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Re: New Starters Analysis

Postby garcia1000 » Mon Feb 22, 2010 3:47 am

Artist, thanks! That is a great helpful post.

I'll try to do the same for Falkow!

Wind Sorceress / Femiel
I'd give this a 3/5, because she is made of paper.

Flanking Attack
Sure, 4/5 seems good. I don't use it because with my play style, if they have enough units on the field for flanking attack to be useful, probably I already lost.

Mermaid Fighter 4/5, meh. She sort of sucks. I'd say 3/5

Haste Soldier 3/5? I think 4/5 in the starter, because no sp to revive is very important.

Wizard Archer 5/5? I think 3/5 or 4/5. I know opinions differ, but whatever

Agree with the rest.

Also I wouldn't say Falkow is the easiest to play. That's probably Gowen.
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Re: New Starters Analysis

Postby Phenoca » Wed Mar 17, 2010 12:40 pm

Naw, wizard archer is great.
Oh wait... +30DF SS... Nevermind.
She was epic up until that SS :)
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Re: New Starters Analysis

Postby silmeria » Thu Apr 01, 2010 6:39 am

Rosier wrote: ;a41 Refess

Servant of the Sun/Safiria
A fast support card that heals friendly solar kingdom units n can engage enemy units. A good card seeing that there a lot of tanks that might need healing.
Danger lvl: 5/5

I agree. This card is central to my basic strategy. You can survive without it, but it is significantly harder.

Cheap buffing card that might save ur life.
Danger lvl: 5/5

I don't know about 5/5 here. I use it if I feel I need the survivability, usually I just use it for atk+10 though.

Folrart Lady Paladin
A typical lvl 3 slow tank that increases friendly unit's lvl (for return?) as an open skill. Undeads n lycans have a good reason to fear her, but other than that, not really much.
Danger lvl: 3/5

I honestly never put this card on the field unless I have no other option. If someone could explain how this is useful in any way I would love to hear it. SS not included in this rating, as I believe I do use one for that purpose.

Folrart Knight Captain
A key card to the starter. Buffs friendly solar kingdom n its self, plus has a handy skill. However, he is slow n does not do much damage.
Danger lvl: 4/5

Absolutely, I'll put a point down at the bottom, but you will see that this card is absolutely key.

Folrart Spear Knight
A high damaging ranger. A key card seeing that the starter has many meat walls it can spear from behind. However, he is slow and has kinda low hp, on top of that u only get 2 copies :(.
Danger lvl: 4/5

Eh, If I get the chance to put this down, great, if I don't I don't.

A lvl 4 unit that seems to be a bit lost. Does not get buffed by either Safiria or the captain. Useful but expensive open skill. Players would most likely replace it with Elite Folrart Dual wielder once they get a second copy.
Danger lvl: 3/5

Again meh, the effect is great sometimes, but it really doesn't work in my basic strategy. Can make a nice wall when things go south though.

Blessed Acolyte
Well.... its really just a so-so fighter, players would only probably use it cuz they dont have any other card.
Danger lvl: 2/5

I use this. 25 Atk is kind of awkward, but the fact that I can get one off on turn one and still have it when the game is over most times more than speaks for it's usefulness.

Folrart Dual Wielder
A key multi-attacking refess card. Can take out 2 units with 30 hp or less hp. Plus, she can get buffed by the captain n Safiria. However, her weak point is if she does not move first, or cannot survive the round.
Danger lvl: 4/5

This card single-handedly wins me games. No joke. If this hits the field and I am at least at an okay pace, I win. See note below for more info on this.

Will o Wisp
Adds 10 max hp n thats it. Again its to activate ss. Although it could avoid a salamader open I guess.
Danger lvl: 2/5

Another key card. Adds survivability to wherever I feel I need it and helps trigger SS when I want.

Kesaran Pasaran
Hmmm an odd puffy ball that generates sp. What for? I dunno, none of the starter cards r really that high lvl. Its generally a card to activate ss.
Danger lvl: 1/5

This one is another card like Spear Knight. If it hits the field I'll use it, if not I don't cry. If I have 2sp Dual wielder will be eating it up before puffy gets a move.

Its ok i guess. Would have prefered other grims though.
Danger lvl: 3/5

I love this card. You can do some really ridiculous things to Gowen and to a lesser extent Falkow with this. Not so great against Lawtia, but I generally don't have a real problem with them.

Recovery Powder
One step to creating a big file maybe? Or to summon griffin? Or maybe u have 3 sp n dont know what else to do?
Danger lvl: 3/5

If I have 3 sp and Lawtia is sp burning me I play this so that when shade comes out I lose zero and then get 4 back. Other than that it has some random uses, but mostly only useful for sp building.


I'll do this a little different, these are the danger levels to you if you are playing Refess starter.

Gowen: 7/10 If they kill your key cards early, you lose. If they survive only SS skills are really threatening. So much SS damage...
Falkow: 5/10 If you have Safiria on the field and you lose to Falkow you did something wrong, it Safiria is dead Falkow become Gowen.
Lawtia: 2/10 at best. Sp burn is super annoying, but you have ways to deal with that. Everything should die as soon as it hits the field.

Pretty average i guess.

Here is the basic strategy I use which leads me to these findings.

1. 3 Refess and Acolyte to 4
2. Safiria to 9
3. Wisp to 2
4. Captain to 6
5. (Depends, if Wisp is alive or SS not needed again immediately I go Fluffy to 7, otherwise Wisp to 2.)
6. Captain to 5
7. Usually skip, depends really at this point...
8. DW to 8.

Skip for the rest of the game and laugh as your opponent can do nothing. If you need a turn to rest you can always summon something into 1-2-3. Safiria can use her special to exhaust (term?) one the captains and stop an opponents key card (Song Sorceress being a personal favorite.) Everyone else just beat sticks everything the opponents summons with near 50 attack each thanks to dual captains. Most opponents that would otherwise beat you will get bored of watching your units buff for 5 minutes every turn and give up. =P

NOTE: My SS is changed dramatically, but only out of things available to the starter set anyway. I don't think this strategy would be possible with the base SS as your damage potential would be too low in the early game in order to get these units safely into form without dieing too many times. You can only lose one Captain and one Safiria and these are definite targets from your opponent.
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Re: New Starters Analysis

Postby icewolf33 » Sat May 01, 2010 3:19 am

Lady Paladin is great against Return, EN, and Undead (especially endgame Zug). Against other files, she is kind of meh. Still a 60HP/30DMG tank though, so that's nothing to sniff at.
I really want to recommend this game to friends. I would feel much better about doing that if things were less expensive, like tens of dollars to get most of a set, instead of hundreds!
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Re: New Starters Analysis

Postby WhiteDragon » Fri Mar 25, 2011 5:21 pm

I don't think griffin is worth 3/5 in the refess starter. It's the only level 4 unit in that starter and it isn't even a great unit. It's barely ever worth it to increase your refess sfere level. Like you already mentioned It doesn't receive a buff from Folrart Knight Captain and safiria doesn't heal it, making it weaker than the level 3 tanks in the file. For a level four unit it's open skill isn't that usefull either. It probably deserves a 1/5, but 2/5 at most. I also agree with a lot of the improvements the people above me gave.
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Re: New Starters Analysis

Postby Romdeau » Sat Mar 26, 2011 1:51 am

This thread is quite old and I doubt you'll find the OP responding.
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