense midterm work for school. I guess I'll get started on a few smaller things.

1. Blessing should be 4/5, there's no reason for it to make 5/5 when guardian isn't in the deck. It's a 2 SP cost that increases HP for only 20, which isn't that much considering the crazy HP combos now with set 6. The AT and DF buff are also minor now looking at how much lapierre, or 30/30 ss does.

2. Lady paladin deserves 3.5/5, or 4/5, but 4/5 feels a bit too high. The reason behind this is the amount of anti-undead potential it has, as well as anti-return. Refess has a lot of level 3 units and one simple play of this card will lock them out of return (until they die at least), and adding on to that, her attack will destory any undead card. 1 card > a huge race, that's gotta be worth something considering her stats aren't bad either.

3. Spear knight should be 2/5 or 3/5. The reason being that it's way too fragile as a refess card with that kind of HP. It's true he's ranged, but compare that to something like, boomarang soldier helping a gowen deck, the usefulness of this unit just lacks way too much. It's too slow, too small of HP, and as far as I know, you only get 2 copies. It's true it deals very nice damage, but most likely it goes after everything else on the enemy field, and it probably dies before it goes anyways, adding on to that, there's only 2 copies so it doesn't even last. Lastly, sad part is, it's not like refess really needs damage, the frontliner units for refess already deal very nice AT especially with the help of captain, so this unit becomes redundant.

4. Folrart Dual Wielder really isn't as scary as she seems. If you have so much sp as to put her in back row and use her action skill buffed up, you probably already have a pretty close win already and she's just icing on the cake. If you weren't close to winning, then she isn't going to help too much considering how she's pretty weak compared to other level 3s, (her agi, her HP, lack of DF, and really not that high of AT either), and since you'd be struggling, you wouldn't have the sp to use her skill anyways, and if you're against falkow or gowen, she probably falls really quick and her action skill isn't going to help at all. I/d say she's at most a 3/5

5. Will o Wisp deserves 4/5 if not 5/5. It's the perfect refess styled sacrifice unit to trigger ss. Refess depends a lot on field control and massive defense, which wisp provides (the defense), and since refess can't afford randomly losing units to trigger ss, wisp becomes perfect for that since it's at the front row, making it a great unit, and a must have for any refess deck.

6. Kesaran lol, 1/5? come on, 4/5 if not 5/5. Again, this unit costs 1 sp to play, you get the sp back when it dies, and while it's alive, you generate 3 sp per turn instead of 2. That's HUGE in early game. It works well especially with dual wielder, generating sp to use the double attack had never been easier. This is a great unit for early or mid game. I even drew a whole valentine on it, come on give it some credit!

7. Disarmament, I'd give it 4/5. The problem with this grim is that it looks weak considering it's a level 2 so it's hard to find the sp, but keep in mind, look at EX2, Angel's Trumpet, level 1 grim that does the same thing to 1 unit while having a condition, so considering that, this card should be really good. One problem I see with this card is that people don't know when to play it, and I blame that on lack of skill. This is one of those things that there's probably never a "perfect" time to play, but it would make a huge difference if you did. Most people just save it until the end of the game, either playing it to last a turn longer, or just for kicks to pwn the opponent. Try using it mid game for once, you'd realize it's very helpful.

8. Recovery Powder deserves a 4/5 at least. It's another one of those "if you play refess, you should use it" things. The healing 10 HP may not be much, but it's free along with 1 extra sp. It's a perfect card to play when you have nothing to do, and if you play refess right, I bet you probably do have turns when you just have so much tanking, nothing really happens to you (easier with safiria), so healing powder becomes really handy.

I guess I'll stop here for now, cus I need to go back to work on homework. But yeah, this is why I said I was lazy to give my input lol. I'll do more later if people want me to.
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Re: New Starters Analysis

Postby GonFreeces31 » Mon Feb 22, 2010 1:18 am

Artist wrote:Well yeah I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just being lazy lol. If I start rambling on why I disagree, it would probably turn into a huge essay which no one ends up reading anyways.

92% of the time when I see posts this long I either completely ignore them, or do a quick 10 second scan! :D

Also, there's the potential that this could turn into a 50 post thread with people debating whether Spear Knight should really be a 2/5 or a 3/5. Or why puff ball is actually a really useful utility unit.
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